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Central Park needs more restrooms and why I didn't see the penguins.

It was a cold morning (well, cold by my tropical/desert weather adjusted body) in New York when I decided to pay a visit to Central Park.  1,022 more words

New York

On the wall

New friends in the “hang out” nook of the kid’s bedroom.


That One Question...

Do aliens exist? Can aliens exist? If they do then why are they so anti-social? These are just some of many questions that we may never get an answer to, along with; why doesn’t pizza come in a round box? 18 more words

penguin butts rock~

penguins have the most adorable round little rumps ever.


Love your "Hi-Definition" sunglasses? Thank a Penguin!

My eyes are light-blue to grey.  I sneeze when I walk out into bright light.  This phenomenon is real, and believed to be a product of some “crossing of wires” neurologically speaking, due to close proximity of nerves that react to foreign particles in the nasal passage, to the nerves that innervate the eyeball.  356 more words

Just For Fun