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Painting Peg Dolls

The Thanksgiving break gave us a healthy dollop of uninterrupted quality family time and that afforded the kids and I the opportunity to experiment with another arts and crafts activity.   128 more words

Daffodillies Waken Up, Catch a Sunbeam in Your Cup

Dear Beetle,

Your gnomes are gorgeous! I’m quite partial to their tall, woolie handknit hats. Those two look as if they are just about to bundle off on some woodland adventure. 168 more words

Peg Dolls

Storybook Characters: Snow White and Rose Red

Snow White and Rose Red is a lovely, lesser-known fairy tale. I had already made a pair of Snow White and Rose Red peg dolls, but I wasn’t completely satisfied. 68 more words

Enchanted Peg Dolls

Storybook Characters: The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen is my favorite of Hans Christian Anderson’s tales. In this story, Gerda goes on a long and dangerous journey to save her dear friend Kay from his imprisonment in the Snow Queen’s icy palace.  181 more words

Enchanted Peg Dolls

The Month Sisters: December

This is the last of the Month Sisters series. December has two black braids and black eyes. Her body is painted red, and she wears an overdress of a white flower petals. 14 more words

Enchanted Peg Dolls

The Month Sisters: November

November has orange-red hair, brown eyes, and freckles. Her hat is a spiky acorn cap. Her dress is made from cream-colored flower petals and brown fall leaves. 8 more words

Enchanted Peg Dolls