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Majestic Soarer

A Great White Pelican flies majestically through the skies.

Take off, however, may not be so majestic as there’s a lot of splashing around- but once in flight, they soar effortlessly with such grace. 126 more words


The Pelican Man

While at Kingscote on Kangaroo Island, South Australia, we came across the Pelican Man who came to the jetty every day to feed the pelicans and to give a little talk to those who were interested in listening. 14 more words


Catch of the day

In Walvis Bay, Namibia, a pelican would never fail in catching a fish … when thrown from a boat.

Reblogged from National Geographic


Pelican Can Can

CAN this pelican do the Can Can dance? Of course it can Can Can. Snapped the dancing action on the Gold Coast Spit. Queensland, Australia. Dance you little beauty!


Chainsaw Dan warms up By A -Floor Register-

and a Dapper Pelican ,to boot 6 more words


Large water bird with pouched beak that holds fish. Old English “pellicane” < Latin “pellicanus” < Greek “pelekan” < “pelekus”=ax.