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Pressed Pennies - Affordable Disney Collectibles

Some of my pressed penny collection

Pressed Penny Machine – Inside Tony’s Town Square

Pressed Pennies are a great affordable Disney collectible, there are many different designs, and many different machines located on Disney property.   291 more words

Walt Disney World

When Angels Send You Pennies

Most mornings, I try to go for a walk around 6-3:30am before it gets too hot. I always look down to make sure that I don’t step in something gross because for some odd reason, there are a lot of frogs and worms on the roads in the morning. 81 more words


🤑Get Rich🤑


Without sounding like a putlocker pop up ad, I’ve found away to get cash quick.

All you need is a shit load of pennies. 146 more words

Just Shizz

Pennies - Pepper Winters

At 18, I had pennies, but money didn’t make me bold.

At 19, I had dollars, but it didn’t dull the pain of being sold. 97 more words


counting pennies

50 pennies is what it took to fill one of the copper-colored paper tubes up.  Four completed tubes and you could buy a gallon of milk and loaf of bread. 300 more words

Kindness Visits the Danube

So, I want to talk about two acts of kindness I experienced on my trip down the Danube with my mom. But first, I want to share the way that we brought my dad along on the trip with us. 905 more words

My Two Cents

If a homeless person

Asks you for some cash

And you give them some pennies

You are literally human trash.

To give someone a penny… 29 more words