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Camels, Eyes & Needles

It’s hump day, and she’s gotta say
the piling up challenges of this desert place
are starting to make her crazy. She’s

dotted all the i’s and crossed more… 95 more words

Moon Poems

paralyzing fear - life changes (by choice)

You’re standing at the edge of a cliff.
You can take a chance and free fall. Or you can walk down the mountain.
For the free fall, you have a rope making sure you won’t hit the ground beneath, but something will have changed, and you will land in a place where you will not have anyone and you will be without safety. 458 more words


Prince Charming

At a young age girls learn of Prince Charming. We watch cartoons, read books, Disney is a big factor in finding “the one”. I don’t believe everyone has someone. 168 more words

Penny For Your Thoughts?

Funny thing about Monday, your thoughts, your actions, they dictate the rest of the entire week. Well, that’s not funny, but in a way it’s  283 more words


I'd Go Back 

Man if I could go back, to when I thought I was all that.

I’d kick my young ass and let me know, oh if I could I’d go. 133 more words

Crying is like an Ocean

Crying is like the ocean except for the sand, but with both there’s a towel in hand.

You have the emotional waves that come crashing down, and salty water that hits the ground. 90 more words

The Grass is Always Greener...

It has been so long since I have cried, its like I’m dried up on the inside.

This life that I’m living doesn’t feel like mine, it feels like I’m watching from miles behind. 191 more words