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Two Sides of the Same Coin (Part 4)

June 21st, 1970

Dear Diary,

It never gets any easier does it? It seems like life is just drifting by and I can’t catch up to it. 501 more words


Two Sides of the Same Coin (Part 3)

Dear Baby-Boo,

Let me start by saying that they really don’t want us to use up all the paper around here! They’re limiting our letters to one every week. 504 more words


Birth of Solitude

A home-stricken, blind little girl.

She calls to the wind, a cry of boredom,

To relieve her of boundaries.

She whimpers to the world her state of… 53 more words


Two Sides of the Same Coin (Part 2)

Dear Yogi Bear,

I thought you had forgotten about me for a moment. I know I shouldn’t be so caught up in how I feel so much since I know you have it worse off. 495 more words


Alien3 Dog Alien Sketch


Damn I have been slacking on the posts lately. Why this rollercoaster of motivation, why!?

Pen & Paper

I Was Born to Live and Die

I was born to fly,

I was born to rise,

To span my wings,

And reach the sky.


I was born to crash,

I was born to fall, 155 more words


Two Sides of the Same Coin (Part 1)

Dear Baby-Boo,

It’s the 43rd day after my deployment into war. I haven’t written you in over 21 days, and I’m sorry about that. I haven’t had time to address the things I wanna since entering the battlefield. 477 more words