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How to get your professional headshot done: the non textbook version

Jordan Manley took my portrait.

I was short on a recent bio pic. My face doesn’t sell my work, so having an up-to-date headshot, despite what the enterprising types say, has just not been a priority. 885 more words

Lisa Richardson

Reclaim your Pantry: 7 easy things to start making yourself

Hello convenience shoppers. I am talking to you. (That bag of pre-mixed-and-washed salad you are tossing in your cart? You’ll get no judgment from me.) But please, let me try to convince you, even if you’re an entry-level do-it-yourselfer, that it is possible to reclaim kitchencraft. 727 more words


How Patagonia's Worn Wear Program Will Make You Love Your Old Gear

This story first appeared at Mountain Culture.

The other day I resigned from my day job. I walked out of the CAO’s office and into the washroom and realized there was a hole worn through the elbow of my shirt. 940 more words

Lisa Richardson

What winning the lottery really means

When the $2.2 million cheque arrived from the BC Children’s Hospital Lottery Foundation on Thursday May 11, it was one week since Lana McKenzie discovered she had bought the winning ticket. 834 more words

Lisa Richardson

Garlic Independence Day

I have not bought garlic at the store for at least 5 years.

Not so much as a single bulb.

I have achieved Garlic Independence. 919 more words

Lisa Richardson

Counting birds, wrangling hawks: how Pemberton's go-to bird guy help me find my way home

If a cold and hungry hawk is going to get itself entangled in the netting of your chicken coop, attempting to source itself a nice New Year’s Day dinner, the best possible scenario is to be John Tschopp’s neighbour. 990 more words

Lisa Richardson

What pops up when you go with what feels right

Lisa Vertefeuille’s Christmas pop-up shop has popped away now, but I still wanted to share this column, because I was so inspired by her grounded wisdom and the idea of always checking in with your feelings, even if it means doing a U-turn. 950 more words

Lisa Richardson