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It's Penguin Graduation Time

It use to be hard to find penguin themed graduation gifts, but now that Penguin Gift Shop has a say in the matter, not anymore.  62 more words

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Penguins For Mother's Day

Penguin Gift Shop has lots of wonderful penguin gifts for a Penguin Loving Mom.  Earrings, pendants, broaches and other jewelry.  Mom and Chick Plush, cards, mugs even pajama’s.  42 more words

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Penguin Plush Economy Mascot Adult Costume

Buy Penguin Mascot Adult Costume Size One-size Free Shipping Always low prices and free shipping. We supply a broad range of Penguin Mascot Adult Costume Size One-size. 68 more words


Penguins In Pink

Every year there seems to be a theme in the plush penguins that are available to us. Last year it was “big eyes”.  It seemed that half of the penguin stuffed animals… 115 more words

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Penguin Stuffed Animals

A penguin plush by any other name is still a penguin plush or a stuffed penguin. I’m kind of on the fence. What can I say, I was never a fan of  the term “stuffed animal” as it sounds like I got my penguin at the taxidermist, but people don’t usually say “aw, that’s a cute… 246 more words

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Penguin Blanket

It’s been a few years since Penguin Place has offered a penguin blanket of any sort, but today marked the arrival of what may be our most beautiful… 164 more words

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Happy Penguin St. Patrick's Day

In my opinion a penguin is as close to a leprechaun as one can get in the natural world.  At least we’d like to think so today.  11 more words

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