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Beachy Princess Piggy Poo

Every summer Princess Piggy Poo and I spend some time at the beach. As sure as there is salt in the air and sand between toes, there is… 324 more words

This Peggy Olsen/Drake mash-up will have you aiming higher at the office

It’s official: We miss Peggy Olsen.

Can we all agree she was one of the best parts of Mad Men? Yes. Yes, we can. Well, now we’ve got something fun for you: clips of Peggy’s rise to the top of the workforce mashed up with Drake’s… 16 more words


Everything else about NYC

BlogHer was the reason I went to New York, but I want to make sure I don’t forget all of the other details of my trip… 231 more words


Mad Men Season 7, Part 2 (USA, 2015)

Directed by: Various. As you might be able to tell from previous posts, I’ve been kind of falling out of love with this show, bit by bit, for like half of the show already. 812 more words

#19 The Gospel of Don


Craig, Greg, and Liz talk about the shifting identities of the characters in Mad Men and how we attempt to bridge gaps in our multi-generational communities. 8 more words