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Is This Story Based on the Life of Andy?

Andy Jacobs is pictured here with his arm around a burly man.  Is this one of the men mentioned in the story below?

Years ago someone posted a link to a story in the Onion.   414 more words

That Which We Call a Vagina

Today, I learned that the word “vagina” came from the Latin word for “sheath.” The term was first recorded in 1682, while its counterpart, the mighty “penis” was first used in 1668. 594 more words


“Rack em’ Up”: A Virtual Reality Porn Experience

BY Barak the Magik Seakow

Have you ever been such an excessively horny burlap sack full of flaming dog turds that, rather than actually stepping outside and talking to a person of the opposite sex who you intend to bang, you’ve opted for a next-dimensional porn experience? 357 more words

Rutgers University

Synonyms for: Penis

The synonyms for penis in fiction can get very… colourful (I recommend clicking this link for a giggle).

At times use of a specific synonym for the todger is beneficial such as an insult (Knob), boasting (Third leg), humorous (Willy) or historical context (John Thomas). 432 more words


4 Tips Ereksi Tahan Lama

Kepuasan saat bercinta hanya bisa didapat jika suami dan istri sama-sama mengalami orgames. Untuk itu daya tahan ketika melakukan hubungan seksual sangat penting, baik bagi istri maupun suami. 229 more words


Man has sex with pop bottle and loses penis

After the upcoming death of my uncle this week was looking grim, and then I read a news article about a 50-year old Honduran guy got his cock stuck in a soda bottle because he was horny and didn’t have anything else nearby with small enough hole for him to pleasure himself with. 69 more words

Bottle Rocket

A Honduran man lost his penis after it became wedged inside the bottle he was boinking. Jesus Christ, have you people never even heard of Vaseline? 142 more words

What The Hell?