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Pendulum Dowsing

Greetings all. It is I Sienna Rayvensdream with yet another blog post. YAY! :).

 I wanted to write this blog about Pendulum Dowsing. During my journey I talked to a lot of people and asked many questions about everything spiritual and magical! 550 more words


The Voice of Sydney: In Defense of Busking

Buskers – they are the people you walk past in the Central Station tunnel, the people you see standing on street corners or pounding away on their guitars in Pitt Street Mall. 659 more words


A Mazing End

PART IV the final chapter Continued from Maze Escape

Like a swimmer breaching the water’s surface after copious time spent searching for treasure, a spontaneous gasp forces her lungs to expand. 116 more words

Adventures Of Stick Chick


My sister and I used to have the biggest fights. I was like a ticking time bomb of violence and bottled up anger. I remember once being in a particularly heated argument where insults were being hurled left and right, and finally she gave the deathblow to my pride. 528 more words

Stay Focused

Pendulum Classes with Jeffrey Switzer

Don’t miss the fun. Call to reserve your space in my #Pendulum class.

What questions do you have? Sign up and find out.

(561) 212 4171 #jeffreyswitzer

Life Coach

What being single for too long does to you!

Frankly speaking, I have been scratching my head as to first, whether or not I should  actually write a piece like this and secondly how to even begin with writing such a piece. 781 more words


The 21 May

Poor P – exhausted. A wreck. I don’t know his way to handle it. I don’t know what he looks like when exhausted. He hasn’t been very wordy these two last days. 30 more words