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10 Things I Know to be True

This year I am making an effort to write beside my students in class as often as I can. Thanks, Penny Kittle for showing me the importance of this idea. 210 more words


Somewhere over the Reading Rainbow: Reading Aloud, Book Talks, and One-on-one time

I don’t remember when it started. My mom says at 3 months old, so I’ll go with that. Every now and then Dad read to me, but it was my mother that made it a nightly happening (and before naps..always before naps). 552 more words

YA Lit

Book Lovin' 2.0

So we’re back to YA lit heroine and voice of student reading, Penny Kittle. I’m not entirely sure of what’s happening, but I’m pretty sure I’ve developed a girl crush on Ms. 416 more words

YA Lit

For the Love of Books

Look, everyone. We need to talk.

We’re in an epidemic of sorts. No, a pandemic, because I’m positive this problem isn’t isolated to America alone. As students get older, they read less and less. 427 more words

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Readers Read

To: Tim Shannahan

RE: Readers read

Let’s all take a minute to thank Tim Shannahan.

Over the last few weeks, a new fire kindled beneath the Great Silent Reading Controversy and flames erupted. 535 more words

Give an Invitation to Write

Penny Kittle, author, speaker, and educator spoke at the ALL WRITE CONFERENCE a few years ago.  She shared a story that touched my heart and put the icing on the cake for what I had been trying to do in my primary writing classes. 475 more words

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