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A Male Version Of Hooters Might Be Coming To A Strip Mall Near You

It only took years of fighting for equality, but an all-male version of Hooters, the Florida-based institution of wings and breasts, is finally upon us. A restaurant called Tallywackers is opening on Lemmon Avenue in Dallas, in what’s popularly known as the gayborhood. 90 more words

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40 Women Describe The First Time They Saw A Penis (NSFW)

Found on AskReddit.


“That has to go inside me? uh oh”


My dad got out of the shower and I totally thought he was keeping Gonzo’s nose in between his legs. 2,109 more words

One Direction Fans Are Losing It Over Louis Tomlinson's Flopping Dong

I’m gonna be honest here: Until about 20 minutes ago, I didn’t even know who Louis Tomlinson was. When it comes to One Direction, I know there’s… 89 more words

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Red Pill Woman warns evil sluts that "every penis you put in yourself breaks your heart a little."

Today I thought I’d highlight this lovely “Red Pill” insight from one of the gals on the Red Pill Women subreddit, a weird sort of Women’s Auxilliary to the Red Pill subreddit that devotes itself to “objectively and realistically discuss sexual strategy from an anti-feminist, non-feminist, traditionalist and/or evolutionary psychology perspective.” 133 more words


This Is What Happens When Women Are Asked To Draw Their Perfect Penis

Elite Daily rounded up a bunch of women to perform a social experiment by asking each of them to draw what constitutes “the perfect penis.” The results were predictably varied, depending on personal preference and artistic ability. 94 more words

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Adult Circumcision My Experience 2 years on

Adult Circumcision: My experience two years on.

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Age when had the Circ: 37 (Date Nov 2008)

Age Now: 39 (Date: May 2010) 4,949 more words