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Sin and Grace: The Debate Goes Back a Long, Long Way

Did Adam’s sin taint all of humanity? Does divine grace spring from the human will or is it implanted by God?

Those questions go back well over a millennium. 80 more words

Middle Ages

But some will say, “it is their sin that they do not come”

And oh! my hearers, my last thought is a solemn one. I have preached that ye will not come; but some will say, “it is their sin that they do not come.” It is so. 335 more words


Men do not know Christ's worth, for if they did they would come unto him

Men do not know his worth, for if they did they would come unto him. Why did not sailors go to America before Columbus went; Because they did not believe there was an America. 71 more words


The second and third reason why men will not come to Christ

The next reason is, because men do not like Christ’s way of saying them. One says, “I do not like it because he makes me holy; I cannot drink or swear if he saves me.” Another says, “It requires me to be so precise and puritanical, and I like a little more license.” Another does not like it because it is so humbling; he does not like it because the “gate of heaven” is not quite high enough for his head, and he does not like stooping. 129 more words


Thoughts on Justification - Understanding Man's Condition and Need - Part 3

Pelagianism and Semi-Pelagianism

As has been previously discussed, the UPC and OP holds a very diminished view on the sinfulness of man and how this translates into his inability to do good as defined by God.  1,322 more words

Oneness Pentecostal