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Penny Scraper

Each person experiences a time in his or her life when money becomes an issue.

I was in college and working three jobs. The bakery I worked for was generous enough to provide me free breakfast and lunch. 133 more words


Up Close

In Digital Photography class UpClose photos like this were known as macro shots. They aren’t as easy to do as it seems.


Silver Dime Finds

Silver Sam searched $30 in dimes. He found a 1958 and a 1962 silver dime. Cent Searcher searched $15 in pennies and found three wheat pennies, A 1939, 1940 and a 1956 D.


Penny For Your Thoughts?

I had already placed my order and attempted to make myself semi-presentable enough for a quick run into the local pizza joint. It was the kind of Friday when everyone wants pizza and you get elected for the pick-up. 1,682 more words

All I Wanted was some Peanut M&Ms!

I have a bone to pick with freaking vending machines!!! Today I was extra broke right and I really needed something sweet after lunch. I was gonna get M&M the peanut ones…I would’ve totes got the pretzel ones because those are theBomb.Com, but those weren’t in the choices I was presented with. 271 more words

Money is Everywhere...

What’s been happening?

I have been very fortunate that the summer has not developed into a traditional “slow season.” In fact, the whole island seems to be thriving. 1,488 more words

Favorite Coins

Hello guys, were just going to tell you about our favorite types of collectible coins.

Silver Sam has one passion for Half Dollars. His favorite coin is the Franklin Half dollar. 69 more words