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Breaking Down Barriers- Women Authors Using Pen Names

I recently stumbled across this article from Mashable regarding the pen names of women authors who’ve had to change their names in order to get published. 349 more words


Sleeping Beauty Trilogy review (SPOILERS)

Me and a close friend of mine were discussing stories that authors write that are of personal interest vs what they think people want to read. 1,012 more words


The Queen and Her Alter Ego

Joanne Rowling, has always loved writing and has been author to over 22 books in her lifetime. She is most commonly known under her pen name J.K. 226 more words

Pen Names

Pen Names

Have you used a pen name or your initials to publish?  Do you do it to retain your anonymity or to avoid sexism?

A Brief History of female authors with male pen names… 126 more words

Pondering a Pen Name 

Many a famous author – and some not so famous – have chosen to use a pen name to publish under rather than use their own name. 399 more words

Author Aliases: The Name Doesn't Remain the Same

I’m currently reading a novel by the famous writer Marie-Henri Beyle. Who is that, you might ask? Well, literature lovers know him as Stendhal.

Beyle — author of The Charterhouse of Parma (the 1839 book I’m reading) and The Red and the Black — is one of many writers who have used what are variously described as pen names, aliases, pseudonyms, noms de plume, and “don’t you dare call me Marion Morrison, pilgrim, because I’m John Wayne.” 1,254 more words

Gone with the Pen Names

I don’t know why I thought I ever needed them. Maybe it was because I never thought very favorably of my given name. (I can still hear my mother screeching, “Tear-REEEEss-sah!” in her Eastern Pennsylvania accent.)  So even when I grew up and told everyone in no uncertain terms to call me “Terry” (no “i”, please), I still shied away from publishing with the name people called me. 285 more words

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