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Night of the Demon (1957)


Whilst Night of the Demon is a fun, brisk supernatural horror from the 50s, directed by a master of the creepier end of the Hollywood genre spectrum in Jacques Tourneur, it is ultimately a bit too predictable and unable to build on its early promise. 64 more words

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Always a Bride

Before watching the movie:

The concept sounds like it could be a stage play (it doesn’t appear to be), though the setting deserves a film. A father and daughter team travel up and down the Riviera posing as newlyweds (ew) to scam resort goers. 648 more words


Dumb Captions # 21 - The Curse of the Demon (or The Night of the Demon) - (1957)

Peggy Cummins, as Joanne Herrington, to a police detective: “You mean until you have a victim? Well, you already have one – my uncle!”

And the caption: “You mean, Uncle, you have a victim?”

Captions By Dummies


I figure I’d start you off with this nice 40-second clip I took at the 2012 TCM Film Festival:

…because it’s going to get pretty bad girl, pretty fast. 1,495 more words


Film Noir Friday: Gun Crazy (1950)

Joseph H. Lewis’ crackling Gun Crazy is a shining example of how damn good a so-called B-movie can be. Based on a story by novelist MacKinlay Kantor that appeared in the… 708 more words


Pulp Corner: Night Of The Demon

Since we are in the midst of the Halloween season I figured I’d take a look at a more horror themed movie in today’s Pulp Corner. 743 more words


Rex rears his ugly head again

The not-really-so-ugly Rex Harrison with the dashed lovely Peggy Cummins in ESCAPE. A few quotes/paraphrases from my telephonic chat with P.C. can be read in this week’s edition of… 29 more words