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Simpering No More

I used to believe simpering was my greatest power, my secret interpersonal weapon. I affected a coquettish persona, donned the mask which I believed was the key to moving through the world. 1,242 more words


Interview With John Haakenson, Runner-Up In The Smallest Penis In Brooklyn Pageant

The “Smallest Penis In Brooklyn Pageant” is an annual contest held in Brooklyn, New York founded by Aimee Arciuolo after she had a sexual encounter with a man with a penis “the size of an acorn”. 1,185 more words


Sex Ed Fail: What A Difference A Year Makes

She approached me to ask if I wanted to do a follow-up to last year’s interview, where we delved into her struggle to stay true to her Christian value of… 1,783 more words


41 Men Confess The Sexual Questions They're Dying To Ask Women (But Are Afraid To)

Found on AskReddit.

1. What does it feel like to have boobs?

“What does it feel like to have boobs?”

2. Does having a pussy feel like warm banana pudding? 1,535 more words

Sex Ed Fail, Revisited

I had a chance to catch up with the subject of this interview, whose life has changed rather dramatically since this piece was first published in January 2015. 1,311 more words


We'll Be Back Soon! (& Some Podcast Recs)

Hey listeners! So, our our unexpected-end-of-the-semester-new-job-craziness hiatus will be over soon. In the meantime, here’s some podcast episodes about sex that have gotten us jazzed lately. 179 more words

Birth Control

A Direct Appeal

We search for men and boys committed to putting up girls and women and make them our allies. I am searching. I am seeking. I am asking. 992 more words