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My Unspoken truly, II

Acceptance is what we fight for in the world

Recognition that we are the same yet different in other landmarks

We often throw our idea of… 130 more words

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Watercolor Practice 1

Last week, I was dog sitting and staying at the dog’s home which had no internet.  Instead of mindlessly watching Bravo like I usually do when I’m taking care of this dog, I decided to be more creative with my time.  352 more words

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The Races of Tangent Space

I’m finally ready to present the races of Tangent Space! They’ve been compiled into the current format for the first draft of the book. You can find them all in the PDF linked below. 29 more words

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At my glance...

“You Mongrel! Why do you howl When it is I who am bitten?” … Thus the beginning of my amazing Shakespeare In Love journey… the story behind the story of Romeo and Juliet by the famous William Shakespeare. 338 more words


Art Attempt: Elkari

This is my attempt at drawing a female Elkari. I know it’s more than a little rough, but at least this gives the general idea of what they look like. 69 more words

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Map of Known Space v2

The map has been updated once again! This time with even more detail and a whole new superpower on the galactic scene. I decided that the Star League was too much of a solid blob, so this map emphasizes the multi-faceted nature of the alliance while offering ways for those that want to avoid League space to skirt along the edges. 150 more words

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Factions: The Star League

“We, the peaceful space-faring races of the galaxy, recognize that when one of us thrives, we all thrive, and when one of us suffers, we all suffer. 853 more words

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