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using a pendulum

pendulums are a way to divine answers, but they also work very well for opening chakras to reiki energy. before beginning a session you can hold the pendulum above each chakra to see which ones are blocked and then use the pendulum and a bit of reiki to open the chakra to the healing energy. 11 more words


San Diego Natural History Museum: Balboa Park - Part 1

Balboa Park, in the center of San Diego, is a similar expanse as the National Mall in DC, with a large park and a full array of museums and sights to be seen. 224 more words


Day 310 (55 left) Law Of Attraction

Have you ever experienced feeling depressed? Did you feel like nothing makes much sense? Such days come and I had one today. There are two options, to completely fall into despair and low vibration (I did for some time), or to start focusing on better feeling thoughts, situations, things, … and then slowly vibration changes. 187 more words

SF Physics 09 - Potential & Kinetic Energy

We started class today by going through some of the exercises in the Science Fusion Module I workbook, Unit 2, lesson 2.  I had lectured last week about the difference between potential energy and kinetic energy so it was a good way to review.   309 more words


The Pendulum

They say life has ups and downs.  This makes sense.  I get so discouraged, though, when life seems like a pendulum.  It is swinging back and forth: sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly.   356 more words