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Deep Thoughts

Ooh, you’ll never guess what I did on Friday… That’s right! SC2: Legacy of The Void, closed beta access (sorry, no extra codes for it, my cousin already asked). 749 more words

What Male Enhancement Exercises Are the Most Effective?

Is it possible to increase penis size and get better erections and stamina in bed with the help of exercises? The answer is a solid ‘yes’, but you need to be aware that these exercises are most likely to be effective if you are dedicated to your workout sessions and you do not skip them for days in a row. 444 more words

Is Penis Enlargement Actually Possible?

Yes… it is possible.

The commercials you see about enlargement are generally misleading. I assure you that popping a few ExtenZe will not magically make your penis bigger. 2,253 more words


Gaz From Geordie Shore claims his penis is the size of a sky remote thanks to penis pumps!

After rumours of the ‘Top Shagger’ from TV show Geordie Shore, Gaz Beadle claims his penis is the size of a Sky TV remote and it’s partly thanks to a… 226 more words


Sexspielzeug für Männer

Männer die für Erotischer Artikel suchen müssen Sexshop City besuchen.Wir bieten eine große Auswahl an günstigen Geschlecht spielt für Männer! Für Männer gibt es viele erotische Möglichkeiten, denke zum Beispiel Penisringe, Penispumpen, kunstvaginas und aufblaspuppen. 214 more words


Penis Enlargement Techniques [without no toolz]

Jelqing and Kegeling are two of the most helpful and persuasive activities out of all the diverse sorts of penis augmentation practices that exist. Utilizing just these activities makes what I like to call a moderate schedule. 1,021 more words

Spicy Gear's Best Penis and Clitoral Pumps

Penis and clitoral pumps draw the blood to the surface of the organ when applied, making them feel extra sensitive. But you don’t have to have a sensitivity problem to enjoy these… 676 more words

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