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A Penny Saved

Picking up the pennies

lying spent in the aisle,

he looked at me

with rheumy eyes,

and searched the bus

for more loose change.



Even though I'm...

…a very emotion invested soul-My sense of empathy feels so deep that I simply refer to myself as an Empath at times haha. Not to say that I hold this label to myself like a pair of handcuffs. 439 more words


"What in the world...

…am I doing?” She earnestly asked the clouds. As usual,

they didn’t respond.



coin of the unknown

one cent can make a dollar

however no common sense

leaves you mentally broke

and what is the making

and matter as its own swing… 43 more words


Week 23 (4-17-17) Newton's Laws of Motion

It’s all good news. But the first good news is that we’re finished with our rice experiment. Like finished-finished.

And maybe your rice has been long thrown out or long ignored–no matter. 611 more words

Picture Post

"Today, our morning activity for work was to find pennies that we threw in the w...

“Today, our morning activity for work was to find pennies that we threw in the water. This little guy came to help…” #MyCanonStory

Photo Credit: @aaronpasoquen… 24 more words

Link Rolling

An open letter to Ben Shephard...or 'Daddy Tipping Point' as he is known to us.

Dear Ben, I feel as if I can call you Ben, rather than Mr Shephard, because I feel as if I know you quite well. I see you at least three times a day; I often see more of you than I do my own husband. 1,106 more words