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The Press and The Revelation of Arès

A reply by Michel Potay to comments touching on the media, journalism in particular, and the absence therein of The Revelation of Arès, translated by djd. 2,069 more words

Some Effort Required

Today was cassis picking day (black currants).  After a while, “people in my head” were saying why do you do this, this is a pain.  I told them yeah, but it’s free food and very good for your health.  438 more words

Psalm 86, Solstice

There’s no hint of it in the text of Psalm 86 but the Lectionary occasionally (Year A) trots this song out at around the time of the solstice. 768 more words


mea culpa

my mistake

is thusly mine

i pay penitence

for my crimes

but i also might

just use a stage

and such a gaffe

to my advantage.


May 26, 2017/Love Is All You Need...or is it?

It is easy to become caught up in the idea that love is all you need. Jesus was so emphatic about how we should love one another that many overlook that this sentiment does not preclude us from our responsibility for our actions. 607 more words

Explaining These Tattoos pt. 1

I have three tattoos on my ribs. They read “Jonah 4” (on my left side), “Luke 11:4” (on my right side), and “1 Cor. 13” (also on my right side). 803 more words