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D.I.Y. Kitchen refresh under $40

Looking to refresh update or try a new look for your kitchen? Well look here to this easy & budget friendly alternative to a full reno by doing this D.I.Y. 584 more words

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Status Update 11/12/17

I’m still alive! Work has been progressing on Tangent Space and I’ve made several significant improvements to the game’s mechanics.


As mentioned before, specializations are gone and have been replaced with skills. 405 more words

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Shortcut D.I.Y. mini Diaper Cake

Baby season seems to be all year round.┬áThese diaper cakes are a trend in the┬ábaby shower/ baby sprinkle department. . When looking for diaper cake tutorials it seemed that there were too MANY little steps that I just don’t have the patience for. 451 more words

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Hi, I'm still here...exciting news & update

Hi its been a while! I just wanted to update y’all with what I have been working on for Everything Under the Sun blog & … 172 more words

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Skills & Layout Preview

Here is a sneak peek at the new skills system and the new book layout for the next draft! With specializations gone, players can freely select skills to build the character that fits their desired playstyle.

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Character Sheet: Version 4

In preparation for the next wave of updates, I’ve put together the fourth version of the character sheet. I’ve always felt that the character sheet is a good surface-level overview of a game system. 27 more words

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Extra Life 2017 - RPG Time

In 2015 I participated in Extra Life as part of the Team Tomb Raider Community. I played for about four days in a row, more than 12 hours a day trying to raise $500 for the… 474 more words