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Reduced to Tears By a Penny

Just when I thought the universe couldn’t bitchslap me any harder, I see this:

Now for most of you, this would mean nothing, but to me, it’s super meaningful. 316 more words


oh don’t be cross...

a penny for your thoughts
oh don’t be cross
this one was lost
oh, you have to be boss
don’t ever think you can stop her… 12 more words


Coffee For Your Thoughts?

Ruby: Ginger – you’ve been quiet for a really long time. Penny for your thoughts?

Ginger: …sharks.

Ruby: You’re thinking about sharks?

Ginger: Well, you only offered me a penny. 287 more words


A Writer's Thoughts

Ever wonder what makes a writer different from others? I have been asked that before. I have heard some say they would have no idea how to write, let alone write chapters for a book. 344 more words

Food For Thought

Generation Y



While working at my DC job the other day I asked myself, how does one introduce themselves as an adventure blogger. It’s an interesting concept, introducing yourself when starting a new journey. 286 more words

Penny For Your THOUGHTS

Naturally Judgemental

You are way too skinny

They say

You’re probably anorexic

They assume

You are so fat

They say

No one will love you

They predict… 28 more words


A Penn'orth

You ask me, “Do you think in rhyme?”
Well, sometimes, yes. Not all the time,
But there are moments when I can’t
Suppress a mental rhyming rant. 251 more words