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Jake: You are right. We must not think of ourselves but of the glory our sons will bring to the motherland.
Ben: I’m down wit’ da hammer, n’ I’m down wit’ da nail’n. 35 more words



The religion of the uninformed, the mullahs prefer to have you only listen to their interpetations of the koran because the less a person knows leaves them with a greater power and control over the lives of the people who blieve in islam making them nothing more than sheep.   330 more words


As Nancy Pelosi did with ObamaCare, “We have to pass it to find out whats in it.”, Hillary supports something only Obama and Wheeler/FCC at this point, have knowledge of.  71 more words

Back Off in #Haiku. Feb 15-21.

Backtalk. Sunday. 2/15/15.

Social programs help.
Much more than buckets of sand.
Buy your own bucket.

Cancel vacation.
There’s been too many snow days.
April isn’t far. 586 more words

Local News

House Minority Leader Pelosi Leads Democrats In Visit To Cuba

WASHINGTON (CBS / AP) — House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi led a delegation of Democrats from her chamber on a visit to Cuba on Tuesday that her office said was aimed at further improving U.S. 244 more words


Beaten with the jawbones of dead asses

Beaten with the jawbones of dead asses

Disbelief is where it starts. Then frustration takes its place to be followed by anger. Anger is harnessed to irritation and annoyance leading finally to infuriation only to degrade to a condition known as depression. 555 more words

Said No BrainRants Ever

As-of this post, I’ve written ten collections of things I’ve actually said out loud.  If you’re intrigued to find out just how few fucks I give about 277 more words