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Poem : A Giant at Two Feet


…to carry another human being, that process of pregnancy  is such a multi-dimensional experience involving the environment, the body, the emotions of your mind, your intellect and in learning to love, a spiritual endeavour as well and Life. 83 more words


Latest Draft

In the hopes of getting more awesome feedback on the project, I’ve compiled the latest working draft of the game into a PDF. Chapters 1 through 3 are in a mostly finished state. 61 more words

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Me & my Apple Watch

This isn’t an Apple Watch review, this is an apology letter to all those who have tried to reach me between the years 2011-2016 & a half.  973 more words

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Specializations v4

Based on some recent feedback I’ve received, the specializations and associated skills have received a fourth major pass! I’m taking my time with them to make sure they’re done right. 97 more words

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Motherhood: finding myself without losing myself

Hi! I’m back! Lets just say life has been kicking my butt over the last few weeks  and ironically it was the same time I was working on this draft on motherhood (coincidence much?!) … 1,378 more words

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Quick Update

This is just a quick update to let everyone know what I’ve been up to lately!

Progress on the first draft of the core rulebook is coming along nicely! 79 more words

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San Diego!

We got the opportunity to take a little vacation before Dmitry begins his new position at work. To celebrate a promotion and a year spent of hard work, TOO MANY moves and a lot of changes we wanted to take a spontaneous family trip to San Diego. 1,790 more words

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