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This place is phenomenal…now.  You would not have been saying that when it opened as a prison for French convicts back in 1852.  To borrow words from A. 227 more words


Development in Boise’s East Foothills and Castle Rock (1950-1975)

In the 1940’s and 50’s, the introduction of cars into cities began changing development drastically. Cars allowed people to live further away from where they worked, and bulldozers allowed people to build on hillsides and other previously unusable plots of land. 1,082 more words


Eastern State

In 1787, a group of well-known and powerful Philadelphians convened in the home of Benjamin Franklin. The members of The Philadelphia Society for Alleviating the Miseries of Public Prisons expressed growing concern with the conditions in American and European prisons. 3,249 more words

Joe Giudice Speaks About Teresa's Life Behind Bars

Teresa Giudice is almost three months into her 15-month prison sentence for bankruptcy fraud. Her husband Joe is home with their four daughters before his time in the pen begins. 184 more words


On going to prison... (to work, sheesh).

It’s about time I write about the ways in which going to prison changed my life….

To work, of course.

The first day I was so nervous I couldn’t eat- the spoon shook as my hands trembled and I thought, “what the hell did I get myself into?!” 972 more words

The Arsonist

The Arsonist (prequel to Prison Singers)

From day one he was trouble
His parents knew on sight
Their bundle of pure joy and bliss
Was somehow, just not right… 413 more words


Encreasing the Dominion Through Prison Time

What makes Aaron Schock’s departure so disturbing is the almost entirely dropped kayfabe, and we all know what happens when a society drops kayfabe. I remember remarking at the time, considering his penchant for fantasy, that if I were Schock I’d sprint out of the closet, claiming as many of the letters in the acronym as I could for the sake of jury sympathy. 238 more words