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MAD MEN FINALE: Don Draper, Peggy Olson, Life, and Happiness - That Thing You Like #111

MAD MEN just ended, and Brian and Chris have many thoughts about it. Thoughts about masculinity, life, the nature of happiness, human connection, redemption, and Peggy Olsen being a badass. 183 more words


Don Draper - It's Time to Look Inward

I’m a junkie for books and movies with ambiguous endings, because it means that your relationship with the piece of art isn’t over. The story lives with you as you spend days and weeks mulling over various interpretations, and making it your own. 1,276 more words

Don Draper

Don Didn't Learn Anything, And That's The Point

“Why Did Don Finally Stop Running?” a headline on Slate.com asked in the days following the final episode of Mad Men. The answer ultimately doesn’t matter, because the question is based on a false premise, one that arises naturally from the fact that show is ending and we want to believe that Don has found some measure of happiness on that cliff overlooking the Pacific ocean, chanting “om” with people who will soon be represented by avatars in a world famous Coke ad. 659 more words

I'd like to buy the world a Coke

This Sunday saw the End of an era in that it was the last time we would be treated to the exploits of Don Draper and the Madison Avenue gang over at Mad Men. 662 more words

Don Draper

How cool was Peggy in the last episode of Mad Men - she makes me smile :) #happy

Also, I just have to post these. Peggy was always my favourite character in Mad Men (and Pete). This moment in the latest episode of Mad Men is just so cool. 20 more words


Link Party: 5/4-5/8

I’m very, very sorry that I’ve been MIA this week. I have to tell you, it’s been a rough quarter in terms of scheduling: I don’t get home most weeknights until 6:30 or 7 p.m., and by then my brain is mush. 164 more words