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The Sweet Travels of John Bollwinkel

Johan (John) Bollwinkel (1810-1884)

Johan Bollwinkel, or “John” as he was known for most of his life, was my 3rd great grandfather. He is the only German family line in my ancestry that I know of. 3,628 more words


Roses are Red Money is Green

Managerial behaviour is a frequent theme of organisational poetry. Why is that do you think? What’s your manager like?

Rose are Red Money is Green… 358 more words



Caring organisations come in all shapes and sizes. Each has its impact on those working there. How does your organisation make you feel?

Organisations are big. 121 more words


Perilous Problems

It’s not always as easy as some make out to trap those perilous problems. We often end up chasing the symptoms of the problem because we can’t or won’t track the real cause. 86 more words


Corporate Action

The theory of corporate strategic seems to suggest we do it every few years. How often do you do it?

Corporate Action
Problems on Monday… 63 more words


In the middle of the night

Sometimes in the blackness of the night, when sleep won’t help you, the job fills ones head. Not always pleasantly as we anticipate the the day to come. 436 more words


I'm so good

Confidence and ambition are often two key drivers in organisations. Sometimes though they are at the expense of others in the vicinity.

I’m so good… 279 more words