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Penmanship - Pre-Writing and First Letters

I’m placing this on a different strand to Motor Skills, because I have found that my children’s readiness for letters has less to do with their pencil abilities, and more to do with their interest in reading and recognition of letters as representing sounds. 72 more words


Writing with Violets: Parlour Chemistry c. 1800

As fascinating as I find dictionaries and the long s, I was worried that this blog just didn’t have enough color this week.  I decided to change that with the help of my backyard full of violets and a chemistry experiment in the guise of a party trick from about 1800. 626 more words


Rules for Writing: Long and Short S in Jane Austen's Era

If you’ve spent any time with 18th century literature as it was printed in the period, you’ve probably stumbled over the “long s” or ſ. In some typefaces, it looks so much like a lower case f that when I read it my mental voice sounds like it’s lisping.  594 more words


Today, I Take My Pen In Hand...

What got me thinking about handwriting? Maybe it was signing my name on the electronic pad at Kroger; I frowned at how awful, how scrawly and childish, my signature looked, and the nice, open-faced cashier laughed. 1,711 more words

Common Core Handwriting Curriculum

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Did you put hearts on your 'i's?

No Internet

Here’s something I’m actually thinking about today. The amazing tools we have in pen and paper. I know, I know, seems archaic, right? But they really are amazing tools. 488 more words

My 12 hours without technology

My phone has just broken, the weather is finally bearable, and I need to complete this assignment, so here I go without media for 12 hours… 483 more words