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The Four Libtards Of The Apocalypse

The Four Libtards of the Apocalypse: The modern day apocalypse has come, wreaked its havoc and has finally retreated in the personages of Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. 370 more words

Allen E. Rizzi

Pelosi's Excuse For The Last Eight Years Of Debt:

Bush. Amazing. Somehow the responsibility of the debt is going to go straight from Bush to Trump, and the spending in between will be unmentioned.


Two Worlds

I watched one of those tourism videos about the place I live, the quaint shops, the famous people who visit, the history, the beauty all around us, and while all these things are true, my cynicism soon began to kick in and I so wanted to make a video of my own. 632 more words

Democrats - play nice.

I’m one of those people who still feels waves of nausea when I think about the next four years, living in the shadow of a spoiled bully who has absolutely no filter over his ignorant mouth.  937 more words


Bernie Sanders Leads The Democrats Into Battle Against Donald Trump On Jan. 15 |The Republican News

Tim Fernholz

© USA/REX/Shutterstock ‘People’s Rally’ on Capitol Hill, Washington DC, USA – 17 Nov 2016 Bernie Sanders.

Democrats are planning their first major gesture of opposition to Donald Trump’s presidency, and Bernie Sanders is leading the charge. 500 more words


Assessing the Obama Legacy—Against His Own Mileposts, Victor Hanson [nc]

Assessing the Obama Legacy—Against His Own Mileposts
December 9, 2016 1:13 pm / Leave a Comment / Megan Ring
by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review… 886 more words

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