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FROSTY MORNING - December 6, 2017

WOW! What a beautiful morning. These chilly mornings are providing some incredible light for photography, I love it!

On my short 2.5 mile walk I took 75 photos which I finally edited down to three. 130 more words

"COOL" MOON - December 4, 2017

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The Isle Land That Is Whidbey

Live on Whidbey Island and get to listen to people’s reactions when you tell them your address. It is an island in the Sound north of Seattle. 768 more words

TIME FOR A CHANGE - November 10, 2017

After about 2,000 miles I’ve decided to retire my old walking shoes and get some new ones.

I gave them a 3.1 mile tryout this morning and by golly, I do believe they will work :-) 151 more words

POWERFUL SUNRISE - November 7, 2017

I walked out the door this morning into a powerful sunrise. I was afraid it would fizzle by the time I got down to Penn Cove but it lasted a very long time. 88 more words

SUNRISE & MOON - October 6, 2017

These fall days have just been perfect for an early morning walk. It’s chilly but the sunrises have been spectacular. This morning was the capper for the week. 163 more words

HAZY SUNRISE - September 25, 2017

On my three mile walk this morning the sunrise was very different and kind of hazy. Fortunately it made for some nice and interesting photos. So let’s get right to it. 134 more words