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To Brighten Your Day...

This is a post completely irrlevant to everything else (not to mention probably really short), but for some reason I had the urge to post this today.  120 more words

MorningMist's Corner

03 - macro

I took some quick macro shots of my already miniscule Q10…primarily so I could test the change from DNG to PEF format on my K3. I was under the impression that PEF file sizes were smaller than DNG, but there’s really just 1-2MB difference. 51 more words


PEF에 대한 단상 – 투자 유치를 위한 Exit 방안의 제시

투자를 하기 전, 반드시 생각해 봐야 할게 있다면 어떻게 투자금을 회수할 것인가?” 이다.

은행예금 등 채권 투자의 경우 이 부분에 있어서는 확실하다. 정해진 만기가 있고, 만기에 자신의 투자금의 받은 권리가 보장 되기 때문이다.

투자 몬스터

Raising Concerns

Whilst in practice, unfortunately, sometimes we can witness bad practice. It’s not a situation I would wish upon any student nurse or registered nurse for that matter as it immediately puts you in a very difficult position. 483 more words

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PEF's corner: Lisa Brown, MHSC

At a recent PEF forum we asked some of your friendly neighbourhood PEFs some short interview questions to help you get to know them better and pass on any wise words of wisdom! 324 more words

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국내 PEF 현황

국내 PEF 현황에 대해 간단히 알아보자.

Private Equity Fund, 사모펀드로 일정인 이하의 투자자에게 투자를 받아 자유롭게 운영되는 펀드이다. 비공개로 투자자들이 모집되며, 그 운영 역시 비공개로 이루어 진다. 23 more words

투자 몬스터

A Little Praise for Reading by Pef and other thoughts

Petit éloge de la lecture by Pef. (2016)

I’ve been overworked for a few weeks and I also had a lot of family activities going on. 961 more words

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