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Explore Lancaster: Experience the Jam & Relish Kitchen

Amid the rolling fields of Amish farms hides a local treasure: Kitchen Kettle Village. What started out as a small jelly business, out of a two-car garage in 1954, quickly grew into a booming tourist attraction. 384 more words

My Favorite Pictures of 2015: 1 to 10

Here are my 10 favorite pictures of 2015. I took quite a few pictures in 2015 and it was difficult for me to narrow down my favorites to 10 shots. 134 more words


Furniture Feature: 3 Tips for a Successful New Year

The new year brims with possibility and we can’t help but feel excited at all the wonderful surprises 2016 may bring!

New years bring change: a fresh outlook on life, new inspiration for living, and countless New Year’s resolutions. 513 more words

Lancaster Roots: The Amish Second Christmas

In Lancaster County, the Amish are known — and loved — for their family values, hard work, and unique traditions.

The Amish pass down these cherished traditions from family to family, each holiday and celebration remaining still characteristically Amish but also becoming to unique to each family. 294 more words

Lancaster Roots: Welcome to the Amish Home at Christmas

By now we hope that by reading our blog, you have realized just how much we love Lancaster, the Amish, and especially all the delicious homegrown and homemade food. 453 more words

Grandma's Kitchen: Amish Roast

People are drawn to the Amish for many reasons:  their strong family values, their tireless work ethic, their simple lifestyle and most definitely, their homegrown, homemade food. 258 more words

Explore Lancaster: 5 Christmas Ideas for Your Next Date

Christmas brings love to the forefront of everyone’s mind: love for your family or your neighbor but especially love for your special someone. Christmas, however, doesn’t need to be a stressful time of planning the perfect date or activity. 408 more words