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Portrait Sketchbook #4

Well, tomorrow is Sunday and for this week, I’m not planning for a Slipknot Session (I know, most of you just took a sigh of relief) but rather I’ll be doing a binge session of sketching (If that is what it can be called). 39 more words


Dog driving


There is a dog’s head floating in my rear-view mirror
Musn’t get distracted while driving
But look again – how can an animated dog’s portrait… 72 more words


Sketch 8/19/2017

I still need to learn the anatomy of the legs.


Pen Review - Pelikan M200 Green Marble Fountain Pen

The M200 is my first dip into the world of Pelikan Fountain Pens, as I suspect it probably is for a lot of us. I have wanted to add a Pelikan to my collection for a while, I’ve read lots of reviews and watched lots of videos online and finally decided that an M600 would be the ideal one for me and indeed it has been sitting on my wishlist for many a month and one day an M600 will, I am sure find its way into my collection and off my wishlist. 1,337 more words