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Days/Colours of the Week Peg Dolls

I’ve been looking for ways to introduce more whimsy into our lives. Reading about Waldorf has been giving me so many ideas! I decided to start with some days of the week peg dolls, using the traditional Steiner colours. 260 more words

Saint Peg Dolls

A fellow homeschooling mom suggested we do a peg doll exchange.  I had never heard of saint peg dolls before, but when I saw some of them online, I was hooked.   695 more words


Bon Voyage Piratess Tilly & Yuki!

It’s been a long, dreary and snowy winter here in New England! The hand-painted Piratess Tilly and Yuki dolls are on their way for expeditions across the U.S.A! 22 more words

Children's Picture Book

Catching up

It’s been very difficult finding time to blog. I definitely do not want to stop writing in this space. I love the documentation it provides, but it’s getting harder and harder to keep up with all the crafting and day-to-day chores and mothering of a young, active child (who sometimes refuses to nap). 439 more words

Abdul and His Camel

Or should I say Abduls and their Camels?!

This week during history lessons we studied the rise of Islam. When we learn about a certain historic period, we not only read history books, but we also like to read folktales of the regions we are focusing on.   379 more words

Daily Life

Christmas Creations

I’ve been meaning to share all the holiday goodies I created for Ellie and for others. December was a heavy making month. I was making peg dolls late into the night for custom orders and then would get an idea that I needed to make a doll or I needed to paint something RIGHT Then! 482 more words

Whovian Tales

So I am thinking of starting a new series, to get me writing more on my blog, I am thinking of watching Dr Who episodes, random ones, then writing my comments on them, giving my personal rating, good bits, bad bits and possibly commenting on alien or companion potential for another episode, I wanted to do this because I saw an article on my news feed on facebook that stated a few episodes that deserved sequels. 358 more words