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We Know "This is America"

Can someone please explain to me what is so fucking amazing about “This is America”? Nearly a decades worth of writing, music, film, and protest work tackling police violence, white nationalism, white terrorism, and institutional racism and this is the thing people get geeked up about? 379 more words

Pop Culture

Does The Queen Biopic Sneak Peek Ignore Freddie Mercury's Sexuality?

A friend of mine recently tagged me on Facebook with an article about the controversy over Bohemian Rhapsody ignoring Freddie Mercury’s sexuality in its recent trailer. 272 more words

Bohemian Rhapsody

The X-Files Is Closed

Looks like my favourite FBI agents are not coming back for another season of The X-Files.

Am I surprised? No.

I had a feeling the sci-fi show would come to an end.  87 more words


Dream It, Live It

wanted to
dream and live it
with their eyes wide open
But dark skies and bright stars,
looming high up, pulled sleep-laced
lids over their faint eyes. 10 more words


In the Silence

You liberate me
From my own noise and my own chaos
From the chains of a lesser law, You set me free

The past two years I had hidden a lot of hurt and let it turn into bitterness.

166 more words

What Would You Call It?

What is a heart really?
Muscles, atria, ventricles bathed in blood
Beating rhythmically to sustain life

Dare I call it a navigator?
Signs, searchlights, paths… 55 more words



My thoughts
Roaming restless
On a quest for knowledge
Who? What is it I seek to know?