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When Will We Ever Learn?

Hey, Democrats–with Mitch McConnell still running herd on the Senate and acting like he’s the man of Kumbaya and let’s all get along, and President 45 revoking the press passes of people he doesn’t like, and US soldiers sitting at the border because you know, midterm elections were coming up and Beto O’rourke was running up on his buddy “Lick my boots after I kick you like a dog” Cruz from Texas, and the administration threatening to shut down the government if Congress doesn’t fund his billion dollar wall, and the GOP leadership in the senate suggestion Social Security and Medicare need to be fixed because you know they borrowed money from these self-sustaining funds instead of investing, growing, and taking care of them and now they don’t want to have to pay the people back, and a very expensive going on 17 year war still raging in the mid-east with no end in site, and a commander-in-chief who would rather hang out with despots and dictators than commemorate our World War I veterans with our ALLIES and the tweeter-in-chief threatening to pull aid to Puerto Rico and just threatening California in general–let’s just shoot ourselves in the foot.  575 more words


A Trump-Pelosi Budget Deal is a Recipe for the Worst Kind of Tax Increase | Mises Institute

The most disturbing outcome of the recent mid-term election isn’t that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be a Member of Congress. I actually look forward to that because of the humor value. 6 more words


Who should NOT be speaker in 2019

If the Democrats want to win 2020, they should NOT appoint Nancy Pelosi as the next Speaker of the House in 2019.

It’s unfortunate for many reasons, because Representative Pelosi has accomplished plenty in her career in the House and brings a number of valuable attributes to the table that she should be admired for. 1,302 more words


Don't Drink the Cool-Aid

I am sure most of you have heard of the Jonestown Massacre, but did you know that some of the people tied to Jim Jones are in the White House today?  949 more words


Pelosi's Quest to Be Speaker Not A 'Done Deal' -- Younger members pushing for a generational change in party leadership

Lawmakers who want a new generation of leaders pose threat — Pelosi says she’s confident she’ll win top U.S. House position 1,120 more words

You Want to See an NPC? This is an NPC

Above: Brain-dead, herd-mentality leftism in 2018, in one image.

🤖🤖 “Must. . . march. . . against. . . Orange Man.” 🤖🤖

This catlady really thinks she’s clever, doesn’t she? 532 more words

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Pelosi & Schumer, gender and leadership

The Democrats lost two seats in the Senate and could possibly, once votes are finished, pick up 39 seats in the House. It’s the largest pickup since the Republicans picked up more than 60 seats with the same vote margin. 208 more words