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Art Attempt: Elkari

This is my attempt at drawing a female Elkari. I know it’s more than a little rough, but at least this gives the general idea of what they look like. 69 more words

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Map of Known Space v2

The map has been updated once again! This time with even more detail and a whole new superpower on the galactic scene. I decided that the Star League was too much of a solid blob, so this map emphasizes the multi-faceted nature of the alliance while offering ways for those that want to avoid League space to skirt along the edges. 150 more words

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Factions: The Star League

“We, the peaceful space-faring races of the galaxy, recognize that when one of us thrives, we all thrive, and when one of us suffers, we all suffer. 853 more words

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Bullet Journal 2017 - One Month Check In

It’s been a month in my new bullet journal for 2017.  I thought I’d give a little update on what I’ve been trying out.

At the end of January, I did a memory page.   280 more words

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Poem : A Giant at Two Feet


…to carry another human being, that process of pregnancy  is such a multi-dimensional experience involving the environment, the body, the emotions of your mind, your intellect and in learning to love, a spiritual endeavour as well and Life. 83 more words


The Auction: Getting to Know Your Pen & Paper Group

Player characters are the one thing you can’t account for in a Pen & Paper group.  Sometimes, it’s alright and you just improvise, however, you should try to cover as many gaps as you can.   762 more words

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Galactic Timeline

I decided to put together the timeline for Tangent Space. Up until now, this has existed only in a nebulous state in my brain. Having it in a tangible place should make writing the lore of the setting much easier! 55 more words

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