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Fairy with blue hair

This fairy has wavy blue hair, made from yarn that has been unravelled into single-ply strands. Her hat is a light blue blossom, her dress is made from layers of white petals, and she has organza wings. 12 more words

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Blossom girls

This lovely girl’s dress has two layers of white petals over a layer of close fitting light pink rose petals. Her hat is made from darker pink petals.  112 more words

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Bronze and golden fairies

I had originally thought that this boy with the bronze face would be the fall fairy for my four seasons set. But with undiluted metallic paint, his face was so shiny that he didn’t fit in with the other three fairies in the set. 141 more words

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Snow White and Rose Red

The story of Snow White and Rose Red has always appealed to me. A fair sister and a darker sister, both brave and kind, help a bear turn back into a prince, and end up marrying brothers — both princes, of course — in the end. 119 more words

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Rose, dressed up for the ball

I am pleased with the overall look of this doll, with her blush rose petal dress, sepals around the collar, and beads at her crown. She has brown eyes and nice rosy cheeks. 114 more words

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Four Seasons Fairies

Winter, spring, summer, fall. These pegs are 1 11/16″ tall (excluding hat and hair).

These are their friends:

  22 more words

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Lilac Fairy

This fairy has lilac colored hair, which she wears under a pointed, light blue felt hat with a blue flower petal brim. Her dress is made of purple and lilac colored flower petals. 6 more words

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