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Rising Strong

It was the last question of the night.

The panel had faced some tough ones, but it was a heckler-free crowd – friendly, supportive, curious. It’s not often, despite our proximity, that Pemberton women get to hear from Lil’wat women. 776 more words

Lisa Richardson

Making light of the ask

I’m sitting at the Blackbird Bakery across from 33-year-old Polek Rybczynski, and his almost two-year-old son Tae, leafing slowly through a proof of his coffee table book, Valley of Light. 932 more words

Lisa Richardson

Would you take a wellness workshop from your dentist?

Last I heard of Pemberton’s stalwart dentist, Anne Crowley, she had put on a backpack and was about to solo trek across the country.

I didn’t really expect her to be offering an eight-week wellness course at the Pemberton Community Centre, starting Jan. 707 more words

Lisa Richardson

Meditate on This

When the third person recommended I take up meditation, I started to get worried. Was I so obviously manifesting a strung-out vibe? I know meditation is trending in tech circles, but I was getting the nudge from grounded health practitioners and wellness advisors who threw it out at the end of a visit about something else entirely. 649 more words

Lisa Richardson