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Fr. Lenny's & Bp. Dorsey's Sermon Redux - Proper 25 - 2016

At St Bartholomew’s, my second parish, we celebrated Fr Charlie Martin’s 20 years of service while Bp Dorsey McConnell was there to visit.  At St Francis we enjoyed a typical Sunday service.  66 more words

Psalm 51, 23 October 2015

A note for the locals

This Sunday with Arto at the helm, we turn not to the set psalm (65) but to one of the popular and prominent penitential psalms, … 411 more words


Psalm 102, Penitential 5

Two voices emerge for the reader during this extended lament. A sad David seems to be suffering from a degenerative illness. Yet in the midst of distress and weariness, his Voice 1 can yet find a peaceful and somehow comforting image for his isolation and worry: 510 more words


Psalm 143, penitential 7

Note: the set readings for 9 October 2016 are Psalms 66 or 111. Both have been discussed in previous posts which can be found via  407 more words


Love, Anarkhia and Penitence

“… “ I turned my anarchy into anarkhia, a constructive insurgence,” you say, brother Angel, and it is absolutely true that the first head to be brought down is one’s self, which is the source of pride, that is to say, of the error which consists in believing oneself to be superior to others and thus killing Love. 268 more words

About Anarkhia and Penitence

Here are some excerpts from replies to comments on the blog entry 177 by Michel Potay.

“…Politics and its mother religion want to be done with problems of conscience, but we on the contrary force ourselves to awaken this conscience.  713 more words

Psalm 38

The third of the seven Penitentials, this psalm is glass half empty — no, make that a quarter — through to verse 14. The opening verses mirror those of the first Penitential  303 more words