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Peg dolls: perfect gifts for young children!

When it comes to present a gift to your dear ones, you tend to get confused. There are so many people like you who do not know what would be a suitable gift for any occasion. 218 more words

Blond braids and a pink tiered dress.

This doll has a pink petal dress with tiers, a new style I’m trying. She has bright blue eyes and two blond braids, and she wears an acorn cap. 8 more words

Peg Dolls

Acorn and petal hat, autumn leaf dress.

This 2″ peg is dressed in white petals and brown autumn leaves. She has an acorn cap with a brim made from yellow flower petals. Her long red hair is made from unraveled yarn, and she wears it loose. 9 more words

Peg Dolls

Blue blossom hat and pale green dress.

I am so pleased with the way this lovely dress turned out. It has layers of faux hydrangea petals, with the palest green petals on top and darker green petals on the bottom. 42 more words

Peg Dolls

Windblown hair and a white and yellow dress.

This girl has a rather windblown look. Her long hair is made from richly colored brown yarn that I unraveled, and she wears an acorn cap. 37 more words

Peg Dolls

Mother and daughter gnomes wearing blue.

The mother wears a teal blue petal dress and a blue felt cape and matching hat. Her yarn hair is grey with one white streak, and she wears it in a long braid in the back. 119 more words

Peg Dolls

Blossom girls.

This lovely girl’s dress has two layers of white petals over a layer of close fitting light pink rose petals. Her hat is made from darker pink petals.  112 more words

Peg Dolls