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Character Sheet 2.2

The character sheet has reached version 2.0! (make that 2.2) As the mechanics fall into place, the character sheet gets closer to its final configuration. Have a look at the two pages and let me know what you think.

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Factions - Part 1

Here we go! The first half of the factions! This is all WIP content and could potentially change at any time. The faction symbols are placeholders. 38 more words

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Galaxy Map

Here is a sneak peak of the galaxy in the Earth year 2550! Using the Tangent Drive, the diameter of the galaxy can be traversed in less than four months.  45 more words

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Faction Example

Today I’m sharing one of the factions in Tangent Space: The Star League. You can see the other factions listed in the reputation table. I might post the others as a collection when I’m finished writing them. 9 more words

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Genesis Popularity Contest

This is a “just for fun” exercise to find out who is the most remembered character in the book of Genesis.

Pass out paper and pens to each one then give them three minutes to write down as many characters from Genesis as they can think of. 116 more words


Tracking Damage

As promised, I’m going to explain all those wacky boxes on the character sheet I posted. In Tangent Space, characters have 2 primary tracks that determine their current state. 677 more words

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