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Pendant lights that sparkle like real pendants hanging from your ceiling:

The name itself is enough to explain that it is derived from the pendant, a jewelry accessory. Initially, it started with hanging lamps of clay with the light given by an animal fat burn which was the way Greeks devised. 216 more words

Pendant Lighting

Stylish Pendant Lighting for Home

House lighting fixtures improve an individual’s living and boost his feeling of style. Home lighting fixtures consist of chandeliers, walls sconces, restroom lighting, kitchen area lighting, as well as entrances, necklace lighting, roof lights, and more. 240 more words

Pendant Lighting

Modern pendant lights that are energy saving:

Pendant lights present a striking feature to any room they are installed. You can use hanging pendant lights in the group at varying heights to create an artistic lighting look in the corner of the room. 217 more words

Pendant Lighting

Mini pendant lights and hanging pendant lights suitable for all rooms of your home:

Pendant lighting is absolutely perfect for the home owners who opt to renovate or build their homes. Simply pendant lights are best to start with whenever there is need of updating a look. 206 more words

Pendant Lighting

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What do home renovation enthusiasts do when there aren’t any projects left to do on their home? ¬†Well I guess we could move, but we’re just not ready for that yet so we took the plunge and started a company! ¬† 210 more words

Eye-catchy collection of pendant lighting fixtures:

Pendant lighting is cutest type of light in respect to other type of lights in the same category starting from the huge chandeliers. These are almost similar to chandeliers possessing same functionality and features. 200 more words

Pendant Lighting

5 Chandeliers inspired by nature and 1 by wine bottles.

Memories and dreams of beautiful spaces, our collection by nature will take you away.

A vineyard tour!

Each Sommelier Chandelier is one of a kind. Natural uneven textures on the hanging glass pieces are accentuated by the piece’s Dark Contemporary Golf Leaf finish. 198 more words

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