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In the Mirror

It’s official. Strangely enough the digital representation I created for myself… Astrid de Manyet, a sidhe fey with white hair, daughter of the stars… is someone I am now seeing in the mirror in a way I did not expect. 105 more words


Pen Names (Poll)

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In your opinion and experience, what would be the practical uses to using a pen name?


When Should I Use a Pen Name?

This is a topic that I’ve often intended to write about, and the other night a member of one of my Facebook writing groups was asking a question about it. 2,405 more words

Writing Tips

One Among Others

© Astrid de Manyet

They lurched around me in their lines
and I —
still tender and naive at the tender age of 12 — 49 more words

Astrid De Manyet

Angst, hello my shitty friend

If you’ve ever watched the movie Limitless, with Bradley Cooper you’ll see a stereotyped characterisation of a writer in full-blown angst mode. It’s the starving artist in a garret trope. 596 more words

Pen Name or No Pen Name?

This I’m sure is the age old question, and the answer is never easy even when you think you know for sure.

I had decided I had to get a pen name after googling my name and finding out I was a drug; my name, I mean. 400 more words


Pen Names

I read this essay “Why Writers Need Pen Names” by Wade Rouse published in PW magazine. He explains his reasons for using a pen name for his first novel, The Charm Bracelet. 154 more words