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The Penguins of Oz

Hands up if you’ve ever seen little penguins in the wild! Keep them raised if you’ve ever seen those little penguins fight! And finally, keep those hands high in the air if you have seen those little penguins fighting each other on Christmas day…. 948 more words


(Little) penguins on parade!

With an average height of 13 inches, they’re the smallest penguin species on the planet. And they’re the only penguins with dark blue feathers on their backs, instead of black. 274 more words

Solo Travel

3 Part Series: Travel to Melbourne the most liveable city in Australia (3/3)

We did the Philip Island 3 Parks tour on another day of our Melbourne Trip. This trip takes up one whole day on its own so you need not plan for anything else except perhaps to prepare for some light food and snacks for your journey, which can also be purchased along the way. 590 more words


2017 Penguin Calendar

Penguin Parade is just one of the fun new calendar titles from Brush Dance for 2017.

We’ve paired adorable photographs of our chilly penguin friends with sometimes meaningful, sometimes funny quotes. 12 more words


[Day 49] Day at the zoo

So I went to Edinburgh zoo today–you can’t be in Edinburgh without seeing its famous penguin parade–and I was telling Jonas about the giant panda I saw at the zoo. 77 more words


VIC Getaway: Phillip Island Edition

Two years ago, I gave my boyfriend an “IOU” for an anniversary gift. He loves stand-up comedy and particularly loves the Oxfam Gala of the Melbourne Comedy Festival. 694 more words

City Tours

A drive with a view

One of the world’s most scenic drives is located just a few hours from Melbourne. The Great Ocean Road stretches for 243 km along the south-eastern coast of Australia and is one of Australia’s most famous road-touring routes. 872 more words