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World’s Second Largest Penguin

The king penguin takes this title with its 3-foot stature, second only to the large emperor penguin that is 4 feet tall. It lives in colonies numbering 10’s of thousands of pairs on various the sub-Antarctic islands. 171 more words


Baby Flamingo Update

We tried to go to see the eclipse at the Science Center today but it was literally a mob scene so instead we went to The National Aviary. 117 more words


Rutherford Content With Internal Options at Third-Line Center

The Penguins and their fans couldn’t ask for much more out of Jim Rutherford and the job he’s done as the General Manager of the team. 737 more words


The Problem With Wilkes-Barre/Scranton's Goal Song

Goal songs are an important part of hockey. They create a Pavlovian response in fans to scream, high five, fist pump or do whatever they do when a goal is scored. 491 more words


Animal Encounters in South Africa

Visiting South Africa was the first time I encountered wild-life beyond the zoo or aquarium. It was one of the most fascinating experiences I’ve ever had and wanted to share some of the amazing photos I captured. 20 more words

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Islas Ballestas

Sealions, dolphins, penguins and boobies (sula variegata/birds) 😂 the mini Galapagos island also known as lslas Ballestas is full of wildlife. We initially had the Galapagos islands on our South America itinerary but its super expensive so for the time being this is the closest we will get to it. 21 more words


Third Largest Penguin in the World

Standing 30 inches tall, the gentoo penguin lives in the southern circumpolar region on the perimeter of Antarctica and the outlying islands. This penguin prefers to stay close to shore where it dives into the icy water to eat krill, fish and squid. 77 more words