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Gig Review: FKA Twigs at Paradiso

Disappointing performance by inaudible FKA Twigs in Paradiso

FKA Twigs came back to Amsterdam on thursday 5 March for a show in Paradiso. Her last show here was in the reasonably smaller Tolhuistuin and yet she managed to sell out her Paradiso gig, part of the 5 Days Off Festival, as well. 901 more words

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Pendulum Skid Testing Training Course

With the testing of tiled flooring for slip resistance a HSE necessity for public areas I recently completed a training course at Wessex Test Equipment ltd in the use of their Pendulum skid test equipment which gives an accurate measurement of the coefficient of friction for a floor. The useRead more…


Nerd Field Trip!

I took a trip on Saturday with school’s math and computer clubs (both of which I am a member of) to the museum of science and industry in Chicago. 146 more words


The Pendulum

Of all the oracles…probably one of the more simple ones…at least in design…and probably one of the oldest given its simplicity is the pendulum…simply a weighted object attached to a string that while being held can swing back and forth…the pendulum can provide quick and direct insights into a situation since…unlike many other oracle systems…can provide a definitive yes or no answer… 557 more words


Can a psychic tell you the winning lottery numbers?

I think all psychics are asked to do dog-n-pony shows and to answer philosophical and predict-the-future questions. People are just naturally curious. Part of the psychic experience is the ability to read energies past and future. 222 more words

Water Witching

The word ‘Dowsing’ covers several methods of tapping into knowledge that is usually beyond our conscious selves, using forked hazel sticks, metal rods, or pendulums made out of a variety of different materials. 468 more words

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The Transfiguration of General Buhari, By @DeleMomodu

Uncle Bob Dee is at it again.

Fellow Nigerians, miracles shall never end. That is the only way to describe the incredible story of Major General Muhammadu Buhari at this auspicious moment. 2,006 more words