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Mad Men Season 7, Part 2 (USA, 2015)

Directed by: Various. As you might be able to tell from previous posts, I’ve been kind of falling out of love with this show, bit by bit, for like half of the show already. 812 more words

#19 The Gospel of Don


Craig, Greg, and Liz talk about the shifting identities of the characters in Mad Men and how we attempt to bridge gaps in our multi-generational communities. 8 more words


BTL Pop Culture Podcast: Mad Men Part II

Here is Part II of the Mad Men Podcast. Hope you enjoy it. And as always, your comments and thoughts are welcome.


Mike Visconti


BTL Pop Culture Podcast: Mad Men Part I

Mad Men Week at BTL continues, this is Part I of our Mad Men podcast. Part II will be out Wednesday. In Part I, I am joined by special guest Lisa, a Mad Men enthusiast. 49 more words


Mad Men: A Series Review

By Mike Visconti:

The Mad Men series finale just aired a couple weeks ago, you can find my thoughts on the series finale here . I am here now to tackle to the series as a whole. 3,736 more words


MAD MEN FINALE: Don Draper, Peggy Olson, Life, and Happiness - That Thing You Like #111

MAD MEN just ended, and Brian and Chris have many thoughts about it. Thoughts about masculinity, life, the nature of happiness, human connection, redemption, and Peggy Olsen being a badass. 183 more words


Don Draper - It's Time to Look Inward

I’m a junkie for books and movies with ambiguous endings, because it means that your relationship with the piece of art isn’t over. The story lives with you as you spend days and weeks mulling over various interpretations, and making it your own. 1,276 more words

Don Draper