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Penis Size: Does it matter?

There’s been a lot of talk about penis size in the news lately. This is thanks to recent research that indicates women prefer bigger penises and that penis size affects attractiveness. 715 more words

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How to make your penis look bigger!

I hear of so many guys themselves worrying about how they can get bigger … well, what I am going to tell you here is how you can look bigger! 664 more words


Penis Size-Facts, Fiction, and What You Can Do To Get a Bigger Penis

“It’s not the size that counts, it’s how you use it.”
– Anonymous

As a urologist I am asked every day “Is my penis normal? What can I do to make it larger?” One of the most widely searched topics on AskMen.com, penis size has remained an enduring interest to men for decades and is understandably a source of much anxiety. 439 more words


Average Penis Girth

If you are wishing to spice up your love life, then selecting the best penis girth could be the answer you would like. When using the average man measuring at 12.3cm (4.85 inches) in girth, majority of folks by ‘Psychology Today’ discovered that using 1,500 women interviewed several them preferred to sleep with a man by having thicker penis girth. 303 more words

Increasing The Penis Girth Size

Most of the time, but equally important, if not more important than penis length penis is your scope! Women’s opinions vary depending on the length, but all agree that a penis thicker is much better. 315 more words

Penis Girth

Add Girth to Penis With Natural Exercises

Achieving girth gains is increasingly popular among people today. Increase the length of size is also important, but many men seem to show a bit more concern on how to… 301 more words

Penis Girth

Increase Penis Girth to Please Your Woman in Bed

Penis girth enhancement is a good idea for all people, want an inch or two, so that his wife more fun between the sheets. That is the question of the amount and the joy. 358 more words

Penis Girth