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Smells Like Clean Spirit

Rebellion can take many forms, for many it can involve inking your extremities, piercing your doo-dahs and getting a weird haircut.  Picture my dilemma folks, the scion of broad-minded hippies I was raised on the Mothers of Invention and Beefheart, what was left for me to do; I knew all the words to ‘It Can’t Happen Here’ by the time I was 10.  952 more words

Record Collecting

Day 733: Pennies

“Pennies” might seem like a natural follow-up to “Small change,” my topic from two days ago.

And it is, because “Penny” is the name I’ve given to this character: 655 more words

Personal Growth

Dimes from Heaven?

I blogged once about pennies from heaven.  But what about dimes?  I received an email today from a friend who is going through a really tough time in her life.   321 more words

Spiritual Journey

Miss You Monday - 12/8/14

Dear Mom,

I find a lot more pennies now. Before, I didn’t know that was actually a thing with meaning, or that there was actually a poem about it. 246 more words


Rain water storage - turn those rain drops into pennies from Heaven

Oh boy, it’s DUMPING! I’m so happy my husband went to the trouble to set up rain barrels on a couple of our downspouts.

We have three plastic 50 gallon barrels we bought on Craigslist years ago, for some crazy giveaway price, less than $5 each. 1,835 more words

Euros from heaven?

A family member of mine, name and official title nameless at this point, told me a strange story of a bizarre nature. She swears by it, and I can relay it only with this caveat: She comes with a strong mind, a strong will, and an amazing ability to sense things that others may not. 661 more words




Going to be reading cracks in the pavement,
Looking for a message and perhaps
I will follow these lines written in stone
To wherever they go… 26 more words