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Fast Forward 1400 Years

Penny Wong
“The injustice of it all”?

Mohammed certainly wouldn’t have dismissed as mentally-deficient many of those non-Middle Eastern women appearing on the scene 1400 years or so later, certainly not women such as our own Caroline Overington, Janet Albrechtsen, Julie Bishop or Pauline Hanson. 228 more words

Sarah Hanson-Young

Ley crucified while Turnbull spends 30k on Islamic Dinner and Greens & Labor top the list of wasted funds!

Sussan Ley has been crucified (and rightfully so) for her lackadaisical attitude towards spending the tax-payers money, but she isn’t the only MP under fire, Julie Bishop also came under fire for her use of taxpayer dollars to attend a polo match.. 832 more words


Same-sex marriage narrative isn’t so neat

It wasn’t that long ago that we were listening to advocates for marriage change insist marriage wasn’t about children, and that it was misleading to use children as part of an argument for classical marriage. 963 more words


Overcoming my political apathy in the wake of a never ending groundhog day

I used to be so focused and passionate about politics, and I can still get steamed up over issues. After all, political decisions have the potential to affect us all. 1,060 more words

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Penny Wong, wrong on Pauline Hanson!

I’ll say this about boofhead Stephen Conroy; at least he had the brains to go when he wasn’t wanted. Penny Wong is that dumb she doesn’t realise she not wanted with her arrogant lesbian aggression and bitchiness.

Social Commentator

From Recipes to Racism: The Nuances of Gastro-Diplomacy

How would you react if you were told that the sushi that you just bought at the quicki-mart is a symbol of cultural oppression? Or that the way that you gleefully lick your fingers after finishing an enchilada is an inadvertent form of racism? 854 more words

A Vote For Australian Labor Is A Vote For Incremental Homosexual Totalitarianism And Radical Government Over-Reach 

Good news if you like police states because there’s a 50-50 chance Australia will take one big leap towards it at our coming July 2nd election: all you need to do is vote for Labor. 332 more words