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When I first saw the photos of the march through the University of Virginia’s campus, of white faces oiled by sweat and contorted by rage and chants, lit by the flames of tiki torches, a small flicker of surprise almost went unnoticed amidst the chill of horror that climbed up my spine. 1,097 more words


White Privilege

Racism makes me uncomfortable because it’s illegal where I live. But racism always and every day makes me uncomfortable because it’s an attack. Or it’s an unfair restriction that’s put on a person or onto a group of people because of their race. 2,516 more words


Unpacking my invisible knapsack

During the school year, I met with a group of educators regularly during lunch. We started a white cohort to discuss racism. And because we were brought together by the school that was our community, our first natural focus was on our students. 782 more words

Goals & Resolutions

breaking shells from the inside.

It’s 10:42 PM on a Tuesday evening in my city’s downtown. I’ve just packed up my laptop, notebooks and day timer, and wrapped my favourite green scarf around my neck. 1,988 more words


Whiteness and the Technopolitics of Mutual Dehumanization: A Baldwinian Analysis

“At least I am not black”  is a phrase that I want you to use as thought experiment for a few moments.  The phrase evokes a sentiment, a psychological conditioning, that has been analyzed by numerous historians–most convincingly in recent decades by… 682 more words


Jesus, Transformation, and Ending Racism

A sermon preached at Niles Discovery Church, Fremont, California,
on Sunday, April 2, 2017, by the Rev. Jeffrey Spencer.
Scriptures:  2 Corinthians 5:11-21 and Psalm 51:1-12… 2,224 more words