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Fiction, Naturalism and RPGs

Playing Ironsworn recently, I’ve noticed an interesting tension. Like its cousin Apocalypse World, Ironsworn is, mechanically, a game that emphasises narrative tension. Each action fits into a sort of dramatic funnel. 517 more words


"Games with Strangers"

My friends and I have been busy getting everything ready for our weekly tabletop event, “Games with Strangers”.

We’ve been waiting for a while but, finally debuted the event this past Tuesday, April 3rd. 807 more words


Toward Qualitative Design?

So, there’s been a ‘manifesto jam‘ over at ich.io, which includes all sorts of stuff, both thoughtful and funny. One piece in particular piqued my interest: ‘ 1,015 more words


1 year of blogging!

My Mission

March 2018 officially marks  the 1 year anniversary of Everything Under the Sun Blog! YAY!

Here is our little family <3

Shot in September by @therealmaryana. 1,741 more words

Health &amp; Fitness

Bullet Journal: Lessons Learned

I’ve done a couple of bullet journal posts before, and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see a lot of bullet journaling posts.

I’ve been using a bullet journal consistently for about two years.  673 more words

Pen &amp; Paper

Disneyland in 1 Day

Let me add to the title here a little bit (writing from a MOMS perspective) ‘How to Disneyland in 1 Day, also with toddlers’.

This is ones more of an excuse to look back on some amazing memories we made last year while going to Disney. 1,578 more words

Pen &amp; Paper

Spring Paper Banner

This is apparently part of an ongoing series!  Check out the fall banner that started it all and the winter banner that I followed it up with! 425 more words