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Pennies From Heaven (Part 3) Beautiful Gardens

AngelicView: It’s been a while since I worked on this “Pennies From Heaven” series. Just after I finished Part 2, and was researching for Part 3 my computer crashed and took all my notes with it. 1,133 more words


Pennies-- and a Nickel-- From Heaven

I was going to write about waitresses today, when the oddest thing happened. I was unscrewing the side of Isabel’s Faultless Columnar Binder, the binder where she kept her Employee Records, to pull out my mother’s page and scan it for this post. 291 more words

Smells Like Clean Spirit

Rebellion can take many forms, for many it can involve inking your extremities, piercing your doo-dahs and getting a weird haircut.  Picture my dilemma folks, the scion of broad-minded hippies I was raised on the Mothers of Invention and Beefheart, what was left for me to do; I knew all the words to ‘It Can’t Happen Here’ by the time I was 10.  952 more words

Record Collecting

Day 733: Pennies

“Pennies” might seem like a natural follow-up to “Small change,” my topic from two days ago.

And it is, because “Penny” is the name I’ve given to this character: 655 more words

Personal Growth

Dimes from Heaven?

I blogged once about pennies from heaven.  But what about dimes?  I received an email today from a friend who is going through a really tough time in her life.   321 more words

Spiritual Journey

Miss You Monday - 12/8/14

Dear Mom,

I find a lot more pennies now. Before, I didn’t know that was actually a thing with meaning, or that there was actually a poem about it. 246 more words


Rain water storage - turn those rain drops into pennies from Heaven

Oh boy, it’s DUMPING! I’m so happy my husband went to the trouble to set up rain barrels on a couple of our downspouts.

We have three plastic 50 gallon barrels we bought on Craigslist years ago, for some crazy giveaway price, less than $5 each. 1,835 more words