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Specialization: Titan

Next up is the Titan, a master of powered armor and integrated explosive launchers! The more you attack them, the more dangerous they become. While anyone can wear powered armor, Titans make the most of the technological systems the high-tech suits provide.

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Card Making Party

I have a couple of coworkers that are big into card making.  They occasionally get together and share supplies and ideas, and they graciously invited me to their latest card making party! 287 more words

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Character Sheet Update

It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything with the character sheet. In fact, it was so outdated that it couldn’t be used for the game anymore! 69 more words

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Specialization: Empath

This one seems appropriate for the international day of peace: The Empath! Empaths devote their psionic powers to supporting others. Empaths are excellent at healing multiple allies simultaneously and are even capable of rescuing the entire party from the brink of death in a single action!

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Specialization: Force

Next up is the first of the Psionic specializations: The Force! Forces start off just being able to move things with telekinesis, but they eventually become a storm of kinetic energy! 28 more words

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Specialization: Medic

Next up is the first of the technical specializations: The Medic! Medics are the best at treating battlefield injuries and keeping their allies in the fray using advanced medical nanofax protocols. 8 more words

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Specialization: Duelist

The next specialization is here: The Duelist! Everyone loves a good sword fight, even in the distant future of Tangent Space. Melee weapons deal a ton of damage, but often put the wielder in unfavorable positions when used. 26 more words

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