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Penn Museum: Browsing The Collection Geographically

Penn Museum: Browsing The Collection Geographically. “Now Available: Browse the Penn Museum object collection geographically, via an interactive map. Choose from over 1,100 locations around the world, which provide access to more than 92% of the Penn Museum’s collections online.” This announcement also has a little information about how it was done, but I hope Penn Museum does a deeper dive!

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Today Kevin at the Penn Museum emailed me about this awesome internship program they have there. Noa one of Clapper’s Penn Kids emailed me lot’s of interesting reading about archeology and the politics behind it. 7 more words


Today I went to meet with Kevin at the Penn Museum, he was very kind and very helpful. He gave me lots of insights to building inclusive museum spaces, like if you make something easier for one group it’ll be more understandable for other groups as well. 70 more words

Winter Term 2018 Part 2: Near Eastern Storage Internship

In part one of this post I discussed my work in the Syro-Palestinian collection. However, this only represented a portion of my time at the museum. 1,312 more words


Winter Term 2018 Part 1: ?What's in a world-class Syro-Palestinian collection?

During this year’s Winter Term, I was fortunate enough to be able to intern at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (which I’ll refer to from now on more colloquially as the Penn Museum). 1,632 more words


Penn Museum and Penn Cultural Heritage Center

My son invited me to celebrate Mother’s Day in “the city”, which in our case means Philadelphia. This is where we went:

Penn Museum

I highly recommend both the Penn Museum and this special exhibit! 185 more words

PENN Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology

If you happen to find yourself in Philadelphia, please do yourself a great favor and visit one of the world’s most remarkable museums the PENN Museum Archaeology and Anthropology… 522 more words

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