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Bachelor Bun Eating Habits

Toby seems to have joined some of the other buns in my house with taking longer to eat his greens and pellets lately. Maybe I hit a patch of hay with lots of clover and now everybun is filling up on that? 111 more words


Is it Stasis? Sound the Thump-alarm!

Last night, two days after my Butterscotch had another flare up of stasis, we think our Hershey was also going into stasis. It’s tougher to tell with him because he’s a tough little dude, but of course it was right before bedtime so you can’t just “wait an hour and see if he eats.” We medicated him with the usual gas drops, Reglan for gut motility and Metacam for pain and took his temperature. 180 more words


Napping, Napping, Eating, and Napping

These three bunny siblings sure have made themselves comfy at camp. Penny likes sleeping up against the couch in her pen, Toby naps under an end table, and Annie’s favorite spot is under a cardboard candy box. 66 more words


One Word Sunday Challenge: Wish (Things to make wishes on)

Debbie over at Travel With Intent blog has a One Word Sunday Challenge and her topic this week is Wish.

Here is a list of things you can make wishes on. 214 more words

Cee Neuner

"All Riled up Over Nuthin'"

Every time I go past the living room, Annie wakes up. If I enter the room, or go in the adjacent dining room, Annie jumps up onto the couch to see what’s going. 94 more words


Buying Penny Stocks For Beginners 101

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Learn how to day trade and find the bottom of the most volatile stocks. 45 more words

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How To Make Money Trading Penny Stocks

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