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Day 142: A Sunset Tree

Today’s sketch is just sort of a doodle that I pulled out of my head.  I couldn’t really think of anything that I wanted to draw.  353 more words

Sketch Of The Day

Reviving the Zombie, Pt. II: The Passive Voice

Okay, you give up. You’ve banged your head on the wall. You’ve ground every Blackwing pencil you own to a nub. And it still laughs at you from the page: the (aggressively) passive voice. 492 more words



melting delight | jo’s raspberry ice ‘n coffee
pencil and watercolour | watercolour postcard, 250 m² | 12 x 17 cm


In Distress

I’ve been doing some more figure drawing from artists.pixelovely.com and thought these two stood out. I like the way this model uses her hair and the cloth she’s wearing.


Gang-boss Defeated.

Death is defeated through the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Paul Celan (1930-1970) in a poem reflecting the horrors of the concentration camps of the Holocaust (of which he was a survivor) called death a ‘gang-boss'(Death Fugue). 44 more words

dressing up

Pierre Bonnard‘s inspiration class, Thanks to the model that bring us some intimate inspirative’s poses, that’s my quick sketch during the class I taught. 20 more words