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Mugs and old places

The pencil sketches/value studies continue. The last two days I have been focusing on tea mugs and old buildings. I don’t like to use the word teacup, I always picture a very dainty and small decorative cup detailed in flowers and sitting on an equally small and detailed saucer. 279 more words


Embracing Death


Raven seems more than a litle alarmed, but Donkey knows that to embrace death is to embrace life!

Heather Blakey Purveyor Of Creative Stimuli

Chickadees on a Branch

Based on How to Draw & Paint (series) Birds by Maury Aaseng


Value studies and loose watercolors

I’ve committed myself to really focus on the watercolors. I’ve always enjoyed watercolors, both painting them and looking at them. For years I have worked with watercolors, not really giving them a whole lot of thought, I’ve always just used them as an accent to the pen drawings. 221 more words


Shadow Work

Donkey and Raven are engaging in some voice dialogue with the shadow to establish this aspects narrative.

Heather Blakey Purveyor Of Creative Stimuli


This is going to be pretty short and straight forward post with the photos showing progress and completion. I drew this using Wolff’s 6B carbon pencil in a manner that is similar to some of my older long drawings. 134 more words

Charcoal Drawings

Back to the drawing board

Recently I’ve rediscovered my love for drawing again. It’s never really gone away, it’s been like a simmering pot, bubbling away in the corners of my mind, waiting for the right time to heat up. 250 more words