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Whale's tail

I’ve started a new drawing.  I’m trying the gridding process, and I’m actually going to take this slowly.  I usually rush through pieces, and I always stop half way because I don’t like it.   53 more words


Tolkien's Toilet Paper #2

A few additions today. Next step is to see if I can get a few buildings added and colored. The trick being do I full scale and reduce the buildings or draw them to scale and see if there is enough detail after scanning. Time to experiment!


Pencil Drawing of David Beckham

Another portrait of an athlete, this time a famous soccer player – David Beckham. I had some difficulty with the mouth, but eventually it turned out ok. 47 more words


Unfinished - Lion

Changed some things or two. I tried to “fill” the shapes and the eyes, like in the “unfinished – Boar” drawing. But it’s not really that. 11 more words

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Object Two: Pencil

The pencil is very important to me as it reminds me of long days at home, sketching and doodling in my room before running out to show my parents whatever I had created. 30 more words

Artwork 27th April 2016

Pencil Sketch

Tools : HB pencil, 6B pencil, eraser.