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At the End

Thanks to those of you who have followed our journey! This is my final summary……..

As I rise to Kinder

The mind’s needle locks on… 112 more words

Blown Away

Not the rain but the wind

Engraved itself, acid

Grooves etched on our struggle

Across Pennine paths.

We hung on, braced against

Our poles above Standage; 93 more words

The Cheviot

These are the round breasted hills

Mature, accommodating

To the wind’s indifference,

Absorbing the Winter snows

And controlling the rains’

Instinct to scour, clean and flood. 103 more words

Kielder Forest

Between Wall and mountain lies the forest.

The weald here seems in contrast to the wild, –

The disorder of bog grass and water

Left open to the sky and unsheltered… 160 more words

Hadrian's Wall

As the Pennine Way meets Hadrian’s Wall, the Pennine Way walker has to contain a sense of superiority and smug self satisfaction as s(he) meets a larger crowd of people who walk the length of the Wall across the north of England. 138 more words

The South Tyne

They said this day was just a transition.

Not one of the ‘top ten’, a day of muddy

Farmyards, barking dogs, cowpats and marshes

A last farewell to the Pennines, before… 71 more words


Now for a rest day in the rain!

We stepped into the past

The rain shone on the cobbled streets

As children ambled slowly by. 84 more words