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Penryn Town

Penryn at night

The small Town that lies just outside Falmouth, the once small settlement has somewhat been taken over by the uni, but nevertheless, it still holds memories from the past. 416 more words


Calm, Cushion and Ballet Rambert

I love the Penryn River in all its moods and love that I sing every week with the river in view.

We can all adjust our sails! 56 more words


Stillness, Water Cooler and Magnolia Gardens

The Penryn River was so still this morning – utterly beautiful.

After singing we all stopped in at The Muddy Beach cafe. This is the water cooler. 82 more words


Attention: Work From Home People in Cornwall!

Are you self-employed, work from home or other remote worker based in west Cornwall (specifically Falmouth and Penryn area)? Are you fed up with working alone with only your four walls for company? 196 more words


Just Around the Corner

Down the river path from St Gluvius towards Flushing sun was glazing the water of the incoming tide as it swilled up the estuary towards Penryn Bridge. 545 more words


Sailor's Barometer, Parking and A Maori Proverb

Last night we could see that a storm was on its way as the water in the Sailor’s Barometer was rising. We heard the winds in the night and there has been a hoolie blowing all day. 132 more words


Ch ch ch ch Changes. . .

. . .inevitable, unavoidable, uncontrollable.

Big changes, little changes, unforeseen changes. Unwelcome changes? Most definitely.

Change is hard, even expected change. Think about marriage. The engaged couple know that once the wedding is over their lives will not be the same. 238 more words