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What's In A Name

I didn’t think I would think so hard about site and social media names until right now. As I prepare to make my return back to my favorite social platforms, I am strapped with the task of new social media handles that make sense. 192 more words

Pen Pimps

NOM de PLUME – What’s in a Name?

Why would any author want to write behind a fake name? Isn’t getting your name well known the whole point of becoming an author? One of the most common reasons may be because their earlier work(s) failed, says Writers’ Digest. 672 more words

Resource Tips

Of Sweatpants and Staying Home

Admittedly, I’ve spent too much time this morning scrolling through the Instagram of a gorgeous young actress, admiring her clothes and her friends and her work and her life, thinking, “My GAWD, young lady, but you have so much to look forward to! 294 more words


Week 1: Thus it Begins

Earlier this week I made the decision to quit my day job.

For various reasons, I can’t leave until March at the earliest, which gives me a good 6 months to get this Romance Writing ball rolling. 331 more words


Pen Names and Tattoos

I’ve been working on one of my two book ideas over the last few days. As I started banging out chapters, it made me think. What will be next to the “written by” portion of the cover. 581 more words

Pen Pimps

Introverts have layers

Onions have layers, ogres have layers, introverts have layers.

It wasn’t intentional; it sort of just happened. It was one decision after another, one unconscious choice rooted on something I hadn’t realised, and before I knew it, there I was — wrapped up in layers. 170 more words


Pheonix ashes

I am learning to be a new person, in order to do that I have to quiet the mental gremlins. That is harder than it sounds. 139 more words