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Graciously Yours!

P.S. : Because on some days even words fail to express!


Roses Are... Grey?

I had a lovely drawing night with my friend Hannah. It is always hard to come up with ideas. Especially facing a blank paper. She had some roses on her table so I drew them. 44 more words


Butterfly Wishes

When I was volunteering at the hospital gift shop yesterday I found this ‘Butterfly Wishes’ ornament. I wasn’t busy so I decided to sketch it. Little did I know it was a very detailed design and I ended up taking it home to finish… 30 more words


Pencil: Baseball Catcher(s) 

Thinkin’ about baseball. Point of view: behind home plate.

Sketches to work out the pose. It’s probably not the best angle to draw from. The perspective is challenging because it’s extreme.

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