Tags » Penny For Your Thoughts


My thoughts
Roaming restless
On a quest for knowledge
Who? What is it I seek to know?



Priceless thoughts are pennies from Heaven,

saved in memory-banks

of precious moments spent…

…changed-up into special editions,

released on such days as this,

where reminiscing costs nothing, 68 more words


Once Upon A Mind

Loud, loud, louder
Rings the ever blaring train in my mind
Whistles hooting
Sirens blasting
My locomotive engine of a mind sings along
Lips unmoving yet mind swirling… 32 more words



She loved as the moon loved the sun, it started to shine from where it begun.

She was as fearsome as the night, but light hearted as a feather in flight. 294 more words

Wandering Wonder

Wonder wandered a little lost
Upon the street of solitude
Right foot, left foot

Heavy and alone.
A bright flash stuns the hazy sky
Momentary pause… 23 more words


Banned: The phrase "penny for your thoughts"

Today marks the fifth day since my voice died. For the past week, I have had laryngitis and I have been unable to even peep a word. 439 more words


what's in a word?

Saying sorry to a person you feel you may have annoyed or actually intentionally annoyed frees you from carrying the burden of guilt around with you. 321 more words