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Surprises and Updates

Hey everyone,

So, technically I still have two exams to go before I’m officially finished, but hey, details details.  :P

After counting the tally, the Untold Tales has won out, closely followed by Birthday Surprises. 227 more words

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Talent Games

Hey everyone, So as I mentioned in one of my recent posts, PEF Projects, this month the PEF will be working on something pretty big… We’re going to try to bring back the Talent Games. A…

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Hey guys,

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve got exams coming up all next week and I need to study and whatnot. Unfortunately, this will cut into my writing time and the time I usually spend around the PBC.  116 more words

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PEF - Hangouts

Hi all,

So after I posted Talent Games yesterday, I got a few people asking me about joining the Pixie Elite Force Chat.

I had some trouble deciding about this, as the chat’s purpose was for all the PEF Heads to be able to discuss things quickly. 150 more words

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Ask Rose

Hi everyone,

So, some of you may have visited my page, Ask Rose. Basically it’s a Q&A Page. You also may have noticed it’s a little… well… empty. 107 more words

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Learning Curve

Your first placement as a student nurse is meant to give a taster of what your career could be. It’s designed to inspire, help you find your feet and learn some of the basic skills. 435 more words

General Posts

Worlize Update

Hey guys,

Guess what?

The notice about Worlize closing has disappeared, and Worlize is to intact, just as it was before!

There’s no sign of Memberships, so I’m not sure what’s going on there, but for the meantime, I’m happy to say Worlize is still here – just the way we like it,  :) 67 more words

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