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May Flowers, Flat Fish, and other “Lovely Visions of Spring”: April on the Bain Farm

While other farmers readied the plow and burnt brush on new clearings, Francis Bain spent most of his April days in the woods and on the shore writing about the first migratory bird sightings. 1,873 more words

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Real Time Climate Change: Farm Diaries and Phenology in Prince Edward Island

(A guest article posted by Joshua MacFadyen on www.activehistory.ca)

It is 24 April, and although some Canadians have been mowing grass for weeks the spring plants on Prince Edward Island are only beginning to overcome the cold nights and occasional flurries that visit this island in April. 178 more words

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Mud Isle: Mussel Mud Digging on PEI

This morning I wrote an article for NiCHE Canada’s blog on the use of mussel mud fertilizer. The extraction and spreading of mussel mud on Prince Edward Island’s frozen fields was a winter activity recorded by all of the 19th century contributors to Real Time Farming. 1,967 more words

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Signs of Spring: Francis Bain and PEI Flora and Fauna, March 1866

York Point, Prince Edward Island — Francis Bain


March 30, Saw a heavy winged Skua soaring and swooping over the reaches of blue water opened in the ice on the river. 329 more words

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Early Spring Flora

York Point, Prince Edward Island — Francis Bain

March 12, 1866

“The white silky catkins of the willows (S. Mulenburginia) are bursting from their dark purple sheaths.  16 more words

Francis Bain's Late-Winter Birding and Geology, 1866

York Point, Prince Edward Island, 1866

March 2, Shot a Red-bellied nut hatch. I always supposed this bird to be the wren and called it such, but a careful examination of this specimen has shown me my error. 583 more words

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