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... drawn with a

When I was younger, I used to doodle in class every chance I had. Haha! I distinctly recall getting chided for it all the time! “Dreamer! 101 more words


Wilko Sanctuary Stationary Range Haul

I was wondering around Wilko one day and spotted this cute stationary! In case you didn’t know, Wilko is a shop which sells a little bit of everything for your home! 500 more words


How Do I Write...

Who’s old fashioned like me and really likes writing with a pen(cil) and paper? Just me? That’s okay. I know you kids today rely on technology like there’s no tomorrow. 463 more words


Words, Words, Words

Paper is wonderful! Recently, it has been replaced by the computer, which makes a lot of things easier and convenient, but it is not quite, quite the same.   294 more words


Work In Progress- Deroplatys lobata in Colour

The colour’s going on nicely! Love these pencils and my blending sticks

Fish in Colour

Decided I would start adding colour to some of my past drawings. Excited about this one!