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My fingers, they itch

to wield an ancient weapon

that recorded time.


Time wasn’t realized

Till the weapon made it so

Marking the infant crawl. 131 more words


Lady's Bowler: But What I Really Learned is that Pink Erasers are Terrible

There are stacks of papers to grade and much to do this evening, so I had to keep it simple.

I’m moderately accepting of how this overly basic sketch (based on this… 57 more words


"Drawing Pens"

“…for some and some unknown inky feelings there are the pens to write and pens to draw…”


My black and grey comrade,

Mightier than blade. Oh! The guard,

The harbinger of my thoughts

That will endure time’s onslaughts.

Oh! My black and grey friend, 39 more words


I have a pen-friend

I think it happens a lot in language schools (or any time you’re abroad), where you meet people with whom you just click and go on to an epic letter-writing adventure. 332 more words