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Much Practice Will Good Penmanship Produce

I haven’t shared any of my penmanship practice for such a long time, I thought I’d do so today.  I’ve had my fill of the moral maxims… 448 more words


Unintentionally Picking Up Hobbies

Remember newcomers, Maria is teal and Ana is purple.

Recently, I went on a ‘girls’ day’ with Ana. Now I had recently acquired some fountain pens from my grandfather and was hoping to take it into a pen shop to get inks for them (because previous to this trip, I had no idea about anything to do with fountain pens). 629 more words


Is Handwriting A Dying Art?

So, Gentle Reader, when did you last write a letter? A handwritten one? Me? I still struggle when drafting thank-yous’ after receiving presents, so when I do, it generally turns out looking like a car crash. 377 more words

Craftsmanship | 1 | The Master Scribe - Tips on Developing Your Handwriting.

For years, my primary note-taking method is typing. I have a 60 wpm typing speed and 90% accuracy, that I have sharpened through intensive practice, because I do love typing on my keyboard. 524 more words



If not for Facebook’s Memories feature I wouldn’t have realized that it was around this time in 2011 that I started taking snap shots of some short journal entries and posting them on my Timeline. 54 more words


What's the purpose of a bookstore???

Have you ever asked yourself what’s the purpose of a bookstore?  Apart from selling books of different kinds of course!

What is it that implicitly binds a reader to visit a bookstore? 401 more words


9 Simple OT activities for busy parents

I think many parents out there are mistaken that the key to good handwriting is more writing. On the contrary, there are a lot of skills required before a child is able to write well.  922 more words

Activities For Kids 3 To 5 Years Old