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The Difference between a Pelvic Exam and Pap Smear

Here at Nevada Surgery & Cancer Care, we work passionately to help our patients catch any abnormalities early on. We do this by recommending certain… 343 more words

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Hospital, Dignity

Excuse me while I find my dignity

That which was stripped of me 5 minutes of being here

A closed door requires a knock before entering… 325 more words


Let me tell you about my cervix

I will gladly discuss my cervix to save a life.

I wish I would have been this brave, and educated, before my mom was diagnosed with Stage IV cervical cancer. 1,796 more words


Cuba Libre

If you haven’t yet read Three Shots of Rum, at least take a peek at the first few paragraphs, otherwise the lovely cleverness of this title will completely pass you by. 638 more words


Task Force Open to Public Comment on Pelvic Exams

Pelvic exams are currently up for review by the US Services Preventive Services Task Force.  The task force reviews scientific evidence to determine the effects of preventive services, such as screening tests for cancer.  585 more words

Pelvic Exam

Spring Fever

You know that thing where you’re walking down the street and men can tell you’ve just had sex? They must have some kind of fornication radar. 1,041 more words


Internal Exams, Doctors, and Consent

Hi there!

I’ve always been one of those people who was very skeptical about being told that doctors were an exception to the list of people who couldn’t touch you in private areas. 12 more words