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Pen Names For The Win

Okay…so you’ve decided to take up your pen and start Writing for Fun & Profit*, but you have questions.

*Err…not Trademarked because, well, no one in their right mind believes there is much in the way of “profit” in writing… 777 more words

Writing Thoughts

Writing Wednesday: The Pen Name

I forgot to do last week’s Writing Wednesday and for that, I’m sorry. There really isn’t a reason. Just that I forgot.

That said, I decided to write about a topic that has been on my mind lately, the pen name. 247 more words


The erotic pen(name)

People call me a lot of names. ~ The Palimpsest Pen

Dear P.P.,
I’m an erotica author trying to come up with a good pen name, but I’m at a loss. 102 more words

(Inadvisable) Writing Advice

Getting Braver: Goodbye Pen Name

I’ve decided to do away with my pen name. That’s right, “Sarrah J. Woods” is not really my name. It’s a pen name I made up several years ago because I needed some distance between my writing life and my everyday life in order to feel comfortable sharing my personal thoughts with the world (and, in particular, the internet). 190 more words


On doxing myself

The two-year anniversary of my formal resignation from teaching passed without comment a couple of weeks ago.  It took six months of looking before I found the job I have now, and I basically have not  754 more words


The Problem Of Being a Writer

Good stories find me. Scratch that, extraordinary people cross my path every day. The hard part is concealing identities to protect their privacy, especially of those so close to me that they shape my destiny. 278 more words

Mrs Enginerd

Alter Ego-Boosted

I like breaking down words and phrases.

Oh stop it, Buzz, don’t accuse me! I’m not a grammar Nazi. I’m a grammar…semi-Nazi. If I see wrong grammar but I need to focus on understanding the context, I will focus on the context first. 753 more words