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Somewhere in the world, there is a young girl
Poring over magazines, and hollow celebrities,
With a father, standing over shoulder,
Fearing (knowing) how men will meet her gaze… 183 more words


The Pubic Mind

What does that even mean? Why did these words play in my head in this specific order?

I remember being a kid in elementary school. One of the girls in my class had this book called The Period Book or something. 443 more words

Caribbean village where little girls turn into boys at puberty and suddenly grow penises

Girls in a remote Caribbean village are becoming boys when they hit puberty due to a rare genetic disorder.

One-in-90 children born in Salinas in the Dominican Republic grow a penis in a natural transformation from female to male. 363 more words

Why Do People Love To Draw Dicks in Games? An Investigative Report.

(Source: kotaku.com)

On November 6, 2012 a profoundly simple game called Curiosity was officially launched on iPhones, inviting people to chisel away at a massive cube composed of millions of blocks. 2,994 more words