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Saying Goodbye to Penny Arcade Report and Checkpoint

An innocuous-seeming post of Penny-Arcade recently announced big changes. The post was so innocuous I missed it, as I think did many others. There was a follow-up post on the Penny Arcade Report but that assumed the reader had read the original post on Penny Arcade. 199 more words


Penny Arcade Report closes its doors

News site of Penny Arcade calls it a day after nearly two years.

The news vertical of Penny Arcade, Penny Arcade Report,  announced Friday that it is shutting its doors after two years in the business. 27 more words

Let Us Eat Our Eggs

This past weekend, I woke up to a text message asking if I saw a review for The King of Fighters XIII published on The Penny Arcade Report. 513 more words


Stuck in the Gamer Closet

The Penny Arcade Report had an article that caught my eye recently.  Well, it’s less of a real article and more of just them reporting on what their readers tell them, but hey, they’re trying.   778 more words

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First Thoughts on the Xbox One Reveal

It has been a couple days since Microsoft revealed their newest video game console and I’ve had time to digest a lot of the initial coverage. 724 more words


Cultural Artifact - Crush Game Review

I’ve been absent for a while doing a whole bunch of things.  I started learning to program (I made a dice rolling game in Flash), starting a new job, ramping up my work out schedule, and writing this article for Gamers Against Bigotry.   1,244 more words

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Violence in Video Games is About More Than Just How it Looks

“It’s not about killing your opponent but eliminating them.”

That’s what the product manage for Nadeo Live, Edouard Beauchemin, told Penny Arcade Report in a… 829 more words

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