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Pen Names

I have recently read various scathing condemnations of writers who use pen names. Some commentors called authors who use pen names cowardly, others said they couldn’t trust someone who did not use their own name for a pen name. 198 more words


RWW - Always google your pen name

Welcome to the Romance Writers Weekly Blog Hop.

The Romance Writers Weekly crew is a group of romance writers who hang out on our Facebook Page… 249 more words


Vulturous Purple

Ah, there is nothing more interesting than doing (and reading) a stream of conscious five or ten minute write.  Not all turn out interesting and you can sway the subject matter but if you are true to the stream it will be strange if not bizarre. 250 more words

Pen Names

Pen Names

There was a darker mood in my life and what I wrote in that time reflected this.

During this time I wrote much of this under a pen name. 212 more words

Pen Names

I,writer # 16 ... Naming Pens

I,writer # 16 … Naming Pens

Hello dear reader(s) …

This is not a post about pen names. If JK Rowling wants to call herself Robert Galbraith then that’s absolutely fine by me. 345 more words


Writer: a not so secret identity

A decade or so ago, I was indulging in the idea that I might want to be some sort of writer. The ambition was old but the thought it was something I could pursue was brand new. 391 more words



There are stories that you enjoy for a while, and then STORIES that you remember for your whole life. What is the difference?  I remember Dorothy and the Wizard, Star Wars (the “first” three), Lord of the Rings (the books) and the Chronicles of Narnia (the books) from my youth.  1,034 more words

Pen Names