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Ghosting bats a-play

First posted 24th August 2016

Tricky one tonight – working on a song called ‘Is it wrong to love your dentist’, and trying to get to grips with the basics of animation, but neither attempts are fit for sharing yet! 43 more words


Blackboard Script

A mere 2 x 3″. I’ve been wanting to print something fun and pointless for a while, but my sense of purpose got in the way. 87 more words

New handwriting video #3

Eventually, I will do videos where I’ll be putting up quotes to copy. For now, let’s get the fundamentals down so that we are working with a firm foundation. Happy writing!


Penmanship Still Matters

In a day and age of digital, does handwriting still matter? What about spelling? Are any of the archaic methods we used to write important to the modern day “art” of writing? 233 more words

Strengthening Your Brand

Handwriting is hot, hot, HOT!!!!

People are getting back into handwriting big time these days. As an adult, I find I spend more and more time these days revisiting things I blew off as a child. 218 more words


What are they teaching?

Back when I was in school, things were so different than they are today. ¬†Teachers had a lot of freedom within their own classrooms. You’d have good (easy-going) teachers and then you’d have hard (not so easy-going) teachers and all the kids knew which was which. ¬† 494 more words


The Creative Edit

I’ve taken up a new hobby: Calligraphy.

I found this awesome book on creative lettering that goes beyond just calligraphy writing styles. It teaches all sorts of fun lettering, paint, chalk etc. 151 more words