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The Point of Penmanship

Neat handwriting is something I will never have.  Never.  I say never, not because I am incapable of learning how to write neatly, but because it will never be important enough for me give penmanship the focus and attention it requires for me to write neatly.   351 more words

ADD Strategies


When you’re young, around the age of starting kindergarten, you learn how to print the alphabet and numbers using long, fat pencils with big erasers designed for smaller hands to grasp, a beginners tool. 289 more words

So what's afoot with the feet?

I figured it would be a good idea to update you on the feet writing and drawing portion of my challenge on the off chance you were wondering what kind of progress was being made after almost a full month. 931 more words


To Prologue or Not...

Writers, I have discovered, have an ongoing love affair with prologue. You know, that chapter before a chapter inserted at the beginning of a book, intended to fill the reader in on important need-to-know info, so that he and the writer will be on the same page when they dive into the real beginning of the story. 183 more words

Tag #2: The Handwriting Tag

I’ve seen variations of this tag recently (such as the way A Girl’s Voyage did it), so I wanted to try it.


1. Write your name… 207 more words


Benefits of Handwriting

At first there was only verbal communication.  Stories and traditional rituals were passed verbally from generation to generation.  As culture evolved, the need of communication did to.  57 more words

WATCH: Eric Dickerson explains his love of the game to Todd Gurley

With the Rams relocation back to Los Angeles, past members of the Los Angeles Rams have welcomed the current players back with open arms, and a little bit of advice. 292 more words

Los Angeles Rams