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The J. Paul Getty Presents Rembrandt and the Inspiration of India

Among the most surprising aspects of Rembrandt’s prodigious output are twenty-three surviving drawings closely based on portraits made by artists working in Mughal India. These drawings mark a striking diversion for this quintessentially Dutch “Golden Age” artist, the only time he made a careful and extensive study of art from a dramatically different culture. 768 more words

Los Angeles

Many faces of muybridge

Here we had to draw different styles of faces in the look of eduard muybridge, i took inspiration from many different anime and art styles. I took a lot of inspiration from the anime dragon ball z, and one piece.

Unit 4, 34 And 72 - Game Treatment And Expo Poster

Facial expressions 

Here we had to draw many faces with drasticly different facial expressions. We were given 10 minutes to draw each face and i ended up drawing three faces. 34 more words

Unit 3, Unit 12 And Unit 53 - 2D Animation

Animation ball stages

Here we had to draw the different stages of a ball boucing. The top one was meant to be a foot ball, the second one was a bowling ball and the third one is a basket ball.

Unit 3, Unit 12 And Unit 53 - 2D Animation

How to draw Robin bird in graphite pencil

Robin graphite drawing video is up on my youtube channel.
Please watch and let me know what you think  

DO you like time-lapse video or the normal version? 7 more words


Douglas and Samus: Smash!

All right, so after some edits to the Captain and throwing Samus in there, I have the completed assignment.

My professor had some edits for me to do, so that’s why I’m reposting this. 74 more words