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Apathy KILLS

Throughout my working life (which hasn’t finished by the way!) I have been astonished by the number of people content with bemoaning the status quo but who are not willing to stand up and do anything about it.  459 more words

I am who I am...........

As I was growing up I was very aware of the opinions and wishes of other – maybe being the youngestof  four children assisted in this, or maybe it was just the ethos of the brilliant family of which I am a part.  524 more words

Local procurement, Creative Hub, Eden Food Trail, burning tongue!

Busy day today.  Lovely lunch with Ali Turnbull (Fit to Print  www.fit-to-print.co.uk ) at Cafe Oswalds – we had a great and varied discussion – the meeting of ‘butterfly’ minds!  473 more words

A Social Media Conference and a very positive Penrith Chamber

This is my first blog – so inspired was I by the Social Media Conference I attended in Preston today.  A big ‘thank you’ to Euan Semple ( 494 more words