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Veganism: why does the world seem so against it?

How can cruelty be justified? What makes a diet good? What makes it bad? Why can’t the majority of people make the connection between the steak on their plate and the living animal in the paddock? 367 more words


The Walk that Changed Everything...

It was a warm summer’s night. A light breeze was playing around, rustling the leaves of the trees that lined both sides of the road. The street lamps light shone through the trees dotting the road with shadows. 545 more words

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The Moments!

Simple things can give us very pure and deep pleasures that things which have a loud glory to it mostly doesn’t..Like reading a good book with a hot cup of coffee on a rainy day or walking on dewy grass early on a wintery morning or taking a lonely stroll on a beach..winds wiping through your hair,,sound of the waves soothing your ears or standing on a bridge looking over the rippling water underneath shinning brightly in the sunshine as if million little diamonds make the river bed….These little embellishing experiences have a subtle charm in and of themselves that gives so pure and rich  pleasure of the kind that people say can not be bought  by any amount of wealth….Yet these little miracles are ever present all around us always waiting to be found, waiting for the eyes which not only see but have the the ability to feel and recognize these little marvels of what they are… 104 more words

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The Change is the most curious thing. And more curosier is the subtle difference between ‘The Will to Change’ and ‘Make a Change’. Most people however settled or precarious they are in their lives, secretly desire to have a change in their squalid life, no matter how loudly they announce they are comfortable in their lives or had made peace with the sordid life they have…

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Pain comes in different ways. Some is physical, but the worst pain of all is emotional. Betrayal brings pain. Lies bring pain. Love brings pain. But we need it. 102 more words

Penny For Your Thoughts

Reduced to Tears By a Penny

Just when I thought the universe couldn’t bitchslap me any harder, I see this:

Now for most of you, this would mean nothing, but to me, it’s super meaningful. 316 more words