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Let's put it altogether. Drawing, writing, colouring, speaking.

C’s pencil grip a year ago

C’s drawing a year ago.

C’s pencil grip a year on.

C’s writing, drawing and colouring a year on… 483 more words


Messy handwriting, or Day 4 of a Lenten "Way"

About six months ago, I made a conscious decision with regard writing: I was going to resume using cursive.  It was spawned by a news article of how many elementary schools were no longer going to teach cursive in their curriculum.   1,428 more words

The oblique pen

These days it difficult to find things you need at reasonable prices. I’ve taken up the art of penmanship recently and needed a special kind of pen. 51 more words


Light after darkness...

The dark moon is private, intimate, richly renewing, and full of depth. I’ve found the dark moon to be the most powerful time for unfolding soul-searching. 229 more words

Our Everything-is-there Study Station within Space Constraints: Tips for parents

(Last updated Jan 2016)

I am pretty sure many parents out there have an area for their child to study or do their work. However, often, this area might be a common area shared by many people in the house.  1,179 more words


Belated Doodles...

February the 6th was Doodle Day; here’s a belated post in honor of that. :)