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Photo Friday: Creating A Little Joy

Those adorable blue eyes and happy mouth… I look down at the sketch book and can’t help myself. I smile back!

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, … 28 more words

Photo Friday

Weekend Sketches - Pencil Drawings/Markers

Some sketches and drawings I did over the September 25th – 27th weekend.


Pencil on Paper: "The Lady Contemplates Her Garden"

I finished this pencil drawing this afternoon:

Another one like the previous pencil drawing where I let the energy guide me about what kind of initial lines to draw and where to put them, and then I let my intuition join in to shape the images into something discernible and then bring the whole thing together, and even though initially it felt like there was just going to be a jumble of shapes and empty spaces, once this process got going the images shaped up pretty easily and the image as a whole came together rather nicely rather quickly. 63 more words


Circles within circles
Spinning, spiraling, turning
Making and destroying
Continuing our learning;
Beginning with single cells-
The universal brick and mortar-
They merge and form and bend… 92 more words


Timeout for Art & Friendship

Standing at the arrivals gate, I held a sign that said, “Hummingbird.”  – Many of you will know what this means! (The following photo was taken when she helped design the magic carpet;  we had just finished painting the hummingbird for her home.) 530 more words


DC Villains Gallery - Update 2

Pencil drawings of The Joker and The Mad Hatter (one of the forgotten ones!)

Update: Somebody found their colouring pencils!! So now adding a little illumination to the drawings we see their true reflection as per the Animated Series… 50 more words

Pencil Drawings

New Beginning!!!

Hi guys!.. It’s been a wait too long… This one has been on the drawing board for more than two years now – Aah lazy me :( … Finally, I’m done with it… I feel the photo has not justice to the original drawing though… Hope you guys like it too… :)

Pencil Sketch