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Things I Love: Rose Quartz Pendulum

My amazing wedding photographers brought me a very sweet and thoughtful gift the afternoon of my wedding; this gorgeous rose quartz pendulum. Rose Quartz is known as the heart stone and is considered to be a crystal of unconditional love. 85 more words

Things I Love

How to Use a Pendulum

At the beginning of this year, I did a blog post explaining how to program your pendulum. At the time of publishing that blog post, I did promise to be back with some templates to create your own pendulum chart and I also wanted to explain how you can use a pendulum in your everyday life. 696 more words

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Book Review: Pendulum

Pendulum, by Adam Hamdy, is an all action crime thriller that it is easy to envisage as a movie, not surprising perhaps when the author is also a screenwriter. 354 more words

Book Review

Energy Healing Of Seven Chakras

Energy healing is a process to balance the seven primary chakras. It is extremely common these days and with busy schedules, terrible eating routines and absence of rest to have our chakras unbalanced. 376 more words

The Divine Pendulum

If there was one divination tool that I would not leave home without, it would be my pendulum. I have been using pendulums as a dowsing tool for a little over a decade.  785 more words


Stick Balances Itself With Reaction Wheels

The inverted pendulum is a pretty classic dynamics problem and reaction wheels are cool. That’s why we like ’s self-balancing stick.

The video, viewable after the break, was fairly sparse on details, but he furnished some in the comments. 129 more words

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