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A Vote For Australian Labor Is A Vote For Incremental Homosexual Totalitarianism And Radical Government Over-Reach 

Good news if you like police states because there’s a 50-50 chance Australia will take one big leap towards it at our coming July 2nd election: all you need to do is vote for Labor. 332 more words


Senate Stays Up All Night Because Why Not I Guess

The Australian Senate last night undertook a marathon sitting that stretched well into Friday morning because to hell with it, why not, right?

“Bring your pillows, bring your mattresses,” Labor Senator Sam Dastyari said, warning that Labor would not give in to the government and the Greens’ attempts to bring on a vote on voting reforms because there doesn’t seem anything better to do. 189 more words


Senate Passes Legislation To Print "Not That Any Of This Matters" On Ballot

In a historic vote, the Senate today passed changes to the Commonwealth Electoral Act that will simplify the way voters elect Senators, by printing the words “Not That Any Of This Matters” at the top of every Senate ballot paper. 256 more words


Dancing with Speeches #11 David Morrison

Chief of Army Lieutenant General David Morrison’s message about inappropriate behaviour of male army personnel is the book end to Julia Gillard’s misogyny speech in the Australian context. 730 more words

Radical Changes to the Senate Voting Paper


The Coalition had to win over both The Greens and Nick Xenophon to bring on the changes, which will increase the number of Senators above the line. 359 more words

Federal Politics

Union Dirty Work: Labor Now Risks Democratic Fabric

NOT CONTENT with its complicity in a challenge to a Royal Commissioner — made purely to protect criminal thuggery — the ALP is so beholden to lawless, violent unions as to now undertake an enterprise that risks democracy itself; its plan to seek vice-regal intervention to remove Dyson Heydon is inappropriate, breaches convention, and imperils democratic institutions. 2,141 more words

Penny Wong Is About To Debate Cory Bernardi On Marriage Equality; Here, Have A Drinking Game

I know it’s probably irresponsible to suggest a drinking game right now. It’s pretty inadvisable at the best of times, let alone at midday on a Wednesday. 525 more words