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PW2 - Day Six

 …in which I embrace artisanal porridge, pay homage to a river hag, fulminate at rural economics and am challenged by the King Of The Hoolies. 2,232 more words
Pennine Way

PW2 - Day Five

…in which I squelch in circles around swamps, ingest circular sausages and fail to circulate with cyclists.

Black Hill to Alston, 14 miles.


This day was carefully scheduled as an excuse for lunch at The Kirkstyle Inn which is just 450 of my paces from where The Way meets the A689 at Burnstones Viaduct, Knarsdale. 1,478 more words

Pennine Way

PW2 - Day Four

…in which I deter Picts with my sleeping bag, observe a rare raptor and converse with a small amphibian.

 The Mystery Sheepfold to Black Hill, 16 miles. 1,500 more words

Pennine Way

PW2 - Day Three

…in which I perform secret ablutions in a former public library, conform at last to Way lore by needing the GPS and munch al dente florets in the dark.  1,352 more words
Pennine Way

PW2 - Day Two

 … in which I boil porridge in a slippery-decked shed, am guided through clouds by a random goat and feebly battle bullet-proof salamis.

Lamb Hill to Padon Hill, 15 miles. 1,522 more words

Pennine Way

PW2 - Day One

…in which I grease my towel with Scottish lasagne, pick the worst possible campsite and receive a stinky visitation.

Kirk Yetholm to Lamb Hill, 16 miles. 1,448 more words

Pennine Way

PW2 - Pre-Day

By Train to Berwick upon Tweed
Overnight at Berwick hostel (YHA, pre-booked)

North to South – The First Day Issue.

To an even greater extent than when starting from Edale, a southbound Pennine Way imposes a challenging first day. 1,155 more words

Pennine Way