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Size does matter

You only find out why if you read on….

Today I was out and about. A week off work – whoop de doop – and my mother is hunting for some new furniture so abroad we went. 349 more words

Back to Work and Peg Trouble

I had had my PEG fitted and was feeling much better so on the 2nd Feb 2015 I returned to work. As an accountant going back to work the busiest week of the month was not my best idea but I was concerned that I had been away for two and a half months and as we were a small team knew that they needed me. 2,361 more words


PEG Time

On the 21st January 2015 I was admitted to Rotary Ward for the fitting of my PEG. I got there at 2pm and was taken to the same bed I had been in the two times before. 2,690 more words


Dirty Laundry: Pegs

Seriously, I should fuck these job applications and just become a femme dom.


The return of the Trache

My trache was put back in on 7th January and I awoke on 8th January 2015 back in the same bed on the same ward that I had left on 5th December 2014 never expecting to return. 2,444 more words


PEG Ratio

Unter PEG Ratio versteht man das Price-Earning-to-Growth-Ratio (oder auch KGV-Wachstums-Verhältnis), was eine weitere wichtige Kennzahl in der fundamentalen Analyse von Aktien ist. Zur Berechnung des PEG wird das aktuelle KGV (Kurs-Gewinn-Verhältnis oder auch Price-Earning-Ratio) durch das erzielte oder erwartete Gewinnwachstum (Earning Growth) geteilt. 157 more words


It's Our Job

Are you personally concerned about Any of these?

I looked at all of these world issues and more.

I also watch as squatters areas grow and grow near where I am staying. 349 more words