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Four Days In Cornwall

Spent an afternoon here at Pedn Vounder (Treen Beach) where I discovered how tough it is to paint with watercolours whilst the weather is hot! 103 more words


Daphne Groeneveld

Christopher Walken

My mother, who is also an artist, had been for the last year or so trying to coax me in all kinds of ways to begin painting with oil, while I would nonchalantly wave her off, citing pastels and drawing as being my destiny.  308 more words


Pencil Portrait of Leonardo DiCaprio

I’m very happy with this drawing. I had a beautiful reference photo, but it seemed somewhat flat, so to make the drawing come alive and pop out of the paper, I really had to push myself and shade thoroughly, sometimes even adding more value where there was less on the actual photo. 85 more words



My hands have found their place again in the world.

I never thought i would get the drive back. 🌻



Not long ago, I was looking for something simple to do that wouldn’t require a lot of time or effort. I was thrilled to discover Zentangle.  255 more words


Date night in Jaipur

For my partner’s birthday he was given a spice box; a monthly delivery of spices and recipes to make up a 3 course meal. This month was “Date Night in Jaipur” which was mostly nice except the dessert which was mango sorbet with chilli – it took a lot of effort to make and was pretty disgusting :) I did get the chance to do a few sketches as we cooked though.