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More Pen Names

Alright, so I promised some male pen names.  It took me a while to compile this list.   I’m not as good with male names.   Perhaps the consequences of not being particularly manly myself. 395 more words


Bryn: A Word About Names

Bryn. People have a notably hard time pronouncing it. I’ve heard it as “brine”, “brian”, “brr-yun”, and “breen”. In truth, it is “brin”. Just take the “ain” out of brain and replace it with “in”. 511 more words

Need a Pen Name? I Have Suggestions.

Pen names are great things!  They allow you to write as badly as you want and never really have to claim your work.   They also allow you to write wonderfully and then have to convince everyone that it really is your work.    331 more words

Indie Writer

What's in a Name?

“Paul Dale Anders…son,” the women sang. They broke my name up into two stanzas of two syllables each, placing the emphasis on the second syllable. 400 more words

Gee, Louise - Still on About the Name?

The following article appeared in the Roscommon Herald earlier this year. I reproduce it here after discovering there are at least 100 (yes, you read right!) people called Louise Cole on Facebook.  550 more words

Louise G. Cole

Pen names and other authorship devices

A pen name, also known as a nom de plume, is an assumed name used by a writer instead of their own real name. It can also be a variant form of their real name and might be known only to the publisher or might be widely known. 498 more words


Winter wishes

*picture not mine used for inspiration*

A short story

By Serena Mossgraves.

Another job, too many this year. It seems like I have taken so many bright lights across the river. 1,168 more words