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The evolution of female pen-names from Currer Bell to J.K. Rowling

Michelle Smith, Deakin University

Last month author Catherine Nichols went public with her account of sending her novel manuscript to literary agents under a male pseudonym. 806 more words


Using a pen name

Having a pen name ( Zina Adams Writer) is okay but getting used to having one will take a while. Or at least it will with me. 123 more words


My name is not J.K. Rowling

Or Stephen King.
Or Suzanne Collins.
Or Oscar Wilde.
Or Jane Austen.

My name is…Tamara Prokopchuk.

Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue smoothly, now does it? 450 more words


Pen Names

What do you guys think of pen names? I understand why authors choose to have them. A lot of us write in many different genres, and some of our readers my not agree with one or more of the genres they do not read. 183 more words


Let's Talk about Sexism

I’ve been quiet for a while now. Sorry about that :-). I’ve been tooling away on the final polishing of BLISS. But that’s not what I’m here today to talk about. 850 more words


Why do some authors write in secret?

Writers often hide behind a pen name or keep the very act of writing a secret from colleagues, friends or family. But what is it about writing that makes writers want to hide from view? 1,044 more words


Why I chose to use a pen name.

I’ll be totally upfront about this: using a pen name, putting it on my books, and creating a Facebook page for this alter ego made me feel like I was going to end up on an episode of  312 more words