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Just a little unique Hipstrrr touch.

Clean T-Shirt Challenge - Powder Alarm

Lay out on the ground using pegs and string a large square grid formation. In secret, select various squares that are ‘hotspots’.

One by one each team member has to make it across from one square to another (no diagonals) if they step on a hotspot the powder alarm is activated and some powder paint is thrown in their direction, over the t-shirt of course.


Purple Peg Promotion!

Promotional work is starting to take place with the design team. Watch out for these purple pegs around Chester in the near future!



Kill People - Series 2 Bootleg Action Figures - 2/28/15

Modeled after the timeless peg figures of our childhood, Kill People reflects a modern, less innocent and decidedly more dangerous form of play.

110 total figures will be available. 49 more words

Jacks Attic

Zech 10:4


(4) Translators are unsure of whom “him” refers. Some say Judah and some the Messiah. The Hebrew and the LXX Greek use the third person singular not the plural. 396 more words

Jeff Scoggins