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Yes In The Senate

The same sex marriage bill has passed through the Senate. It was a couple of days of emotional debate. Ultimately, the bill passed relatively unscathed. 870 more words

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It's Not Over Yet

Just when you thought Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull couldn’t physically be any more disappointing on marriage equality than he already is, he goes and announces his support for adding new forms of discrimination to the Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Bill 2017 (aka the Smith Bill). 1,879 more words


Meme #56: The Politician Lie Detector

The Australia gay marriage survey, now concluded, was dominated by Virtue Signalling & Identity Politics. But…

NO MATTER THE ISSUE, politicians can’t ever be trusted:

Sifu Crockett

Senator's chief of staff colluded with Hipkins

The chief of staff of Australian Senator Penny Wong has been named as the ALP staffer who contacted NZ Labour MP Chris Hipkins about citizenship. 348 more words


Busy days.

Making the most of the winter sunny days. Another ute load of bamboo stakes left to construct a screen fence.  Clearing and stacking dry branches for another bon fire before the restrictions apply. 239 more words

Australian Gay Marriage laws to be determined by 'Yes/No' Facebook page.

After recent backlash from the postal plebiscite, Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull has decided that the civil rights matter of Gay Marriage in Australia will now be determined by the popular Facebook page “Yes/No.” In a statement, Malcolm Turnbull had the following to say: 101 more words