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Augustine and the Pelagius Debate: Pre-fall or Post-fall?

Saint Augustine

In the world of theology, Pelagianism is generally understood to be the teaching (from a man named Pelagius) that mankind has the natural powers  1,460 more words

Attributes Of God

Why Tony Miano Is A Liar by Jesse Morrell

Tony Miano Lies about Jesse Morrell

Tony Miano is a staunch Calvinist who has repeatedly and habitually attacked myself and other non-Calvinists. I once called him out for spreading a lie that I was a some type of “nomad” street preacher that didn’t go to church. 559 more words

Pelagius (A.D. 354-415)

This Irish monk rejected Augustine’s teaching on original sin, believing that sin exists through individual habituation rather than ontological or legal inheritance. Hence, he emphasized the necessity of moral perfection and obeying God on the basis of free will. 36 more words

Church History

Redemption Applied (1): Grace & the Holy Spirit in Redemption

So our second lecture focused on the operations of the Holy Spirit in salvation. Dr Berends’ choice for starting here is to ensure that our Soteriology is not man-centre but God-centred. 492 more words

Conversational Systematics

Christless Christianity

Christless Christianity – Michael Horton I

It’s a pleasure to be with you, and to be able to participate in this Reformation conference, this year. It’s wonderful to be able to talk about the issues that are at the heart of, not only what happened five hundred years ago, but what we really desperately need again today, and to be with so many concerned brothers and sisters, who feel the same way about that is a great privilege and a joy. 6,954 more words

Reformed Theology

Pelagianism and Charles Finney: The pervasiveness of old heresies in the modern age

For this, the first post of my re-booted blog, I have decided to tackle a subject of personal interest to me, which I hope may contain something of value for anyone reading along. 922 more words


Transcript of Voddie Baucham's "Doctrine of Total Depravity"

HA note: The following is a transcript of Voddie Baucham’s sermon “The Doctrine of Total Depravity.” Baucham delivered this sermon on the Calvinist ideology of total depravity (and its implications for mental health and child training) on May 2, 2010 to… 5,067 more words

Mental Illness