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30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 9

Sorry it’s late!!!

What it says:

Today’s post is meant to be my handwriting. Yes, I know that it is not very neat and not every letter is formed properly. 133 more words


Finding my Flow

These designs are some of the first I created. I designed more than 200 envelopes, by hand, for one of my girlfriends. I learned so much from this project!

Pilot Namiki Falcon Meets (Basic) Spencerian

The Pilot Namiki Falcon (called “Elabo” in Japan) is a pen that should be of more than passing interest to pencil people. The way Pilot introduces this pen… 238 more words


A Case for the Handwritten Valentine

The modern version of Valentine greetings is rapidly becoming e-cards and Facebook posts.  While almost any form of saying “I Love You” is a fine thing, there is still something to be said for Valentine cards that include a beautifully handwritten sentiment. 365 more words


My dear this heart that you behold

Earlier in the week I got into the Valentine’s Day spirit by examining museum images of three folded paper “Puzzle Purse” Valentines from c. 1790 – 1800. 1,257 more words


It's been renamed friendship day

…moved to the 13th (Friday no less!), and the exchange of cards disguised as a penmanship and writing exercise. But we love it just as much! 20 more words


Minums for handwriting practice

As I’ve been practicing English Round-hand, a Regency era handwriting style, I’ve worked on lower case letters, joining letters together, and Capital letters. Just lately I’ve been doing a handwriting exercise that lets me practice all those elements at once! 637 more words