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Why do we keep checking time, all the time?


A: “Excuse me, what time is it?”

We check the time every day, all day long. Did you ever wonder where time telling came from? 479 more words

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I lost my apartment today 

I’m a disabled and mentally ill sex worker and I’m going to be homeless tomorrow. My partner is a mentally ill POC who can’t pass a background test because he has a warrant out for an unpaid ticket that we were too poor to pay, for not having insurance because we couldn’t afford it. 123 more words



Hey everybody,

This week I’ve been thinking about the pendulum…

Not a literal pendulum mind you…

A metaphorical one.

One I’ve observed.

My observations could be and are probably wrong, but they’re mine. 883 more words


Criminally Good Book Club – Coming January 2017!

Okay, so I’ve got some very exciting news to share with you guys today – I’ve started a book club and it’s criminally good (see what I did there, if you didn’t, you cannot join the book club as we read crime, mystery and thriller books and that was detective skills 101 and you just failed!) I feel like you all know me and my humour by now, but in case you don’t, I must state, that was a joke, everybody’s welcome! 1,016 more words

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The Pit and the Pendulum

I’m tired, really tired – could drop everything now, let it all go, and rest. But no, I must fight this – this heaviness cannot beat me. 144 more words

Simple Dynamics of Circular Motion Problem

Let’s analyze the wording of the problem:

  1. A conical pendulum is a swinging pendulum that can rotate around an axis. The bob (the mass) will have circular path at all angles θ, but here we need to investigate when the angle is 5°.
  2. 100 more words
Solved Physics Problems

Connecting With Your Higher Self Through Meditation

There is no question that meditation is a powerful tool for many things in life.

Quietening the mind, clarity of thought, calming during periods of stress or unrest. 1,739 more words