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Some spare considerations about WordPress and application security

If you look at Twitter timeline for people talking about WordPress and security, you may see it’s a really hot topic.

Dion Hulse, in March 2015, … 330 more words

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Let's do some shopping

First time I can remember I was in a mall I was 6 y.o. or something. All was so big to my eyes.

I remember there were a lot of colored boxes full of tasteful stuff to eat (as father I will call them junk food instead, but this is another story) and I wanted to buy almost… 81 more words

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Penetration Testing a Must to Keep Cyber Criminal's off Your Doorstep

The first time I heard the term “Penetration Testing” I was just entering the Security Industry some 40 yrs ago and it was referring to the attempted breach of the “perimeter and Infrastructure” of a Government Facility under our company’s protection. 226 more words

Web Application Security in a nutshell

I created this presentation for two purposes: On the one hand it can be used as an ultra-compact introduction to Web Application Security. It is best combined with a live-demo, e.g. 79 more words

Wallarm과 Xsolla: 더 강력한 보안을 위한 협력

오늘의 포스팅에서는 기업 보안 시장의 선두주자인 Wallarm과 Xsolla의 성공적인 협력 스토리를 소개해 드리겠습니다. 45 more words


Ethical Hacking and Penetration Test

By M.R.
Overall the purpose for a Penetration Test is to find vulnerabilities and threats that can put a company at risk for potential attacks. The results of the findings will allow for the implementation of solutions that will ensure a secure network infrastructure to be used by all facilities in the organization. 1,878 more words

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‘Heartbleed bug’ threatens web traffic

A flaw has been discovered in an encryption method used on about two-thirds of all websites, including Google, Amazon, Yahoo andFacebook, potentially exposing web traffic, user data and stored content to… 525 more words