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Always a Bride

Before watching the movie:

The concept sounds like it could be a stage play (it doesn’t appear to be), though the setting deserves a film. A father and daughter team travel up and down the Riviera posing as newlyweds (ew) to scam resort goers. 648 more words


Dumb Captions # 21 - The Curse of the Demon (or The Night of the Demon) - (1957)

Peggy Cummins, as Joanne Herrington, to a police detective: “You mean until you have a victim? Well, you already have one – my uncle!”

And the caption: “You mean, Uncle, you have a victim?”

Captions By Dummies


I figure I’d start you off with this nice 40-second clip I took at the 2012 TCM Film Festival:

…because it’s going to get pretty bad girl, pretty fast. 1,495 more words


Film Noir Friday: Gun Crazy (1950)

Joseph H. Lewis’ crackling Gun Crazy is a shining example of how damn good a so-called B-movie can be. Based on a story by novelist MacKinlay Kantor that appeared in the… 708 more words


Pulp Corner: Night Of The Demon

Since we are in the midst of the Halloween season I figured I’d take a look at a more horror themed movie in today’s Pulp Corner. 743 more words


Rex rears his ugly head again

The not-really-so-ugly Rex Harrison with the dashed lovely Peggy Cummins in ESCAPE. A few quotes/paraphrases from my telephonic chat with P.C. can be read in this week’s edition of… 29 more words


Tourneur Classic Movies

Two Jacques Tourneur movies came out in 1957, both superb, which is remarkable because he’d had quite an up-and-down career, mostly.

NIGHTFALL, from a David Goodis novel, has some classic noir illogicality, adding to its waking nightmare feel. 423 more words