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Learning Curves

There comes a point in life where explanations are no longer valid. Where time seems to keep going and you’ve wasted five or ten years doing nothing more than explaining why you haven’t achieved something.  483 more words


It's A Man's, Man's, Man's Name for a Woman Writer

Women have been discriminated against since  our ancestors dwelled in caves and chased hairy mammoths over cliffs. And it seems that this is a world-wide phenomenon, not unique to the East or the West, India, England, Nigeria or your neck of the woods. 812 more words



I have a new friend whose mind works a lot like mine. In other words, we are both easily distracted and often guilty of slipping into “squirrel mode” at any given time. 1,257 more words


Random Friday

Total randomness… Thanks to the two friends who voted in the poll. I think I’m going to do like in this case: Killer Advice (which was a recommended reading last year in case you missed it). 302 more words

Struggles To Get Through

Writing Under 2 Pen-Names.

I’ve been quite honest about the fact that I do write under 2 pen-names. One is this one, right here, Shen Hart. This is the name I associate with my dark urban fantasy, and in the future it’ll be tied to my political fantasies too. 753 more words


K is for... K or no K?

Another great post by Emily.

Truth be told there is no ‘K’ in J.K. Rowling. Joanne Rowling was advised to use a pen name by her publisher due to fears that young boys would be put off. 507 more words