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Liberal Moonbat Professor: The Very Concept of "Reason" and Virtue is "White Male Racist Privilege"...

Thereby implying that non-whites are incapable of cognitive reason; ergo any discussion is fruitless because the foundation is built upon two distinct parties with polarities within their views necessitating conflict.  316 more words

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The central premise of this argument is flawed. The very term Race, today, means nothing for example the Hispanic race. There is no such race south and central American were settled by Spain and Portugal which are from Europe and the only difference between therm and others in southern Europe is language. So without a long discussion here what he is really saying is the the divide is between The Catholics from the South and Protestant from the North.

DIY Peg Family.

We named our people too! I wasn’t painting the bottoms so they are kind of messy, but I did ad their names for some character. My oldest daughter wanted to name them so this is what she came up with! 38 more words

Dealing with issues with children.

As most of you know my youngest son is peg fed for all liquids. He has an issue with his swallow and had surgery at 3 months old. 228 more words


turtle beach life...

Am back on Happy Beach for a short spell, and summer has truly set in! Hot nights and hotter days, thankfully there is a constant breeze from the sea and plenty of rock pools to cool you down. 143 more words

Bottle Tops