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A brief, but fascinating, history of: the sandwich

“So if you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?”

Many years ago a friend of mine asked me this question, which consequently led to an existential food-crisis that would have me pondering my answer for about the next 4 years. 482 more words

Big Changes

I was able to have a really good playtest of Tangent Space that highlighted a lot of things that need to be improved or outright redesigned. 143 more words

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New Map

A galaxy is a big place. Sometimes it’s a little too big. I decided to shrink the scale of known space down to something a bit more manageable. 36 more words

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New Logo & Desktop Background

I was working on updating and cleaning up the Tangent Space logo and I figured I would put together a desktop background as well. Feel free to use it if you like it!

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Basic Rules v0.3

The first basic rules document for Tangent Space is ready for testing! Keep in mind that this is the bare bones of the system: no setting fiction is provided at this time. 35 more words

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Just a quick note: I realized that I had overlooked Google+ for status updates! For anyone that prefers getting their info through that service, all future updates will be posted there as well.

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Status Update 6/25/2016

This is an update on the progress being made with Tangent Space. My efforts have mostly been focused on compiling the rules into a usable document. 41 more words

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