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Hate Comes Naturally, Love Is Learned

I know, my title is the opposite of the meme bouncing around the internet. As you can see, it says just the opposite and appeals to our emotions by showing two boys of different tribes hugging each other. 1,060 more words

Biblical Truth

King Arthur: Who the Heck is Germanus?

The first time I watched King Arthur (2004, dir. Antoine Fuqua, screenplay by David Franzoni), one of the more hopeful elements was the decision to include Germanus of Auxerre in it. 1,890 more words


369-446: The Roman Withdrawal

After a half decade of brutal and co-ordinated raiding from overseas, Emperor Theodosius the Great restored order in Britain in 369. The next great crisis will shift us like a pendulum from external threat to internal rebellion once again. 669 more words

Roman Empire

Christopher Insole on Lawrence Pasternack's "Kant on Religion"

LAWRENCE PASTERNACK | Guidebook to Kant on Religion within the Boundaries of Mere Reason | Routledge 2014

By Christopher Insole

Part of the reason for the undoubted success of Pasternack’s excellent book is the distinctive and persuasive interpretative framework within which Pasternack treats fine-grained textual problems. 8,321 more words

AmC Critic

Arminianism and Pelagianism

Last week we looked at Calvinism and the potential towards bad theology. Today, however, we turn to Arminianism to study its one pitfall. Arminianism historically was part of the Reformed tradition. 579 more words

Hamartiology: The Doctrine of Sin – Part 3

<– Part 2

I won’t spend much time, if any, revisiting the previous articles as I post new ones in this series. Let’s dive right in to new material: 851 more words


Original Sin - A Bedrock Christian Belief?

Some years ago I had the honor of presiding over the annual banquet of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick in Cincinnati to celebrate the Feast of St. 793 more words