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On Fire Inside 

The other day I went to a restaurant with my mom and her friend. It was a mom and pop place that is local to our small town area. 236 more words

CFF17: My Fringe Schedule: Day 4

Much to do today before I head down to OTR. (Mabel can’t drive herself to the dog park dont’ cha know.) Short and sweet, today I am seeing: 508 more words

In Other News

On My Conflicting Feelings About Wonder Woman

Like a lot of women who are tired of the overwhelming white maleness of the superhero movie genre, I was more than excited when it was announced that Wonder Woman would… 545 more words

Media Representation


Part of the Cincinnati Fringe Festival ’17
Coffee Emporium

Written and performed by Penny Sterling

Forgo the frill, abandon pretension, and dig in for 50 minutes of humble and humorous insight as Penny Sterling relates the very true story of her fictitious life as a man, and her true life as a transgender woman. 58 more words

On Stage

Shooting the S**t

Thought #1-

I have been near severely depressed this past month especially these past few weeks. I was in a car accident a few weeks ago and have been having issues with getting a rental; ontop of that Ive had 2 jobs to get to. 252 more words

The Millennial Experience

Synopsis: Has it become irrelevant?

“Do you even read the Synopsis of a book before you buy or read it, or do you just read the book without worrying whether it’s good or not?” 621 more words