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Evidence from LAWS #49DragonswtfPenises w/ Inobe featured [A]fter[W]ords

LAWS #49 Dragons and/or Why are penises such a big deal was low-key and amazing!  The smaller crowd created a great, intimate vibe.  Oh!  And Inobe, the featured [A]fter[W]ords performer for the night, was INCREDIBLE!   168 more words

Open Mic


The awareness of the smallness of your perspective.

It takes a while to think of a creative title or url for your blog, after all I believe all of us bloggers, well in fact all humans, are looking for recognition or ackowledgment and you don’t get that with a shitty title do you?

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Human Nature

Meet The Daddy Longlegs With The 99-Million-Year-Old Fossilized Erection

Millions of years ago, a daddy longlegs finally made it to adulthood. Free of the confines of puberty, his spiderhood burst forth, ready to procreate. And then he was suddenly covered in tree sap and frozen into that position for all eternity, because nature is hilariously cruel. 176 more words


Relevant Reads

In our latest episode with the lovely ladies from Follow that Flannel, we touched on the types of messages we were giving young people about sex in the early 20th century in the United States. 228 more words


The Doll Evolves

So what do you guys think of the new Barbie Mattel has rolled out this week? That’s right, after about, oh, thirty or so years of pressure from feminist groups, Mattel has designed three new dolls to better and more accurately represent women. 942 more words


VIRAL:9 Lies that Men Told Us About Penises! (EVEN WHILE HAVING S*X!)

There are a lot of myths and rumors surrounding the penis. Most of these spread by the men who have them, and think that if they keep spreading the same untruths, we’ll all just eventually believe all this made up nonsense about foot size and magical semen. 8 more words


I’ve known from the moment I saw my child emerge that one day this question would arise. I’ve rehearsed it in my head. I’ve got an answer all ready to go. 2,218 more words

Parental Heroism (or Lack Of)