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Naturally Judgemental

You are way too skinny

They say

You’re probably anorexic

They assume

You are so fat

They say

No one will love you

They predict… 28 more words


A Penn'orth

You ask me, “Do you think in rhyme?”
Well, sometimes, yes. Not all the time,
But there are moments when I can’t
Suppress a mental rhyming rant. 251 more words


Survival Through Escape

Tap Tap Tap

Raindrops on my window sill

Fingers on my dusty keyboard

Each sound echoes

Clouding my mind

Blocking those thoughts

Wish Wish Wish… 94 more words


How to Be Friends with Sober Skip

So you’re at a college (or high school) party and you run into this really awesome person right? And you are think “Hey lets get wasted together! 466 more words


Penny For Your Thoughts

Would you want to know when and how you die? What would you do if it was tomorrow?


Things change.

For many, it’s difficult to grasp and accept when things are moving and morphing around them. But in one way or another your environment will change. 203 more words

Penny For Your Thoughts