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Energetic Forecast for week: 3/29~4/5

This upcoming week is going to be a trying one…but any difficulties are never in vain…for they are the best way for us to truly grow…like sand paper easing down rough edges…interestingly enough this upcoming week is charged with spiritual transformation being that millions of followers of the Christian tradition are celebrating Holy week…a week were followers honor and remember the death and resurrection Jesus… 78 more words


Pendulum Choir

This incredible Choir is a piece that combines voices and hydraulic jacks. Together combined, they form a dynamic body that changes its expression through various positions and interactions. 178 more words


The True Philosopher

I never wanted to be a philosopher in the academic sense of the word…I did not want to simply read and study someone else’s ideas about the world…Instead I wanted to be a philosopher in the purest sense of the word…A lover of wisdom…a seeker of truth…And to do this one most drop all philosophies…because truth is not a philosophy…life is not a philosophy…life simply is…that is its beauty…the true philosopher does not want to see the world through the eyes of an idea…that is what everyone else is doing…no one is seeing the world…they are only seeing their ideas about the world…and these ideas and ways of looking at the world is what is creating all the havoc you see all around you. 794 more words


Can you learn to Dowse at home?

When Erina and I met 10 years ago we were both already dowsers. That means we were both comfortable with the pendulum as a means to both confirm or validate information, as well as proactively shift energies and thus outcomes. 234 more words

Wars with the mind

from feeling good, to not so much
from a glorious day, to a dull evening
from nothing can go wrong, to is anything right
like a¬†pendulum, moving from one end to other…
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The refreshing breeze and soothing blue sky
At the peak of the pendulum I’m high
For the time gravity is my ally
Weightless until the moment slips on by… 94 more words