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Love, Anarkhia and Penitence

“… “ I turned my anarchy into anarkhia, a constructive insurgence,” you say, brother Angel, and it is absolutely true that the first head to be brought down is one’s self, which is the source of pride, that is to say, of the error which consists in believing oneself to be superior to others and thus killing Love. 268 more words

About Anarkhia and Penitence

Here are some excerpts from replies to comments on the blog entry 177 by Michel Potay.

“…Politics and its mother religion want to be done with problems of conscience, but we on the contrary force ourselves to awaken this conscience.  713 more words

Psalm 38

The third of the seven Penitentials, this psalm is glass half empty — no, make that a quarter — through to verse 14. The opening verses mirror those of the first Penitential  303 more words


Spiritual Laziness

“In as much as I speak to those around me, I find an important number of persons who consider the accumulation of laws and powers by bureaucrats in the police force, the tax offices, justice system, etc., to be excessive, even unacceptable, and yet they submit to them.  133 more words

The Comfort of the System

“ …I do not believe that those who listen to us are as many as that who perceive our discourse as ‘abstract and impracticable’, but rather that they feel—because millenniums of power and laws above them have rendered them passive, therefore instinctively lazy—that following politics and the law is a lot less tiring than the… 31 more words

Psalm 143: Knowing when to Stop Talking

We all know the type. They make a good point in a presentation but instead of stopping, they keep talking, leaving us behind in the wake of their self-congratulations and taking away from what they had earlier said. 658 more words


Sympathy for the Devil

“Oh please, Dear Lord, release me from the bonds of sin, lift this burden from my soul, for I am such a miserable wretch.”

Father Douay was on his knees using his left hand to press and rub the hair shirt under his robe across his chest to increase his pain, and his right, clutching a short whip, to strike himself across the face and neck. 2,926 more words

Short Story