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Big Philly Show Finds Out The Average Size Of The Male Package

An analysis from British researches who studied more that 15,000 penises around the world have tried to scientifically answer the question of “normal” penis length. The Big Philly Show heard about this and had to get your opinion. 306 more words


Photos: 17yrs old teenager Reduces His Massive Penis So He Can Have Sex

A 17-year-old boy has undergone a surgery to shorten his penis which neither allowed him have sex nor participate in sporting activities because it was so massive. 378 more words



Recently, there has been a spate of surveys that threw up statistics like the average penile length of the Singaporean male is 4.5 inches when erect compared with Thais (4 inches; they obviously never bother to measure those lady bois) and Indians (4 inches). 149 more words


Acid Revenge

A 25-year-old man can no longer “use his penis” after his 17-year-old girlfriend poured acid on his genitals to punish him for distributing a “pornographic” 731 more words


New Study Reveals The Average Male "Length"...For Real.

All men exaggerate the size of our junk, it’s a part of our DNA. We all want to seem bigger than we are. Any man who tells you he doesn’t, is a liar.  135 more words