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don't ovary act...

So you’ve been recommended for a pelvic ultrasound…  Let me tell you how it goes.  While, some places may vary, I will let you in on what to expect. 709 more words

Will Run for Food

I am lazy. I love TV. I love food. I love beer. But I also love comfortably fitting into my clothes and being able to walk uphill without having an asthma attack. 380 more words


Weekly Blog No 80 - Cancer Update

I have not been keeping up on my weekly blog due to ongoing issues. My symptoms are relentless sometimes and can be from morning and continue throughout the night. 563 more words

Carcinoid Cancer

Diva in the Dark: Kegel Exercise

Sultry Secrets…from Diva in the Dark.

Its that time to talk Real and Raw Divas. Sexual health is just as important as the mind and body health. 562 more words


Pelvic PT - The missing link in your endo treatment plan

Getting my diagnosis for adenomyosis was one of the most psychologically traumatic experiences. On the one hand, I was so relieved when the doctor said he could see this additional disease on my scans and during the lap, because it explained why I was still in so much pain after TWO excision surgeries for endometriosis. 1,451 more words

2010… Everything Changed (Part Two)

Following the release from the hospital, I spent the next 3 months with enough follow-up appointments, test, and procedures to literally consider the hospital my second home.  1,550 more words