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Artflip with 1997 D Lincoln Cent

This coin was selected from a handful of loose change to function as a magical object whereby one might FLIP from one Self-Identification to Another. 295 more words

Pennies with Promise

“And they did it with something that is basically worthless in our society – pennies. But overseas, pennies can move mountains.” -Greg Mortenson

Chris, Promise, and I want to send the warmest “THANK YOU” to everyone who has prayed for Ruth and the children at the Amukura orphanage and donated money towards Ruth’s wheelchair and incontinence supplies.

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We recently had a lovely holiday in Menorca. No, I wasn’t blogging on holiday. One of the wonders of WordPress is being able to schedule posts, so I can be without internet but posts keep going up. 541 more words


When I Was Young - Coin Collecting

It All Started With Pennies

I do not remember the exact age, but at some point I was given a penny collecting coin book like in the picture. 607 more words

Algorithms For Life

My Friends are Weird

But pretty wonderful.

I recently put out a second call looking for pennies in trade, for my shower floor. So far I’ve had one friend offer me pennies in trade for fondue (Uh-yes! 49 more words

Sourcing Materials

6 Easy DIY Ideas To Do With Old Pennies

If you happen to have a bunch of old pennies just laying around the house or in a jar somewhere, you can use them to create something new and beautiful. 25 more words


I was reminded the other day of something that my friend A.J. told me in Italy. We was saying that several years ago he was going through a really rough time. 426 more words