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Why 16.Cent.Photos?

Why 16.Cent. Photos?

If you follow me on Instagram 16.Cent.Photos (which I just started) then my very first picture will explain it.

If you just want to read it here……here it goes. 543 more words


April 16,'18 Street Scene

Veteran Working the Craft in Red Deer, Alberta Canada

I was there when the scenes exploded. The artists medium was variety entertainment. The venue was street. 343 more words


Theme Song Thursday:) Pennies From Heaven

Pennies do not come from heaven. They have to be earned here on earth.

~Margaret Thatcher


I keep finding pennies from Heaven. While I was going through Mom’s many craft bins and drawers yesterday, there at the very bottom of the last drawer, I found a single solitary tiny ziplock bag with a lone penny. 100 more words

Searching for Comfort

Do you ever see something and it makes you think of someone from your past, or someone who has died?  I assume that you have all heard about the “pennies from Heaven,” where you see a penny on the street, and it means someone who has died is sending you a message.  621 more words

Be Appy make money

If you have access to the computer or a phone apple or android then you can get games and all sorts in the apps

I like playing games and I like earning money so I wondered if I could combine the two. 778 more words

Tuesday:) Two More Pennies and a Butterfly

“When God becomes glad with our good works, then He sends the cute animals, birds, butterflies etc. near us like a signal to express His happiness!” 249 more words

Pennies From Heaven:) A True Story About An Angel

If you don’t believe in angels

I’m here to say it’s true

There are angels up in heaven

They’re watching over you,

So, I asked my angel mother… 758 more words