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The Perfect Post Partum Storm and why the 6 Week Post Partum Check up is a Joke.

I have been wanting to begin writing this blog for a long time.  A part of me is really private. The other part of me is really a big believer of helping others by sharing life stories. 1,774 more words

MRI of my girlie bits 🙄

OK if your even remotely squeamish about talking lady parts-disengage now! AND I’m also gonna use very colorful language because honestly this situation called for the use of my extensive profane vocabulary. 719 more words


The Benefits of Seeing an OBGYN for Pelvic Exams - Cincinnati OH - Associates in Womens Health

When it comes time to have your annual pelvic exam, many women simply have their family physician perform it. While some general practitioners are…

Tone Your Legs and Have Better Sex With 1 Move

By now, hopefully you are aware that doing Kegels makes your sex life better. Strengthening the pelvic floor, the sling-like group of muscles that support your pelvic organs (like the uterus and bladder) increases sexual arousal and enjoyment for both men and women. 457 more words


One of the most important muscle groups you can exercise, and you can do it anywhere anytime!

The pelvic floor… If you don’t know about it you should! If you do know about it, you know that it is an extremely important group of muscles that play a major role in bladder and bowel control.  749 more words


Hip Strengthening

Think of your hips like the foundation of a house.  A well-built house may be set on it, but if the foundation lacks strength and stability then the integrity of the house is compromised as well. 27 more words