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A History of Noms de Plume

I just had to share this infographic!

This stuff is fascinating.  Obviously I knew some of these facts – but I still learned SO much by reading this. 46 more words


Indie Publishing - how's your ethics?

First: a warning – don’t buy Likes or Followers.

You will come across such offers. Maybe a new follower appears and then there is an offer that sounds great: ‘I can guarantee you 100 likes in 5 days!’ and you think Wow! 538 more words

Indie Publishing

Nom De Plume

When for whatever reason a writer cannot publish work under their own names, they might choose to publish it under a pen name. I, for example, plan to go by the name Alethea D. 392 more words

How to find a pen name

At one particularly difficult writing group meeting, when I yet again presented the synopsis of my novel for discussion, a fellow writer told me that it wasn’t worth bothering with a synopsis, as I was too old to be published! 314 more words


Learning Curves

There comes a point in life where explanations are no longer valid. Where time seems to keep going and you’ve wasted five or ten years doing nothing more than explaining why you haven’t achieved something.  483 more words


It's A Man's, Man's, Man's Name for a Woman Writer

Women have been discriminated against since  our ancestors dwelled in caves and chased hairy mammoths over cliffs. And it seems that this is a world-wide phenomenon, not unique to the East or the West, India, England, Nigeria or your neck of the woods. 812 more words