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New Audio: I Sometimes Feel Her


I sometimes feel her pressing on my right side.

Why the right? She lingers there.

She leaves me pennies

That appear out of nowhere… 133 more words


Charity Update Africa and India

I would like to thank the 2 ladies who gave from their heart, you are appreciated :)

Great news has come out of Uganda, Andy has found a job at a garage.. 413 more words

My Blog

I have never...

…been so begrudgingly productive.

It’s like I exhausted all my procrastination routes and was forced to be productive as a result.

Although I didn’t want to be productive. 51 more words


It's like...

…being surrounded by it all makes me want to pull my hair out.

…but it also encourages me.

But I still want to pull my hair out. 7 more words


And I just...

…want to ask

maybe scream

“How do you guys do it??”


“How…How in the world do you make that leap from where you are presently to where your future self stands?” 147 more words


Listening to them...

…makes wonder if it’s time that I take on a greater  responsibility toward this music.

난 뭐라도