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Kegels in Your Car

One annoying, stressful, obnoxious fact of aging is, well, peeing in your pants. Stress incontinence can be avoided by doing mula bandha during yoga, which is basically doing a Kegel clench during your entire yoga practice. 1,272 more words


How do you get Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction? (SPD)

So then, SPD, now I am going to be honest (as always) and say this is not my favourite topic. This injury can get very complicated and I do not see enough of it for me to consider myself an expert. 1,122 more words


Crutches and Cribs

Today was so uneventful, and I feel like it’s only gonna be worse until Maysen gets here… In yesterday’s blog post, I talked about having PPGP and being on bed-rest; I didn’t think it could possibly get any more painful than it already was. 239 more words


Nesting while bed-resting?

Thankfully, Sara is with her dad for the week… Being forced to stay in bed while having this insane need to nest before Maysen gets here is so overwhelming. 217 more words



So, yesterday, I finally went to the doctors because I have been having complications with my uterus, back ache, pelvic pains, and havent been able to go to the gym. 83 more words

Demystifying Prolapse Symptoms and Treatment

Pelvic organ prolapse is an often misunderstood ailment that strikes fear into women who believe they are suffering with it. In reality, however, many women already have prolapse without even realising. 556 more words


The Closet - Changes

Sixteen years old and I felt like I could rule the world. I had a great pool party with my closest friends. Now when darkness grew near I felt exhausted. 333 more words