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Animation: Pencil Tests

Some brief pencil tests conducted over the last year.

Worst Mom Ever.

Today the para in my classroom did the “pencil test” on my wrist. You know, the one where you tie a string to a pencil and hold it over your wrist and if it sways back and forth it’s a boy and if it spins in circles, you’re having a girl………..WELL. 152 more words

Week 10: Fighting animation (pencil test)

On week 10 I made a pencil test for fighting animation in ToonBoom. Originally I was going to make it fight between two characters, but to save time I ended up animating a fight between my character Paulina and balls. 278 more words


Customer experience: Pencil Test

A friend of mine raved to me about the Pencil Test in Portland Oregon, so I made a point to get out there while I was in town in mid-October for a work conference. 360 more words


"The Boxtrolls" Pencil Tests by Maël Gourmelen

Cool pencil tests of a few scenes for the end credits of the film The Boxtrolls, by Maël Gourmelen.