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Trifoliate Leaves of the Rhus trilobata, aka, Skunkbush (Pen and Ink)


Bonsai Rouge

Power with sweetness – a palette of playful colors used in a bonsai-inspired subject. This new piece of mine is entitled “Bonsai Rouge”, which I finished yesterday. 44 more words


An Early Bloom in the New Year

Blooming at the start of 2018, the “Crimson Bloom” is the first piece of 2018 by VIBRANT artist and co-founder Joshua Barrera. It is a work of ink and watercolor depicting two potted flower bouquets.


Little Knight

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Crimson Bloom

Blooming in crimson patterns at the start of a new year – my first piece of 2018!

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of floral works using ink and watercolor, which are some of my works that will be exhibited in the ones I’ll be part of this year, representing VIBRANT Art Studios. 38 more words


Evergreen Wings

It’s nearing the end of 2017, spent the warm Holidays up in the chilly city of Baguio, got inspired by all the colors and wonders here, and so I still brought my sketchbooks and loads of cases of pens and markers. 86 more words


Fading Power

A portrait of the legendary white tiger (Byakko) by Hannah Barrera. While most of her works revolve around traditional painting, she used pen and ink (specifically metallic) for this piece. 13 more words