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The beginning

I distinctly remember my first blog in 2006. It was hosted by a blogging site that I’m not sure still exists now, and my layout was as dark as my heart your then-favorite emo band’s guyliner. 1,154 more words


How to Give Players Agency in Pen & Paper Games

Long ago, my first several attempts at storytelling for pen and paper games spoiled me.   I had the fortune of playing with a group of experience and creative people.   367 more words

World Of Darkness

Map Update

In preparation of the next playtest (which includes starship mechanics) I’ve updated the map of known space! Each dot represents an important star system, and each diamond represents a capital system. 168 more words

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Winter Paper Banner

Happy 2017!  I hope all your New Year celebrations were fun!

For my first craft of 2017 I decided to replace the fall paper banner… 289 more words

Pen & Paper

Bullet Journal 2017 Set Up

For a large part of the last year, I’ve been playing around with different layouts of the bullet journal.  I think I’ve got the daily spreads down at least, so for the new year, I’m moving into a new journal and I’ve begun setting it up. 566 more words

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Specializations: Version 2

I finally completed the revisions on the character specializations! Here are all 30 of the specs in Tangent Space. A specialization serves to offer special abilities to characters beyond the default actions anyone can perform. 198 more words

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Chasing life…

We do it everyday as we try to face the day,

Then the night comes and everything turns to grey,

Chasing dreams…

Separating us from the world’s that could be to the one that actually is, 224 more words

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