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Mickey Rourke | Lost Balloon Magazine | 29 March 2017

“Mickey Rourke” was First published on 29 March 2017 in Lost Balloon Magazine, and thank you editor Chelsea Voulgares for including my work in your new journal. 511 more words

Flash Fiction


Calligraphy has been a favorite of all now. It is not the ordinary penmanship that we do or see but we make it extra special to make it soothing to the eyes. 494 more words


My Pens

While the plumber waited for his check, I began the long and laborious search for a pen.

It should not have been a problem because I have at least a million of them. 509 more words


Penmanship 3/24/2017

Those upward strokes are killer for me.


'You may not be able to read a doctor's prescription, but you'll notice his bills are neatly typewritten.' Earl Wilson.

Did you know that handwriting can indicate over 5,000 different personality traits? I didn’t even know there were over 5,000 different personality traits, but handwriting analysts maintain that the size and shape of your letters, the spacing between your words, and even the pressure you apply to the page when writing, all signify different personal characteristics.   538 more words

Penmanship 3/23/2017

I was finding the lowercase s a bit difficult. The key is to have the right side of the letter be parallel to all of the other letters, not the left – but that was sooooo difficult for me.