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Nudists and their Tattoos

The response to my articles on body painting “The Return of Nudist Body Painting” and “Nudist Body Painting Continued” has been so positive that I thought I would take it a step further and post an article on nudists and their tattoos. 359 more words

A young man who tried to rape his girlfriend has had his just reward after the girl managed to bite off his manhood in Lagos

According to witnesses, the young man had taken the girl whom he had met few days earlier to his friend’s place, with the intention of having sex with her but it turned out to be tragic for him as the girl was said to have refused his sexual advances.  191 more words



You must bootycall me before 11 if you want me to shave my vagina.

Preferably, give at least twenty-four hours notice.


Wu Tang Member is Proud Of Self-Neutering Himself

Chris Bearer was in the news around this time last year. The west coast Wu-Tang affiliate made national news when he severed his penis off and jumped off of a 2-story balcony in an attempted suicide. 133 more words


Ep. 001 Boner Time

Well, folks, Dan has abandoned us this week so Jay, Jim, Jim’s extremely offensive friend Treesap, and I did whatever we wanted! We lashed out at Dan because we missed him, we interviewed Treesap and were horrified by the results and repudiate them with all our hearts, and generally had lots of fun! 36 more words


Foreskin Restoration Progress: Day 14 (2015-06-27)

Had a good day today. Went to the bank, had breakfast at Wendy’s, promptly got some mildly irritating heartburn, did my foreskin exercises while listening to Rhapsody of Fire (if you have not heard their music, I implore you to do so), and I don’t have to go to work for another hour and a half. 178 more words