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I need a pen name. For publishing.

Idiot Writer just isn’t a ‘proper’author name – it is a screen name, and Belinda Borradaile is just clumsy…not exactly poetic.



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There are stories that you enjoy for a while, and then STORIES that you remember for your whole life. What is the difference?  I remember Dorothy and the Wizard, Star Wars (the “first” three), Lord of the Rings (the books) and the Chronicles of Narnia (the books) from my youth.  1,034 more words

Pen Names


Before I start let me make it clear that I don’t know anything about screenwriting – I am in fact totally self-trained. I didn’t go to any script or film school.  5,658 more words

Pen Names

Get A Different Name Day-Musings From A Writer's Brain

Today is Get A Different Name Day. Not sure where this special day came from, but it’s one writers can identify with, as many of us have different names—as in pen names. 628 more words


A Hero's Journey


An integral part of the Departure is the World Navel. Campbell describes this point as the centre of the universe, the point from which lifeforce enters the world. 1,269 more words

Pen Names

Story Secrets in a Fairy Tale Spine

“Probably, indeed, the larger part of the labour of an author in composing his work is critical labour – the labour of sifting, combining, constructing, expunging, correcting, testing.” – …

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Pen Names

Not Even An "Iron Mask" Will Do

Most of you know I write under a pen name. Since the publication of Passports in December 2013, I have gone to some lengths to try to separate my real-life self from my authoring identity. 626 more words