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Life of Peg: Just get off your ass and do it!

I’m back, sorry it’s been a while but I’ve been pretty busy recently planing my holiday, heading home to dog sit (again) and celebrating my birthday! 506 more words

Life Of Peg

How radical are we actually getting?

I have of late found myself in the uncomfortable position of being really upset with writers I otherwise admire and respect. In part this is because the writers I go out of my way to read are smart people who think differently than I do. 946 more words


Guide To Solvents & Compounds For Making Injectable Steroids /Yuki/Raws Steroids Powder Source

When to homebrew steroids,we will use some commom solvents and compounds,such as BB,BA,GSO and other solvents.Each solvent and compound have their special effects with less side effects.Here is going to list some general information about these solvents. 870 more words

Benzyl Alcohol

Trade12 Review Blog – Factors Determining Stock Valuation

What is stock valuation?

Stock valuation is the method of calculating the theoretical values of stocks. It is the determinant to which investors depend which stocks are can be potentially bought (undervalued) or sold (overvalued). 546 more words



“You don’t follow any religion…

You don’t like the idea of community…

You don’t believe in the concept of roots…

Man, it’s so difficult to peg you…”

“Why do you want to?”


Fundamentalist You

You are already a fundamentalist.  How?

We’ll show you.

Every price tag you check marks another example.  Price matters.  It’s fundamental.  Buying a home?  Square footage and price are two primary measures for home buyers.   416 more words

Chronic Illness and Mental Health

In the last 12 (almost 13) weeks, Tom has spent 2 at home.

We are now 4 weeks and 5 days into his most recent stay, which started in Fathers Day. 404 more words