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Women Attempted to Identify Their Vaginas in a Lineup and it was Awkward

Recently I posted a link about women describing their boyfriend’s penis’s to a police sketch artist.  I also posted that link to my Facebook and one of my friends sent me this awesome link in reply to it.   455 more words


Women Describe Their Boyfriend's Penises to a Police Sketch Artist

This hilarious article I found today on Cosmopolitans website was surprisingly light-hearted and i found it to be a breath of fresh air that the men were able to be good sports and play along without becoming overly defensive about their glorious manhood.   152 more words


10 Guys On The Worst Thing About Having A Penis

1. Inconvenient boners.

The constant erections. I don’t mean when you want them—those are great. I mean when it’s inconvenient. Like when you’re ordering coffee at Starbucks and you worry about having to limp over to the cream and sugar counter. 714 more words

14 Bisexual Women Answer: "Which Is Better -- Penises Or Vaginas?"


“I prefer women because they’re softer and prettier and smell better, but every once in a while I like to sit on a big fat cock and ride it like a coin-operated kiddie ride. 673 more words

Ride Like a Girl

Perhaps it was the Always* commercial, or some other commercial, that inspired me to redefine what it means to ride like a girl. I’ve been searching for people to ride with who can help me grow as a cyclist. 592 more words

Cog Spins

This Hermaphroditic Flatworm Stabs Itself With A Needle-Tipped Dick To Reproduce

Thanks your love life sucks? Science has discovered that to reproduce, the lazy, lonely Macrostomum hystrix flatworm will just ambivalently stab itself with its own needle-tipped penis wherever on its body is most convenient, in the event that no mating partner is nearby. 107 more words

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