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Pen Names and a Republishing Decision

The writing project of the moment is getting rid of pen names and republishing/rebranding some already published titles.

When I published my first novel in 2003, it was with a vanity press. 412 more words

The Outing of Rai

Settle down. Settle down, everyone. I know … Two blog posts in two days! Don’t get too excited, this one is going to be a short one … and no … it is not that kind of coming out … even though I could have killed two birds with one stone and saved myself from a dreadful weekend right then … 363 more words

About Rai

Mikale's Top Picks for 2016

Dear 2016, see ya later.

Like so many of us, I’m sort of ready for this year to be over. While in my personal and professional life I’ve met a number of invaluable people, and had more adventures than I can count, in general I think it’s fair to say that on a global level 2016 was a bit of a dud. 803 more words

ISBN, Copyright, & Pen Names

Part of publishing a book is understanding and making a few decisions about the legal-related items. CAVEAT…we are NOT lawyers. So please make sure to do separate, thorough research into each of these aspects of publishing. 701 more words


Q&A with Chris Paton

In our second Q&A blog, Deana Luchia chats with Chris Paton about self-publishing, pen names and steampunk.

Q: In addition to other genres, you write steampunk stories and novels. 1,486 more words

A few steps to becoming an amazingly good writer.

Happy Monday!  Thanks Giving is right around the corner and I just can’t wait.  I love all that stuffing and gravy.  I could care less about the bird.   1,348 more words


Right, Like a Man: Chris Jane on the power of gender in an author’s name


I prefer the way I write when, while writing, I imagine being read as a man.

There’s an immediate freedom to not be apologetic. To do as we were taught in high school English and eliminate the self-conscious “I think…” from the writing. 1,573 more words

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