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Ten Questions for Cory Bernardi and Penny Wong

Yesterday, along with many others I watched the much anticipated marriage equality debate between Cory Bernardi and Penny Wong.  I found some of the questions from the press gallery quite predictable. 1,401 more words

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Sitting For Truth As Labor Sinks To New Lows

Speaking out against homosexuality takes guts these days. Do it and the ad hominems start to fly your way. Social media bullies will copy discussion you’ve had with individuals and post it everywhere they can to rally gangs to intimidate you into silence. 945 more words


ALP conference: Labor's left grapples with reality

As the Labor left discovered at the party’s conference this weekend, it’s much easier to advance progressive policies while in a successful government than it is in a barely-trusted opposition.

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The real leaders of this weekend’s ALP national conference #ALPConf2015 #auspol #leadership #sketch #refugeeswelcome pic.twitter.com/QdivVlIYDf

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4 More Arguments Against an ALP Binding Vote on Marriage Equality... And Why They're Wrong, Too

Last week I wrote about, and responded to, four of the most common arguments that will be used by opponents of a binding vote on marriage equality between now and the ALP National Conference in July (see: … 2,155 more words