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Character Sheet Prototype

Here is the prototype character sheet page 1 of 2. You’ll notice there is a different system going on with armor, life, mind, etc. I’ll be talking more about that at a later time.

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InDesign Format Preview

Here is the current format I’m working with during the transition to InDesign. This is the introduction spread for the skills section. The artwork is a placeholder to give a better idea of how I intend things to look in the end. 73 more words

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Body & Mind

I want to share one of the systems in Tangent Space: Health Points and Mind Points.

Health Points (HP) work very similarly to other RPG games. 807 more words

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Getting Started

Hello! My name is Josh and I’ve been working on this RPG project for over ten years. So far I’ve been content to work on it silently, but as it gets closer to completion I realize that I need to actually start putting my work out there for others to see. 430 more words

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New month, new Leuchtturm - you cannot forget your first notebook love

I’m welcoming April with a brand new notebook! Yey! It always makes me giddy and happy whenever I get to use a new notebook filled with blank pages. 529 more words

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RPG - Was ist das eigentlich

„Computer-Rollenspiel bezeichnet ein Genre der Computerspiele, dessen Wurzeln hauptsächlich in den Pen-&-Paper-Rollenspielen liegen, von denen grundlegende Abläufe und Spielmechaniken übernommen werden. Der Hauptunterschied zwischen Pen-&-Paper-Rollenspiel und Computer-Rollenspiel ist, dass die Aufgaben des… 854 more words


10 benefits of using a diary or journal and writing with pen and paper

Before the age of the internet many people kept a personal diary or journal. That was the best way to record what was happening during the day, write observations, goals, dreams etc. 531 more words

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