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Pennies for paupers

A number

blinks on my phone

it’s flashed before

several times today

and last week

it floods my inbox too

unheard voice messages

unreturned and unloved… 80 more words


Start Saving Money with ACORNS

I am sure we’ve all heard our parents say “money doesn’t grow on trees,” and isn’t that a sad truth. That’s why you need to work hard and save money! 651 more words


Musings: On Ambition and Failure


I’ve worked this job for about 4 months now, and my friends say I’m extremely unlucky for experiencing all the misfortune that I do. And to be honest, I’ve felt extremely defeated at a lot of times and “I want to quit” has always been at the tip of my tongue. 522 more words


I Have Poor Relatives

Once upon a time there was a poor little boy from a poor family. His Father was poor.  His Mother was poor.  The maid was poor.  694 more words


Slowing Down Time and Becoming More Aware of It

Did you know that there are 936 weeks between a child’s birth and age 18? Put in this aspect, it seems like a long time, an eternity if you’re dealing with a rebellious teenager or crying infant; but put as pennies into a jar, it seems small and makes one completely conscious of how little time it actually is. 517 more words

Musings: When You're In, Neck Deep

Before we start this entry proper, I just want to declare that I’m not the most efficient person. Or rather, I’m a serial procrastinator. I know that’s a terrible excuse for anything, but I guess that’s one of the characteristics we live with. 527 more words


Starting Anew

About 2 years ago, I made a blog (Milkstop) with the intention of reflecting as and when I feel like it. I kept it up for a couple of months, before I stopped updating because there simply wasn’t enough time. 284 more words