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Encreasing the Dominion Through Prison Time

What makes Aaron Schock’s departure so disturbing is the almost entirely dropped kayfabe, and we all know what happens when a society drops kayfabe. I remember remarking at the time, considering his penchant for fantasy, that if I were Schock I’d sprint out of the closet, claiming as many of the letters in the acronym as I could for the sake of jury sympathy. 238 more words


Renous Boutique offers stunning fashions handcrafted by high-profile criminals

Fredericton — Woven into the fabric of downtown Fredericton, the Renous Boutique offers a splendid array of modern fashions at rock-bottom prices. How is it so affordable? 335 more words


Eastern State Penitentiary

Eastern State Penitentiary (in Pennsylvania) has it all: Creepy crusty ruins, a flexible audio tour narrated by Steve Buscemi, lots of history, free ongoing mini-tours to closed-off rooms… Perfect! 49 more words


Letters from Jail

I have an amazing opportunity to meet new people every day. Hear interesting life stories, and listen to the circumstances that brought the person to our doors. 816 more words

Public School: A Penitentiary for Children

When I was a kid, I always felt school was like being in jail. I saw it as a place I had to go to–totally against my will–for about 8 hours of my day, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). 653 more words


Culebra Penitentiary

The caption on this photograph reads “Culebra Penitentiary Blood Hounds 1911″.

What can you tell us about the penitentiaries the Canal Zone during the Construction Era? 9 more words

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