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Worst Mom Ever.

Today the para in my classroom did the “pencil test” on my wrist. You know, the one where you tie a string to a pencil and hold it over your wrist and if it sways back and forth it’s a boy and if it spins in circles, you’re having a girl………..WELL. 152 more words

Week 10: Fighting animation (pencil test)

On week 10 I made a pencil test for fighting animation in ToonBoom. Originally I was going to make it fight between two characters, but to save time I ended up animating a fight between my character Paulina and balls. 278 more words


Customer experience: Pencil Test

A friend of mine raved to me about the Pencil Test in Portland Oregon, so I made a point to get out there while I was in town in mid-October for a work conference. 360 more words


"The Boxtrolls" Pencil Tests by Maël Gourmelen

Cool pencil tests of a few scenes for the end credits of the film The Boxtrolls, by Maël Gourmelen.


Week 7 and 8: Eating candy pencil test

For a change I wanted to create a traditional pencil test animation instead of digital one. It took longer to make than I expected, but I’m really happy with the result. 350 more words