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Why Do Writers Use Pen Names?

Why Do Writers Use Pen Names?

Source: Why Do Writers Use Pen Names? – Bryn Donovan

These are the seven reasons listed in Donovan’s blogpost… 438 more words


The Stone & The Pen

To the person who left a sign on my door while no one was looking: I’m disabled, not stupid. And your actions only proved that you are both a coward and a bully. 62 more words

Astrid De Manyet

How Genre Impacts Your Pen Name

If you’re planning to write under a pen name, how do you know what to choose? What factors should affect your decision? Should there be any factors to consider in the first place? 670 more words


Why the Slight Change Of Name?

Some may notice the addition of the D to my pen name.  The reasoning is a matter of respect to another gift author that also is published on Amazon.   164 more words

Call Me Maybe: Why Writers Use Pseudonyms

When British newspapers revealed that the author of a crime novel called “The Cuckoo’s Calling” under the name Robert Galbraith was actually J. K. Rowling, the world went wild. 240 more words

Why I Blog Under the Name Lily O.

“Why did he use a pseudonym?”

“ ‘cause the REAL one wasn’t suitn’ him”

I love lilies. The flower, and the name in all of its forms (Lily, Lilly, Lillian, Lillian etc.). 319 more words

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