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Renaming Body Parts

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation has published a “Safer Sex for Trans Bodies” guide, and the folks at the foundation have decided to “rename” male and female genitalia. 122 more words


At least I can still get an ERECTION!

Tagged #Just For Fun and #sex-education info with no… and I do mean NO accompanying dick selfies, that’s just plain disgusting and just so as you know I’ve never texted one in my life nor ever will.  1,547 more words


Small Penis Syndrome

A lot of men come to me about their small penis size problem. But having a small penis itself is not a problem.
And one of things I tell them is to focus on Performance! 70 more words


Innuendos, Double Entendres and Puns, Oh My! – Part 3

This morning at work, whilst making my morning coffee in our kitchen/break area, I was greeted by one of my colleagues.

“Good morning!” she said, as she strolled over to the collection of free fruit provided by the company. 57 more words



It has been said that everyone has a doppelgänger. I don’t know if I have one, but my dick does. I know because I’ve seen it. 518 more words

My Crazy Life

Local Councils

This was going to be a piece having a little rant at the local council. Let’s be honest it probably will anyway but I’ve lost some of the conviction having thought a little more about it. 513 more words