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Pelagius quotes.

“Obedience results from a decision of the mind, not the substance of the body.” Pelagius.

“those who are unwilling to correct their own way of life appear to want to correct nature itself instead.” Pelagius. 415 more words


"No Bad Children, Just Bad Choices"

This past week, as a fellow teacher and I were talking about the many discipline problems we have in our classes, a third teacher came along and told us her solution to all these problems was to tell the children, “There are no bad children, just bad choices.” I couldn’t help but share the thought on my Facebook page and it generated quite a bit of buzz. 1,044 more words

Biblical Truth

Protestants Gone Wild: Hillsong Worship

There are no new heresies. Which wacky combination of false doctrine is foundational to Hillsong Worship (specifically the worship ministry)?

Prosperity: Leaching in from the sermons of Hillsong Church, this is the idea that God wants you to be healthy, wealthy, happy, and an overall great person. 388 more words


Julien of Eclanum; Letter to Rome.

JULIAN Of ECLANUM Letter To Rome Edited By Rev. Daniel R. Jennings Synopsis: This letter was a defense against the doctrines of the established church and a statement of faith of the Pelagian Christians. 796 more words


Pelaginist Christians and the Islam Connection.

I just finished watching the ┬áNetflix movie, “King Arthur”. I watched with tears in my eyes for the showing of King Arthur as a righteous man who actually freed the serfs from torture and death under the hands of cruel Roman Catholic lords and leaders. 581 more words


Thoughts on Romans 8, Justification and Pelagianism

The following come conversations I’ve had recently which have helped me to think through certain issues. Edited slightly to suit the present format.


In regards to Romans 8:28-30… 4,052 more words


Pelagianism, Semi-Pelagianism and the Decline of Conciliar Orthodoxy

On Sunday, November 15, 2015, Elder Wayne Wylie lead a discussion on the heresies of Pelagianism and Semi-Pelagianism, and the decline of conciliar orthodoxy. 290 more words