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Mornington Peninsula and Phillip Island

It took us until the time that we had packed up and left our Melbourne campsite to decide that we would head to the Mornington Peninsula. 452 more words


Phillip Island, Australia

Phillip Island is a popular day trip from Melbourne. It lies just off Australia’s southern coast. Famous tourist spots include Penguin Parade and the Phillip Island Wildlife Park. 87 more words


The Penguin Parade

Friday morning and the glowing sunshine returned, so off I went lightly dressed, ready to get these milk bottle legs tanned!

The tour starts and Nat our tour guide personally apologies for the weather and how unpredictable it can be, I look around me and everyone has coats and trousers on đŸ˜¨ and all I’ve brought is a jumper so light you could spit through it! 600 more words

Australia: Doing the Unexpected, from Day 1 to Day 10, from Melbourne to Sydney (first of two parts)

The long title reflects the fact that our family trip in Australia towards the end of June 2017 up to early July was the longest vacation that we have had so far, happily highlighted by the longest road trip that we ever experienced. 2,672 more words

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Philip island - Victoria - Australia

Day 3, we departed at around 10am for Philips island. Driving time was around 2hrs (including refuel, and coffee break), and fuel costed about AUD$40. Wife had already bought a 3-park pass for Koalas, Churchill and Penguin Plus for AUD$68 while in Singapore. 882 more words



Monday 17th October, 2016

Hahahaha, these blog posts are like 10 months late.

*high fives self*

Anyway, my top pal Hermina had mentioned that her friend Tash had planned on solo travelling around Australia at the same time that I would be there and that we should get together. 531 more words


First 26.2 Miler Countdown: 42 (Philip island penguin parade)

And there comes Sunday. I and some friends had planned to go to this place nearby called Philip Island to see the infamous Penguin Parade. After a soothing day in the waters, these tiny creatures return home and more than a couple thousands of eyes gather to witness their return. 113 more words