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Review: How To Use Your Enemies by Baltasar Gracián

I decided to read another one of the tiny little Penguin Classics. This one, How To Use Your Enemies by Baltasar Gracián, I enjoyed far more than the dulldulldull Boccaccio I read last month. 617 more words

Book Review

A Mugs Game

Francesca considers personalised mugs, especially those of the literary kind.

Most people have cups and mugs that they bought because they have some significance: a family holiday, ‘the best sister’, a football souvenir or one declaring ‘Grumpy Old Man’. 520 more words

Mailbox Monday 20/4/15

Another eventful week, it seems I spent 50% of it on the phone and the other 50% writing emails! I did get the chance to go book shopping, things were a bit rushed but I grabbed three books. 285 more words

Mailbox Monday

Not all Lucys are strumpets

I picked up a copy of ‘The Beggar’s Opera’ by John Gay and Johann Christoph Pepusch whilst in Aberdeen, at the Oxfam bookshop, as it’s the Easter holidays and in between revising for exams my teenage daughter has done very little other than Skype, Youtube and Minecraft. 421 more words


Six Acres And A Third - Fakir Mohan Senapati.

Pages : 232.

Plot Summary : This modern literature by Fakir Mohan Senapati, set in 19th century paints us a real and ugly side of greed, wealth brings to normal lives. 295 more words

Book Review

In pursuit of the perfect writer's garret

All writers have a garret; a curious space with the potential to be conducive to writing. Though the trope of the tortured artist may be said to remain, the romanticism of the dreary space has undergone considerable change. 446 more words

External Monitor

Patrick meets George

The British have happily marooned themselves on a literary island where they chase any foreign works away from their shores. Not the exact words of one of my professors but pretty darn close. 970 more words