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Why can't a polar bear eat a penguin?

One might thing that since both of these groups of animals mostly live on the ice why is it not possible that penguins are not part of a polar bear’s diet? 145 more words

Fun Facts

The best penguin movie of all time!

If you haven’t seen Don Bluth’s “The Pebble and the Penguin” you should check it out. It’s like watching a man go through several obstacles to buy a woman an engagement ring. 8 more words

Hakuna Matata

April 25th is the birth anniversary of Ella Fitzgerald, “First Lady of Song”.  I remember the Memorex commercial in which she sang at a glass goblet, and it shattered, and then a recording of her singing that note was played at a glass goblet, which also shattered.  164 more words

Happy World Penguin Day!

Penguins! In my opinion they are some of the most fascinating animals on this planet with such awesome personalities. To celebrate world penguin day here is a list of fun facts about our lovable friends from cold places: 185 more words


Act One Scene One: "Internet, meet Dylan." - awkward introductions.

G’day skip. so firstly im gonna say a little about myself, then say why im doing this, and you’re gonna listen. Or at least continue reading i hope. 265 more words


Happy World Penguin Day!

Today is officially world penguin day.  Most people think of penguins as cold loving, Antarctica dwelling sea birds.  This is largely true but some penguins enjoy warmer weather.   280 more words

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