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Would you take a wellness workshop from your dentist?

Last I heard of Pemberton’s stalwart dentist, Anne Crowley, she had put on a backpack and was about to solo trek across the country.

I didn’t really expect her to be offering an eight-week wellness course at the Pemberton Community Centre, starting Jan. 707 more words

Lisa Richardson

Meditate on This

When the third person recommended I take up meditation, I started to get worried. Was I so obviously manifesting a strung-out vibe? I know meditation is trending in tech circles, but I was getting the nudge from grounded health practitioners and wellness advisors who threw it out at the end of a visit about something else entirely. 649 more words

Lisa Richardson

Saving bees, seeds and sanity, one scrappy garden at a time

On the news this morning: Canadian beekeepers (who tellingly, refer to themselves as a “community” rather than an “industry”) are launching a class action suit against the makers of neonicotinoid pesticides, for the damage (havoc) their products have caused to bee populations. 697 more words

Lisa Richardson

Pemberton Pumpkins and Potatoes

Welcome to Pemberton, with it’s multi million dollar potato seed industry. When Warren uttered his famous last words ‘We aren’t gonna spend three hours in Pemby’ we had no idea how wrong he would be. 471 more words


Joffre with Jeffrey

It was 11.55am on a gloomy, grey Whistler day and I was still in bed. The cold was creeping through my slightly ajar window and I could hear the gentle drip, drip of raindrops from the gutter. 503 more words


Live well in your places

I rediscovered a favourite journalist/writer this week, in the kind of happy happenstance that doesn’t occur for Presidents, when a rain day cut climbing short and led us to the Squamish library for an afternoon at the magazine stacks with the latest issue of Vanity Fair and a profile of Barack Obama. 350 more words

Lisa Richardson