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How did I end up paying money to suck a dick

Payments not always come in the shape of pounds or dollars. But I bet you never paid money to suck a dick. Well, kids, I have! 895 more words


Supaya Tidak Merusak Gairah Bercinta, Cegah Bau Penis Dengan 4 Trik Ini

Ketika bercinta dengan pasangan, Anda mungkin mencium bau tak sedap dari penis. Penis yang berbau mungkin tidak membuat nyaman. Bahkan bisa menurunkan gairah seksual.

Ada beberapa cara yang Anda lakukan untuk mengurangi bau pada penis, sesuai dikutip dari… 161 more words


Newfoundland surprised tourists with a phallic iceberg

GRIQUET, N.L. — Jamie Ellison’s botanical tour of northern Newfoundland provided a whole different kind of nature lesson when he looked out to a local bay and saw an iceberg with a distinctly masculine flourish. 335 more words


Forgot your password? Good news men, you can use your penis instead!

In a day and age where passwords need a capital letter, a lower case letter, a number, AND sometimes a symbol, keeping online accounts straight has just gotten too tedious. 364 more words

The Naysh

On letting idiots make decisions for me

Perhaps the sound of a million baby-men all wailing at once alerted you; there is to be a new Doctor Who, or maybe a new Doctor, hell, I don’t watch the show, I don’t think “Doctor Who” is actually the character’s name, but maybe it is– and at any rate, the Doctor is to be played by a Person of Feminine Aspect, a Vagina-Haver, a Breasted-American, except she’s not American and Breasted-Brit sounds like some sort of snack food.   421 more words


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