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The Relic (1996, dir. Peter Hyams)

An ancient creature is let loose in a Chicago museum. Fun SF/horror monster movie with its tongue in its cheek, supported by good casting and by director Hyams’ great cinematography. 8 more words

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Along Came a Spider (2001)

Plot: A young girl has been kidnapped and since she happens to be the daughter of a congressman, this sparks a massive investigation. She was taken from a private, seemingly secure school while she was under Secret Service watch, so clearly whoever is responsible is no amateur criminal. 513 more words

Showtime Throwback Thursday: Carlito's Way

Carlito’s Way follows Carlito (Al Pacino), an ex-con who weaves his way through the underworld he used to rule as his lawyer (Sean Penn) who freed him falls farther and farther into it. 352 more words

The Artist (2011)

Dir. Michael Hazanavicius. Starring Uggie, Jean Dujardin, Berenice Bejo.

At the end of The Artist, George Valentin (Dujardin) has made a new career for himself as, more or less, Peppy Miller’s (Bejo) sidekick. 1,397 more words


Kindergarten Cop (1990)


Regaling about Schwarzenegger’s Bad Cop, Good Cop and not bad Kindergarten teacher…


Cop John Kimble must go undercover as a teacher in an  Astorian Kindergarten school to find his lead witness and her son… but her dangerous ex-husband is on her tail. 1,638 more words

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The Shadow Guest Review by Lucas Garrett

There’s an 80/20 love/hate relationship I have with this film

Overall, I love it even though I dislike Alec Baldwin

Let’s get the negative 20% out of the way. 434 more words

Action Adventure

Franchise Weekend - The Messengers (2007)

Director: Danny Pang, Oxide Chun Pang

Writer: Mark Wheaton (Screenplay) Todd Farmer (Story)

Starring: Kristen Stewart, Dylan McDermott, Penelope Ann Miller, John Corbett, William B Davis… 399 more words