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The Man Claiming To Have The World's Largest Penis Says It's Ruining His Life

A 52-year-old Mexican man, Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, has been gaining attention in the Latin American media over claims that he suffers from a 19-inch penis. I say “suffers” because Cabrera says that, due to his condition, he cannot hold down a job or maintain a relationship with a woman. 210 more words

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Liven Up Your Garden By Erecting These Garden Dick Statues

No longer must you fear the inevitable awkward silence at garden parties, because this dick menagerie of various phallic copper statues will get guests chit-chatting for… 46 more words


Hypocrite Megyn Kelly

Donald Trump was dis-invited from a prime speaking role to an important gathering of conservative activists for his “criticism” of Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly after a combustible… 534 more words


Tesla's Robotic Charging Arm Looks Like A Sentient Robot Dingus

Charger prototype finding its way to Model S. https://t.co/L9E4MR642G

— Tesla Motors (@TeslaMotors) August 6, 2015

We would love to be mature grown-ups about this, but we’re too busy screaming and wondering if anybody at Tesla has bothered to look up that whole “uncanny valley” idea.

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Women Attempted to Identify Their Vaginas in a Lineup and it was Awkward

Recently I posted a link about women describing their boyfriend’s penis’s to a police sketch artist.  I also posted that link to my Facebook and one of my friends sent me this awesome link in reply to it.   455 more words


Women Describe Their Boyfriend's Penises to a Police Sketch Artist

This hilarious article I found today on Cosmopolitans website was surprisingly light-hearted and i found it to be a breath of fresh air that the men were able to be good sports and play along without becoming overly defensive about their glorious manhood.   152 more words


10 Guys On The Worst Thing About Having A Penis

1. Inconvenient boners.

The constant erections. I don’t mean when you want them—those are great. I mean when it’s inconvenient. Like when you’re ordering coffee at Starbucks and you worry about having to limp over to the cream and sugar counter. 714 more words