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La La Land and the Perfectly (Un)Happy Ending

SPOILER WARNING: La La Land (Damien Chazelle, 2016)

La La Land is nothing if not a feel-good movie. At first glance, this fact and feature of the film may be a turn-off for many who are looking for a film that will make them think and not just tell them that everything will be alright no matter what, as many “feel-good” movies tend to do. 1,218 more words


Pennies from Heaven

Today’s Stream of Consciousness prompt is “coin.”

The first thing that came to mind about coins, is my father’s coin collection. He has coins in books with little slots the coins fit in to. 668 more words


Pennies from Heaven

Pennies from Heaven (1978) is the TV show that pre-dated the 1981 Steve Martin movie about a song salesman on the road to trouble. It’s an all-singing, all-dancing bleak drama by Dennis Potter, starring Bob Hoskins. 741 more words
Jaime Pond

Pennies from Heaven (1936)

Larry Poole (Bing Crosby) is a talented musician and drifter who has landed himself in jail. Fellow convict Hart (John Gallaudet) visits Larry on the way to his own execution and gives him a letter, asking Larry to deliver it to the Smith family in New Jersey once he gets out of prison. 419 more words


The Healing Power of Pop-Star Demons: An Appreciation of “Brimstone and Treacle”

As you all know, I really do like to write my long-form movie appreciations on this here blog, but also as you know, I sometimes get so busy with all my other projects that my long posts kinda fall by the wayside. 1,986 more words

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Angels and pennies

I was at the Community Market with my books today, trying not to feel discouraged by how slow it was, and the most amazing thing happened. 182 more words

Signs And Symbols

Topsy Turvy

LESS THAN ONE year after Hurricane Katrina devastated parts of the gulf coast, our professional society convened for a Tech Education & Training Conference on infrastructure — in none other than the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana. 750 more words