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Young Love

Just two kids who didn’t know what life was about, all they knew was they’d figure it out.

Young and dumb they dated for a short while, all she knew was she liked his smile. 154 more words

"New Year, New Me" - the pressure

For a lot of people, a new year means a new me.
“New year, new me”, “—- will be my year!”.
And I get that. It’s the perfect timing to try and make a fresh start and manage new goals, hopes and outlooks on the next 12 months. 389 more words


2018 - the start and things to keep in mind

A new year is upon us, and a lot of people have set up new years resolutions.
Some of you might even still be working on them. 275 more words


Mr. Sandman

Sleep deprives me here I am yet again, I’d ¬†like to go to sleep but I dont know if or when.

The monster roars inside of me like an endless futile try, I am so tired I could probably cry. 209 more words

My Fight for Freedom

I know its been so long since the last time that we spoke, I guess something inside of me just finally broke.

I have no words to use no sentences to say, memories just keep on coming back like a stray. 204 more words

Penny For Your Thoughts?


So, I have a few ideas running around in my head of what I could write about, and I have a few drafts in progress. 129 more words


Lifeline - Jule Vera

I’m posting this considering the last two posts. I could have merged them together, but I didn’t. Some days they are the same as each other and are connected, sometimes there not.¬† 400 more words