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Through the Bible in Just Over a Year – Joel

Hosea and his other chums among the minor prophets are easy to date, but Joel is harder. The main story is about the nation being attacked by a locust plague so devastating that to the prophet it feels as though the apocalypse has started. 614 more words

Through The Bible

The Spiritual Chymist, Meditation 7

Upon a Sight of a Lily and a Violet

These two flowers brought to my mind a saying of Jerome to this effect, that it is better and more honorable to be a lily than a violet. 465 more words



Brooing over anything means living or acting in self-pity. To avoid brooding over past mistakes or continuing to blame self for wrong acts of the past , try to avoid taking rash decisions , “look before you leap” or be quick to hear but slow to react so as to prevent doing what one would regret later on. 776 more words

Doing God's Will

Catholic Homilies: The Passion of Christ and Palm Sunday by Thomas A Kempis - Free Catholic Audiobook

Some Homilies from Father Thomas A Kempis, the venerable author of the Imitation of Christ, on both the Passion of Christ and on Palm Sunday and the triumphal procession of Jesus our Lord into Jerusalem.   208 more words


True Spirituality (Mal. 3:13-4:6)

Semana Santa na naman. Ito ang panahon na nasa “peak” ang spirituality ng maraming Pilipino. Nagsisimba. Dumadalo sa mga religious activities. Nag-aayuno. Nagbabasa ng Bibliya. Nananalangin. 3,197 more words

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The Church Fathers for Lent Vol 5 - Free Catholic Audiobook

The fifth  volume of the Church Fathers for lent, for the fifth week of lent.  We need the guidance of the Holy Fathers of the Church more so than ever today, they were confronted with battling an immoral pagan world and Christians heavily influenced by Pagan ways and became Saints and spread the Kingdom of Heaven. 102 more words


Lenten Meditation: Sin

by Sam Mitchell

The word “sin” comes from archery, when an arrow “misses the mark“.

Bishop Curry once asked, “what’s the opposite of love?” His answer: “self-centeredness.” Sometimes we find that we have placed self first, thus  separating ourselves from God and others. 278 more words