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Goodbye Barack

I am not American but I still feel the loss of such a great president. I remember watching his inauguration speech at school, even as a middle schooler I could tell something big had and would continue to happen. 80 more words

Penny For Your Thoughts

Play, Creativity & Genius - Part 1: Play

This is going to be a two part blog updated, I could make it into one but to help keep me focused I find it best to break it up intwo two. 512 more words

The Second Version

Welcome to the second version of Penny For Your Thoughts. The first one sort of fell through & was extremely disorganized.

Instead of taking a shotgun approach this will focus on my specialty – commentary on neuroscience.   28 more words

blogmas 🎄 penny for your thoughts?

got a lot on my mind lately. and i thought it would be nice to sort of vent everything out on my blog. hey- venting is healthy!! 527 more words



Ripe, yet decaying
Grapes of wrath ferment regret
Over still-bloomed dreams


A penny for my thoughts.

In times when life touches us with chaos and things that are completely out of our control, I find that gratitude is the best weapon against this natural force from consuming our emotions and our mind. 430 more words

A letter to my younger self

Sitting in my office, looking out of the window I thought to myself what would I say to my younger self? As soon as the thought struck me I decided to write a letter to the 18 years old me. 316 more words

Penny For Your Thoughts