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What It Feels Like For A Girl

The first time a male exposed himself to me I was five years old, and it was below the lunch table in our kindergarten class. Hey, look, he said and there was a tiny five year-old dick, right out in the open, lolling around in its owners grasp. 1,312 more words

Public Life

My Decision To Circumcise 

Even though my son is now almost 7 years old,  it is still a frequent discussion between my husband and I why I made the decision to circumcise our son.   771 more words


The Taste Of Penis: 24 People Try To Describe It

1. A banana in a slice of ham.

“Wrap a banana in a slice of ham and check it out.”


2. White pepper-seasoned seared ahi tuna with a spring salad and a honey mustard drizzle. 776 more words

Kate Beckinsale Has Turned Arranging Fruit Into A Vulgar Art Form

In times likes these where everyone is so politically divided, one thing that can always be relied on to unite people of all ages, race, and gender is dick humor. 275 more words


Dear Stranger in the ER, The Struggle is Real. Signed, My Vagina.

By Metalhead64 – Own work, Public Domain

My sister works in an Emergency Room at a hospital. The other morning she sent a group text to me, my brother in law (her husband), and my mom. 752 more words


Cut Or Uncut? 54 Women Reveal Which Sort Of Penis They Prefer

1. Uncircumcised guys are like nasty sausages ready to pop out.

“Dude, uncircumcised guys are like nasty sausages ready to pop out. Circumcision all the way.” 4,613 more words

Simpering No More

I used to believe simpering was my greatest power, my secret interpersonal weapon. I affected a coquettish persona, donned the mask which I believed was the key to moving through the world. 1,242 more words