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Happy Art Showcase Sunday! When I am bored, I like to draw maps of fictional places. The red pen roads are freeways, and the black pen roads are surface streets. 36 more words

Art Showcase Sundays

Milan Cards

Recently at work my team and I won a trip to Milan! I feel proud of our hard work and it’s nice to be recognised for it. 178 more words


Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 15

Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 15

The Brothers Jones

Henry agreed to work with Cruella to bring back her life, he spots his pen in wood. 379 more words


Garnet Queen

Royalty isn’t limited to mankind. In this work, I wanted to depict a bird of elegance and poise with a motherly trait. The red and pink shades display the avian’s power and softness. 24 more words


Day 960: Brutalist Bunker

Day 960: Brutalist Bunker

Reference image: pinterest link!

A bit of a breather from the bus stops (though only for one day) with a look at this bunker. 52 more words

Daily Sketches!

Weighing up the Namisu Ixion

The Ixion is a love-hate pen. I don’t mean you either love it or hate it; I mean there are plenty of points on both sides of the argument. 754 more words